Republic Station - Pinelawn                               LIRR - Pinelawn-NYP Form 1H001.jpg (36519 bytes)

1st Depot Opened: c. 1895-1897 as “Melville” on NW. side of Wellwood Avenue.
   Listed on timetables as flag stop. Then as “Pinelawn (Melville)” in timetable of June, 1898. 
   Listed as “Pinelawn” in timetable of 1899.
2nd Depot Built: 1915, Closed: 1925 and relocated to S.E. side of Wellwood Avenue. 
   Opened at new location: 1925. Agency closed: 19 ? . 
   Greatly remodeled: 6/79 and reopened as shelter only.

Memorial Day when the ticket office was manned (only on that 1 day each year).  I tried to get assigned to sell tickets there but the job was (as I recall) covered by the Farmingdale job on an OT basis and wasn't available to extra clerks.

  The station waiting room was kept open year-round and, amazingly, there was no damage or graffiti (at least in the mid-60's).  No heat in winter, however.  The baggage room was used by the MOW guys to store stuff.


H16-44-507_Cemetery-Train-westbound_Station-Pinelawn_Old-Cemetery-station-left_viewNE-1960_Rugen-Keller.JPG (272851 bytes)
H16-44 #507 Cemetery Train westbound Station Pinelawn 
Old Cemetery station at left view NE 1960 (Rugen-Keller)

lirr223_train204_Pinelawn_eastbound-Greenport_1969_BradPhillips.jpg (120048 bytes)
LIRR C420 #223 Greenport eastbound Train #204 at Pinelawn 1969 
Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips

Note: B&O closed-end observation car "Nappannee" which the LIRR got in trade for the one remaining BUDD RDC 2 that survived the Holtsville wreck in 1967. Info: Dave Keller

Station-Pinelawn-1908-high res.JPG (47215 bytes)
The old depot and admin building taken c. 1908.  
Archive: Dave Keller

Emery-Pinelawn-Republic_MP31-32_6-58.jpg (527843 bytes)
Pinelawn-Republic Station  Emery Map MP31-32  06/1958

/PinelawnMP32-33.jpg (74962 bytes)
Pinelawn Emery Map MP32-33  06/1958

Republic-station-stop_c.1960_viewE_DaveKeller.jpg (34625 bytes)
Republic Station Shelter view E c.1960 - signal distant in view "PW" block signal and the end of double track. Info/Photo: Dave Keller
pinelawn_viewNE_7-89_ChuckYungkurth.jpg (51477 bytes)
Pinelawn Wye - Bogies view NE 7/1989 
Photo: Chuck Yungkurt
  Republic-Station-Shelter_viewE_c.1970s_Huneke.jpg (61746 bytes)
Republic Station Shelter view E at Route 110 
c.1970+ Photo: Art Huneke

Farmingdale-hack-at-wye_8-1995_JohnFusto.jpg (83946 bytes)
Pinelawn Wye Bogie crane LIRR hack view SE 8-1995 Photo: John Fusto


Station-Pinelawn-1909.jpg (24873 bytes)
A birds-eye view from 1909  Archive: Art Huneke 

 Station-Pinelawn-1910.jpg (45346 bytes)
A birds-eye view from 1910 Archive: Dave Keller

Pinelawn-Station_viewE_02-05-2005_JoeTischner.jpg (97865 bytes)
Pinelawn Station view E 02/05/2005 Photo: JoeTischner