Roslyn-bridge-with train_c.1865+__DaveMorrison.jpg (109416 bytes)
Roslyn bridge with train c.1865+ Archive: Dave Morrison
Roslyn stonemason Samuel Dugan built the overpass in 1865. Info: Roslyn Landmarks Society

Roslyn Station  -Trolley View SE c.1910
Roslyn-bridge_c.1865+_DaveMorrison.jpg (124383 bytes)
Roslyn bridge c.1920+ Archive: Dave Morrison 
Roslyn-Rd.-LIRR-Bridge_ViewNW_1915.jpg (93863 bytes)
Roslyn Rd. Bridge View NW 1915
Roslyn-Rd.-LIRR-Bridge_ViewNW_2016.jpg (114576 bytes)
Roslyn Rd. Bridge View NW 2016
Station-Roslyn and Trolley-View NW-1910.JPG (41867 bytes)
Roslyn Station and trolley 
view NW 1910

Station-Roslyn - 1966 (D. Keller).jpg (148785 bytes)
Roslyn Station 1966 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Roslyn Station view E 1910 Archive: Dave MorrisonStation-Exp-Hse-Roslyn-1937.jpg (40797 bytes)
Roslyn Station view E 1937 -Express house (closed 1945) Photo: Jeff Winslow Archive: Dave Keller
Express House-Roslyn-c. 1937 (Winslow).jpg (184109 bytes)
Express House c.1937 Photo: Jeff Winslow Archive: Dave Keller
  Station-Roslyn-View East- 6-1987 (Keller).jpg (155484 bytes)
Roslyn Station view E 06/1987 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Station-Roslyn-Front View-6-1987 (Keller).jpg (141374 bytes)
Roslyn Station view NE 06/1987 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Leased PRR class E6s (4-4-2) #1287 is seen in this 1940 view pulling a train against traffic at Roslyn, NY while installation of a crossover is underway.  In the foreground, the signal for the switch being installed is visible with the globes turned 90 degrees from the track, as the signal is not yet in use.  In the left background both semaphore and position light signals can be seen.  (T. Sommer photo,  Dave Keller archive)
Roslyn-Station-move_ViewSE_12-8-1988_Morrison.jpg (88914 bytes)
Roslyn Station move View SE
Roslyn-Station-move_ViewN_12-8-1988_Morrison.jpg (85536 bytes)
Roslyn Station move View N
Roslyn Station move - Completed 12/08/1988 
Photos: Dave Morrison
Roslyn-Station-move_ViewNW_12-8-1988_Morrison.jpg (99199 bytes)
Roslyn Station move View NW


According to my research at the Bryant Library Local History Collection in Roslyn, the building was moved to its new location on December 8, 1988 (“The Roslyn Long Island Railroad Station.” Roslyn News, December 8, 1988). It reopened on July 30, 1990 with low-level platforms (“Roslyn Train Station, Originally Built in 1887, Has Been Reopened for Business.” Roslyn News, August 16, 1990).Construction of the present high-level platforms began on March 3, 1997 (“LIRR Renovations Underway.” Roslyn News, March 6, 1997) and probably was completed in the fall of 1997. Derek Stadler

Roslyn Station moved west in Nov-Dec 8/1988 - Google 2016

Emery-Map-RoslynMP21-22_05-58.jpg (84176 bytes)
Emery Map Roslyn MP21-22 05/1958
Emery-Map-RoslynMP22-23_05-58.jpg (129879 bytes)
Emery Map Roslyn MP22-23 05/1958
Emery-Map-RoslynMP23-24_05-58.jpg (71871 bytes)
Emery Map Roslyn MP23-24 05/1958

G5s #46 train crossing the temporary Shoo-fly timber trestle Roslyn Rd. bridge replacement 10/1940
(W.S. Boerckel-Ron Ziel)

LIRR H10s #104 freight at Roslyn Rd.,  Roslyn with
Signal O224 in the right far distance - View NW 1950

Roslyn bridge replacement Rte. 25A - View N 1936

Helena Rubenstein plant - View NW  1/01/1952
Photo: Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc.
Archive: Library of Congress

Helena Rubenstein plant - View W 1953

Roslyn Rte. 25A bridge - Helena Rubinstein turnout siding - View NE 1981

Helena Rubenstein, Roslyn turnout - View SW 1979

LIRR C420 #229 - Roslyn Rte. 25A bridge - Helena Rubinstein turnout siding - View NE 10/22/1979
Photo/Archive: Paul F. De Luca

Roslyn LIRR #614 westbound  - Roslyn Rte. 25A bridge - View NE c.1990

Roslyn_LIE-construction_viewSW_8-1954_DaveMorrison.jpg (107717 bytes)
Roslyn LIE construction view SW 8/1954 Archive: Dave Morrison
Roslyn_LIE-construction_viewW_8-1954_DaveMorrison.jpg (107149 bytes)
Roslyn Power House Rd. LIE construction view W 8/1954 Archive: Dave Morrison
Roslyn_Power-House-Rd_LIE-construction_viewW_8-1954_DaveMorrison.jpg (97613 bytes)
Roslyn LIE construction view W zoom 8/1954 Archive: Dave Morrison
LIRR-469_Roslyn_LIE-construction_viewW_8-1954_DaveMorrison.jpg (84805 bytes)
LIRR #469 at Power House Rd. bridge Roslyn LIE construction view W 8/1954 Archive: Dave Morrison
Roslyn_LIE-construction_viewE_8-1954_DaveMorrison.jpg (115961 bytes)
Roslyn LIE construction at Power House Rd. View E 8/1954 Archive: Dave Morrison
LIE-LIRR-Roslyn_viewW_2016.jpg (97550 bytes)
Roslyn - LI Expressway view W at ex-Powerhouse Rd. 
(Rte. 25D) 2016
Roslyn_viewNW_8-1954_DaveMorrison.jpg (219345 bytes)
Roslyn View NW from Powerhouse Rd. (Rte. 25D) 8/1954 Archive: Dave Morrison
Note: Shoo-fly timber trestle bents and wooden pile construction in preparation for the LI Expressway (I-495) construction
. (See upper right photo.)
Roslyn50.jpg (62092 bytes)
LIRR 1966 track map Roslyn p.50

The RF-61, with the LIRR #229 in the lead, has just received the signal from Nassau at (the old) Bridge #3 at Roslyn Road. You could always tell when the old Alco's were in the 8th notch with those plumes of smoke! July, 1982 Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky

LIRR #604 Roslyn - View N c.1978
Photo/Archive: Paul De Luca
Roslyn Station 12/1979 Photo/Archive: John Schaub

Model Railroader Planning 2004 - Concept/Drawing design: Steven Lynch Execution: MR Staff

When I was a teenager I used to tag along with the conductor on the Oyster Bay freight, which ran every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There first stop was a lumber yard south of Mineola Coal . Mineola Coal is where I met up with them, there was a lay over track there and Mineola Coal was on one side of Jericho Turnpike and on the other side was a large switching area they called "the Hole".

In that large complex was Mineola Paper, Albertson Lumber, Local Steel, Mineola Plumbing, Latham Brothers Lumber, Windsor Coal, Pittsburgh Glass, an Iron Works Company, a candy company and another paper company at the end. After spotting cars there, we always took a yellow fruit growers express refrigeration car and put it behind the engine, this was done just about every time on the scheduled run. The fruit growers express refrigeration car was headed to Helena Rubenstein.

We would lay over, either at the Hole or Mineola Coal, and wait for the next north bound train to Oyster Bay as soon as the block would clear we would follow it up to Roslyn. At Roslyn we would leave the main body of the train in Roslyn and take the car up to Helena Rubenstein. 

I remember the conductor telling the engineer to go extremely slow on that siding, something about the curve not being right. After we spotted the car and picked up our empty we head back to Roslyn. By this time the southbound train going to Penn Station would have gone by and we would get permission to cross over at the Roslyn Crossover and leave our empty cars and any cars for Roslyn on the south side and any cars we had for Albertson's Steel we had which was on the south side. We would cross back over pick up our loaded cars and head north towards Oyster Bay. Our next stop was usually Sea Cliff. There was a team track in Glen Head , but it was rarely used, delivering boulders in gondolas.   Source: Anonymous