They all had wooden platforms out front to allow the rail car / hand car to be rolled out and set onto the tracks.

section-house_Hollis_DaveKeller.jpg (89208 bytes)

Looking NW on 7/01/1936, we see the depot, high-level concrete platforms and “IS” tower at Hol lis. The building at the right is the section shanty. Visible in the center of the tracks are the crossover switches to allow trains to enter and leave Holban Yard which is located just west of the station and to the left out of the range of the photo.  A year later the tower would be renamed “HOLLIS.” Archive: Dave Keller

section-house_west-Osborne-Ave_ Riverhead-10-1971_Keller.jpg (197105 bytes)

Section house at Riverhead, just west of Osborne Ave. and west of the station. View is looking southwest. 10/1971
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller


Tower-DIVIDE-Hicksville-View SE-1962 (Keller).JPG (123090 bytes)  DIVIDE Tower - Hicksville view SE 1962

 In the left background can be seen the old two story section house and section chief's office and parked on its west side is an old LIRR maintenance truck.  The new "DIVIDE" tower will be built directly in front of this old tower and when the elevated tracks are functional and the new tower placed into service, the old wooden landmark will be demolished into yet another pile of historic rubble.  (Dave Keller archive and data)

Section Shanty-Mineola-View South - 1966 (Keller).jpg (130670 bytes) Section Shanty view S 1966 
 Archive: Dave Keller

Section Shanty view NE 1969
 Archive: Dave Keller (right)


Section Shanty- Mineola-View NE - 1969 (Keller).jpg (154336 bytes)
1962pat-watertowergone-brickfreighthouse-expresshouse-supervisor'soffice.jpg (70207 bytes) Patchogue view west Section House/Supervisor's office 2nd floor. to the right: water tower, gas tank, LIRR brick freight house, express house 1962 Photo: Art Huneke (left)

Freight station west side platform
view S 03/1946 Built c. <1900
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller  Composite: Steve Lynch

Patchogue-FrtPlatform-3-46.jpg (42755 bytes)
Dunton-Tower_1967_Keller.jpg (89746 bytes) DUNTON Tower view NW 1967 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller