March 13, 1888 - Trains snowed in at Rockaway Junction. The Springfield Branch (N.Y. & Rockaway Railroad) lies under the snowbank at right. Note the two-arm semaphore home signal protecting the switches.  Archive: Art Huneke

LIRR #109 Class G51a (4-6-0) Archive: Richard Eikov

A class G51a (4-6-0) built by Cooke in May, 1891.  I'd say the photo was taken shortly after it was renumbered in 1898.  Note the old extended cab and the square kerosene headlight!

This is definitely a snow work train . . . 2 locomotives (a smaller and much older one behind the #109) and one old clerestory ex-center-door baggage car in use to carry the crew and any needed tools. Withdrawn from service by January, 1912.
Dave Keller

D52 #29 (4-4-0) one car train westbound at New Hyde Park c.1898 Archive: Dave Keller

Mineola Depot MOW workers clearing the tracks for LIRR #53 4-4-0 , the first train through after the blizzard of January, 1899 Photo: Hal B. Fullerton Archive: Queens Public Library

Two D52 class locomotives are pushing the rotary snow blower westbound, approaching the joint Depot/Tower 47 at Floral Park on a cold winter’s day in 1899. (Dave Keller archive)

   LIRR Winter Action  

Gentleman walking out front of Long Island Rail Road MOW steam rotary snowplow no. 193 that's clearing the track in front of the rail yard near the Bridgehampton station after a heavy snowfall on November 28, 1898.
Photo: Hal Fullerton Collection: Queens Public Library Digital Archive; Restored photo: Chris Klug Collection

The LIRR Russell Snowplow works its way through Wantagh during the Blizzard of 1934. 
The blizzard of February 19, 1934 was reported, at the time, to be Long Island's worst snow storm since the famous blizzard of 1888.
Archive: Richard Eikov

G5s-no.24-eastbound_DSI_semaphore_Smithtown_2-1955_(Emery-Boland).jpg (83062 bytes)
G5s #24 East of Smithtown -  DSI semaphore View W 2/1955 (Emery-Boland)

"Steam was still King on the LIRR until October 1955. This classic shot shows G5s No. 24 passing a Distant Switch Indicator [DSI] and semaphore east of Smithtown in February 1955. The DSI alerted the engineer if a switch to a siding is in the open position. The train is headed eastbound."  LIST Calendar 2019 December page


"Rotary Plowing on the LIRR" The Running Light
January 2022, Vol. 63 No. 1 pages 2-4
Archive: Tommy Meehan Chairman, NY Chapter Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

ROTARY%20193%20-%20PATCHOGUE%20-%201921.jpg (63620 bytes)
MOW #193 Rotary Plow clearing yard tracks south of main across from Bailey's Mill, Patchogue c.1920

Rotary-snow-plow_193_Mattituck_2-20-1934_Morrison.jpg (110473 bytes)
Rotary snow plow #193 Mattituck 2/20/1934
Archive: Dave Morrison

G5s-29-Train-East-in-Snow-Mineola-c.1940.jpg (92191 bytes)
LIRR G5s #29 eastbound Mineola c.1940
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

lirr27_G5s_Train-616_accelerating-eastbound_Union-Hall-Street_2-21-1946_F.R.Dirkes-ArtHuenke.jpg (104577 bytes)
LIRR #27 G5s Train #616 accelerating eastbound Union Hall Street 2/21/1946 Photo: F. R. (Rod) Dirkes 
Archive: Art Huneke

lirr606_ JAY_west-end-Jamaica-Station_1978_Huneke.jpg (76824 bytes)
LIRR #606 at JAY west end of Jamaica Station 1978 Archive: Art Huneke

Rockaway Park blizzard of 12/27/1947
Photo: NY Daily News-Ed Clarity

G5s-43-Train-4223-Snow-Mineola-12-28-48.jpg (93875 bytes)
 G5s #43 Train #4223 westbound at Mineola 12/28/1948 Archive: Dave Keller
Merrick-Brooklyn-Ave_entering-station_viewW_winter-action_2004.jpg (110220 bytes)
Brooklyn Ave, Merrick - Train entering station view W 2004
Archive: Dave Keller


RDC1-3101_East-Ender_Babylon-Deer-Park-Ave_eastbound_winter-1955.jpg (135138 bytes)
RDC1 #3101 East Ender -  Babylon, Deer Park Ave. eastbound 1955 winter mid-morning.

lirr208_TR610PortJefferson031767JimGillin.jpg (76967 bytes)
LIRR #208 Train #610 to Port Jefferson at Hall Tower 03/17/1967 Photo: LIRR Archive: Jim Gillin

C420 train PB57 combine P54 "pings" at West Rogues Path, Cold Spring Harbor - View SW 1968
Photo/Archive: Richard Glueck

LIRR #461 eastbound  approaching South 12th St., New Hyde Park - Blizzard 12/1968 Photo/Archive: James Mardiguian
RS3 #1556 and RS1 #61 at Oyster Bay 1971
Photo/Archive: Richard Glueck
C420-223-Cannonball-PD-1972.jpg (51036 bytes)
C420 #223 Cannonball PD Tower 1972
Photo: Dave Keller
lirr608_Setauket-winter_1975.jpg (95366 bytes)
LIRR #608 Setauket Winter 1975

Amagansett  PNC #1706 MP92 2/05/1977
Archive: Patrick Marinaccio

Amagansett PNC #1706 MP92 2/05/1977
Archive: Patrick Marinaccio

Amagansett LIRR W93 Jordan Spreader
 MP92 2/05/1977 Archive: Patrick Marinaccio
Babylon_12-15-2017-Alex-Vasic .jpg (86260 bytes)
Babylon 12/15/2017 Photo: Alex Vasic
Snowfall added: Steven Lynch
Forest-Hills_MP15AC-153_1-04-2018_Ossie-McGennie .jpg (78400 bytes)
Forest Hills MP15AC #153 1/04/2018 
Photo: Ossie McGennie
Woodside 01-04-2018_Angel- Benitez .jpg (101866 bytes)
Woodside 1/04/2018 Photo: Angel Benitez
LongIslandMetroLines_1972_Jan_Feb_No22_p1_LetItSnow_top.JPG (454916 bytes)
Long Island "Metro Lines" Jan-Feb 1972  No.22 Archive: Al Castelli
LongIslandMetroLines_1972_Jan_Feb_No22_p3_full.JPG (1099194 bytes)
Long Island "Metro Lines" Jan-Feb 1972  No.22 page 3 Archive: Al Castelli
Newsday_12072011_pA6_MTAs_blizzard_strategy.JPG (224495 bytes)
Newsday "MTA's Blizzard Strategy"
12/07/2011 page A6 


1930's plow in action LIRR.jpg (30987 bytes)
1930's plow in action

plow3.jpg (35979 bytes)
W83 Working
Mattituck 2/1975

LIRR -MP54_Woodside-Station-1965_B.Myers.jpg (69315 bytes)
MP54 Woodside Station 1965 Photo: Bill Myer

plow1.jpg (54900 bytes)
W83 2/1975 Pushed by 
2 leased GP7 B&A units

plow4.jpg (41925 bytes)
Jordan Spreader
Watermill 2/1978

G5s-Westbound-Snowstorm-Central-Islip-c.1930.jpg (106142 bytes)
LIRR G5s westbound at Central Islip c.1930
Photo: George G. Ayling Archive: Dave Keller

Sta-Central-Islip-OldExpHse-Snow-1916.jpg (41134 bytes)
Express House East of Carlton Ave
 1916 Photo: Geo. G. Ayling
Collection: Dave Keller

Sta-Central-Islip-NewExpHse-Snow-c1935.jpg (45056 bytes)
Central Islip New Express house
Photo: Geo. G. Ayling  c.1935
Collection: Dave Keller

East of Setauket - Suffolk Materials & Mining
siding at right.  Winter 1975  - Archive: MTA

LILCO substation east of Islip Station 1925.  (view looking east from rear of westbound train at station) Collection: Dave Keller
K4s-Trn-Centra-lIslip-Snow-1933.jpg (37620 bytes)
K4s Central Islip 1933 Eastbound
Photo: Geo. G. Ayling photo 
Collection: Dave Keller
MUTrain-InSnow-EastofWoodside-c.1937.jpg (57822 bytes)
MU Train east of Woodside 
c.1937 Collection: Dave Keller
K2s-1458-Trn-Divide-Hicksville-1940.jpg (40364 bytes)
K2s #1458 View from Divide Tower Hicksville 1941
Photo:  T. Sommer Collection: Dave Keller
H8sb-693-PlowingSnow-Mineola-12-27-48.jpg (50733 bytes)
#693 Extra Nassau Tower, Mineola 
12/48 Photo: Ed Hermanns 
Collection: Dave Keller

LIRR #200 eastbound Mineola 1/1971
Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR #227 westbound from Port Jefferson at
1/1971 Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR M1 eastbound NASSAU Tower
2/1982 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas
H10s-111-SnowPlow-LIC-1950.jpg (32195 bytes)
#111 with snow plow, LI City c. 1950
Collection: Dave Keller
LIRR 2003 Queens Village 02-06-61.jpg (80418 bytes)
LIRR 2003 Queens Village 2/06/1961
Photo: Craig Zeni
FM-2002-Turntable-Greenport-2-22-64.jpg (77852 bytes)
LIRR Fm #2002 2/22/1964
Photo: Robert B. Dunnet 
Archive: Dave Keller
L1554-Sayville.jpg (82496 bytes)
RS-3 #1554-Sayville c. 1960's
Photo: Steve Hoskins

RS-1 #461 Oyster Bay 1965
Norman Kohl photo
Cold Spring Hill NY - 1968 - {Richard Glueck Photo}.jpg (119191 bytes)
Cold Spring Hill NY 1968 
Photo: Richard Glueck
lirr463_Holiday-Train4516_Jamaica_1-1-68.jpg (67265 bytes)
LIRR RS-1 #463 Holiday Train #4516 
Jamaica 01/01/1968

C420-218_TR-257_MatchedConsist-WestofWyandanch_01-1970JimGillin.jpg (130350 bytes)
LIRR C420 #218 Train #257 matched consist west of Wyandanch at MP34 01/1970 Photo:  Jim Gillin

PD_1559_1970.jpg (93991 bytes)
PD Tower LIRR RS-3 #1559 
westbound Photo: Dave Keller

lirr251douglastonBlizzard1978bobanderson.jpg (65101 bytes)
LIRR #251 Douglaston Blizzard of 1978 Photo: Bob Anderson
Woodside_M7_1-23-05.jpg (87028 bytes)
LIRR M7 at Woodside 1/23/2005
LIRR7351_Forest-Hills_1-23-05.jpg (87445 bytes)
LIRR #7351 Forest Hills 1/23/2005

Photo taken above left on the evening of 02/07/1978. Long Island  had from 20 inches to over 2 feet of snow. Two weeks before this, we had a storm that dumped up to 18 inches. Now THAT was a winter to remember! The train was used as a shuttle/snow patrol train, shuttling people to Woodside. Train is going east on Number 1 track, 2 had not been used yet. Info: Bob Anderson

L620-Oyster Bay.jpg (87837 bytes)
LIRR #620-Oyster Bay c. 1970's
Photo: Steve Hoskins
L165-Mineola.jpg (67141 bytes)
MPI5AC Engine 165 
Photo: Steve Hoskins c. 1970's
L154-Mineola.jpg (85107 bytes)
MPI5AC Engine L154  Mineola
Photo: Steve Hoskins c. 1970's

Yard A Sunnyside, LI City Winter 1977-78

GP38-2 #275 at Mineola Station 2/1983
Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky

LIRR #622 Mineola west of Herricks Rd. 1983
Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky
lirr1552oysterbayny1_15_.jpg (158397 bytes)
LIRR #1552 Oyster Bay 1/15/77
Photo: Paul DeLuca
lirr222oysterbayny3-4-78.jpg (175690 bytes)
LIRR # 222 Oyster Bay 3/04/78
Photo: Paul DeLuca
lirr4.jpg (118946 bytes)
GP38-2 #275 
LIRR275snow2.jpg (56926 bytes)
LIRR GP38-2 #275
LIRR606snow2.jpg (60930 bytes) LIRR606snow.jpg (51307 bytes)
LIRR Alco HEP #606 plowing its way to Mineola from Oyster Bay. These photos are between Sea Cliff and Glen Head, the morning after the February 1982 blizzard: Photos: Hotbike
lirr-270_Patchogue-ViewW_2-1978_BobBender_BW.jpg (57686 bytes)
LIRR #270 Patchogue view W 2/1978 Photo: Bob Bender

JAY Tower, Jamaica Station view E 12/14/1981
Archive: Dave Keller

NASSAU Tower, Mineola Extra #606-West 2/1982 Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky
lirr619-belmont.jpg (41488 bytes)
LIRR #619 Belmont Collection: Henry Wagner
SmithtownEastboundsnow.jpg (51009 bytes)
Smithtown looking east c. 1984
going over Main St. as it was entering Smithtown 
Station Photo: Mike Koehler
lirr269GeorgeB. McSherry.jpg (48258 bytes)
LIRR #269  Unit  “George B. McSherry” (Engineer) 
Smithtown winter 1984 Photo: Mike Koehler
lirr619train551Mineola01-27-84KevinGulau.jpg (84274 bytes)
LIRR #619 Train 551 Mineola 01/27/1984 
Photo: Kevin Gulau
snowontracksmid1980s.jpg (77185 bytes)
"Snow on Tracks" c.1985
Collection: Henry Wagner
 TC990 Thunderbolt Hicksville Feb 9, 1986.jpg (96548 bytes)
TC990 Thunderbolt Hicksville 
Feb 9, 1986
lirr156LCity.jpg (56165 bytes)
LIRR  #156 LI City Yard A
Collection: Henry Wagner
LICityWestboundtoLICPassYard-NE.jpg (64486 bytes)
Westbound train with lead parlor car (maybe more?? can’t tell) approaching the LIC passenger yard. View NE. Photo: McEnery

Under the overpass in the distance, the line branches off to the left to access Hunterspoint Ave. station.  The Montauk Branch continues straight (from whence this train is coming). Info: Dave Keller

452pmlocalFPJ-parlorcar.jpg (20104 bytes)
4:52pm local from LI City, Eastbound on Montauk Branch at Fresh Pond Junction 03/1989   
Archive/Photo: A. Joseph Daly 
FA1 #611 Train #515 west of Sea Cliff Station, Glen Head View N 1/28/1977 Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz
 lirr256_M-1-train_Snow-Emergency_1994.jpg (89463 bytes)
LIRR GP38-2 #256 M1 train Snow Emergency 1994 It was either an alcohol train, or a snow Patrol. In either case the RR would run them up and down the branches to clear the snow off the rails and 3rd rails. Just happens to have a GP-38 on one end instead of a MP-15 on both ends. My best guess would be an alcohol train since there are M1's are in the middle.
Info: Robert Anderson
PineLawn1993.jpg (48732 bytes)
Pinelawn 1993

EWRI_LIRR_617.jpg (68480 bytes)
FA 617 westbound   Albertson, NY 12/1995

KingsPark-eastend-GreenInterlocking-NE12-28-69-RMaske.jpg (63937 bytes)
Kings Park east end of Green Interlocking 
View NE  12/28/69 Photo: Richard Maske
Christmas Day 1998 at Port Jefferson Yard..jpg (93217 bytes)
Christmas Day 1998 at 
Port Jefferson Yard
snow.jpg (166909 bytes)
NY&A RS-60 eastbound through Holtsville (near the East switch of Prima siding) Photo: Joe Tischner
lirr3.jpg (105130 bytes)
Alco #619 Christmas Day 1998 at 
Port Jefferson Yard
W93cab_2-2006.jpg (73078 bytes)
W93 cab 2/2006
Photo: Paul Strubeck
LI617-603-OBay02-80.jpg (65849 bytes)
LIRR 617 and 603 at Oyster Bay
02/1980 Photo: Tim Darnell
joeteichner.jpg (120515 bytes)
Eastbound KO electric through Bethpage
12/2004 Photo: Joe Tischner 
lirrstjames1953.jpg (63429 bytes)
Westbound steam at St. James 1953
MorrisPark12282010viewWJoe Tischner.jpg (93036 bytes)
Morris Park 12/28/2010 view W Dunton Tower 
Photo: Joe Tischner
Montauk branch through Forest Park.jpg (190497 bytes)
Montauk Branch at Forest Park 03/05
Photo: Bob Anderson
Dunton-Tower_MP15-cab_viewE_3-2005_Robert-Anderson.jpg (110773 bytes)
Dunton Tower EMD MP15AC Train #163 at Dunton view East 03/2005 Photo/Engineer: Bob Anderson
Ronkonkoma12262010DietrichRyanKO.jpg (139612 bytes)
Ronkonkoma KO view E 12/26/2010 
Photo: Dietrich Ryan
Ronkonkoma12262010DietrichRyanViewW.jpg (145965 bytes)
 Extra #172 eastbound doing some drift busting as  the first train to KO since the storm 12/26/2010 Photo: Dietrich Ryan
lirr5432-leased-PRR-K4S_4-6-2_Greenport-turntable_3-20-49_BillRugen-Huneke.jpg (96467 bytes)
LIRR #5432 leased PRR K4s 4-6-2 at Greenport  turntable 3/20/1949  (Bill Rugen - Art Huneke)
lirr420-DE30AC_Northport_viewW_12-19-13_JohnDeMarco.jpg (128337 bytes)
LIRR  #420 DE30AC Northport view W 12/19/2013  Photo: John DeMarco
Divide_viewW_02-20-78.jpg (96968 bytes)
Hicksville - Divide Tower view W 2/20/78
GP38-2-252-Train 508-EB_approaching-Mill-Neck - 03-05-81 (Scala-Keller).jpg (75964 bytes)
GP38-2 #252 Train 508 eastbound approaching Mill Neck 3/05/81 (Scala-Keller)

Hall-Tower_LIRR-462-RS1_viewE.jpg (67944 bytes)
Jamaica - Hall Tower LIRR RS1 #462 view E

train-7612_eastbound_Hicksville_2-28-15_JoeMcMahon.jpg (71201 bytes) 
Train #7612 eastbound approaching Hicksville 2/28/2015 Photo: Joe McMahon
C420-221_eastbound-main-line_MP45_c.71-72.jpg (95723 bytes)
C420 #221 eastbound Main Lline at MP45 c.1971-72 
Note: A non push-pull train, as on June 26th 1972 LIRR started the Hicksville shuttles that day with push-pulls trains.
Mineola_12-1970_BradPhillips.jpg (122306 bytes)
Mineola 12/1970 Photo: Brad Phillips


Train-4054_Bethpage_3-10-84_KevinGulau.jpg (86360 bytes)
 LIRR #262 - Train #4054 - Bethpage 3/10/1984
Photo/Archive: Kevin Gulau

LIRR MP15ACs #172 - FA #604 Oyster Bay 2/1984 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Train-4524_RS3-1553_Mineola_1-02-1971-White Christmas leave-Army_Makse.jpg (126796 bytes)
Train-4524 RS3 #1553 Mineola 1/02/1971  Home for a White Christmas on Army leave Photo:  Richard Makse
RBBX -63005_Blue-Unit_Garden-City_3-04-2016_EdFrye.jpg (91032 bytes)
RBBX 63005 Blue Unit - Garden City 2/04/2016 Photo/Archive: Ed Frye

LIRR #617 westbound past Pinelawn 1/1985
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Speonk_ViewW_winter-2010_WilliamJSkeets.jpg (94126 bytes)
Speonk View W 2010 12/28/2010
Christmas blizzard of 2010 brought mass transit to its knees in New York. At the time of the photo the LIRR was still shut down. Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats
LIRR-423-DE30AC_6652_Northport_1-7-2017_WJSkeets.jpg (82418 bytes)
LIRR DE30AC #423 Train #6652 Northport 1/07/2017 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats
LIRR-512_Train-6609_Cold-Spring-Harbor_3-09-2019_WilliamJSkeats.jpeg (165341 bytes)
LIRR #512 Train #6609 westbound approaching Cold Spring Harbor 3/09/2019 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

HALL Tower, Jamaica c.1962
Photo: Steve Zabel  
Archive: Bill Mangahas

LIRR #170, W-86, LIRR #164 "Alcohol 6" passes VALLEY Tower in Valley Stream, after having sprayed alcohol on the third rail of No. 1 Track on the Long Beach Branch. Taken after the blizzard of February, 1983 as the railroad was just starting to resume limited service after having been shut down due to the effects of the storm. Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky

NASSAU Tower blizzard 2/2005
Photo/Archive: John Ciesla
LIRR-156_MOW_Farmingdale_3-02-2019_BillMangahas.jpg (123513 bytes)
LIRR #156 MOW - Farmingdale  3/02/2019
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

LIRR #604 - Roslyn  View N c.1978
Photo/Archive: Paul De Luca

Glen Street Station 1/1984
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

East Williston Station 2/1992 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Locust Valley 1/28/2000 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Glen Street Station 1/1985 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

East Williston station 1/1970 Photo/Archive: George Forero

Locust Valley Station 1/01/2001 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

RS1 #467, #469 westbound at HALL Tower
3/07/1969 (Zahn-Boland)

S2 #444, #439, #442 at Jamaica 2/07/1972 (Zahn-Boland)

 Jamaica MP54A1 #4153 westbound  3/30/1970

LIRR MP15AC #155 - FA1 #611
Port Washington 1/21/1978 

On Friday January 21, 1978, a winter storm with 15" of snow had disrupted operations on a large portion of the Long Island Railroad. Here on (left) Saturday MP15AC #155 is dragging the Budd MU consist around in the hopes of clearing the buried third rail. In the meantime, a push-pull consist behind FA1 #611 (ex SP&S) is running limited service between Port Washington and Woodside.  Kudos to the track foreman standing here, who's name I have long forgot, for letting me walk down from the platform and between the rails to get the shot, as the 3rd rail next to the FA is still entirely covered in the white stuff. His crew is behind me sweeping out the switches as best they can. 1/21/1978    Info/Photos/Archive: Paul De Luca

Port Washington view N 1/21/1978
Photo/Archive: Paul De Luca

Port Washington LIRR #611 1/21/1978
Photo/Archive: Paul De Luca
LIRR GP38-2 #261 Port Washington 1/21/1978  Photo/Archive: Paul De Luca
Note: A rare occurrence of a GP38-2 at Port Washington

Port Washington 3/1979

Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Cold Spring Harbor 2/1982
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas
Mineola - LIRR #153, #608 westbound 2/1983
Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky Note: Section House at left.

FA #617 View E of Republic Station 1/1985 
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

M3 Huntington 1/1985

Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas
LIRR #276 at Bellerose 12/12/1993
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Bayside westbound - Blizzard 2/1969
Photo/Archive: Jim Mardiguian

Bellerose 2/2001
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

DE30AC #410 1/28/2008
Photo/Archive: Joe Tischner
M9 #7687 Farmingdale Station 2/09/2013

Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

LIRR #413 at Sea Cliff  12/17/2020
Photo/Archive: Joe Stroppel

FA #606 westbound passing NASSAU Tower
1982 Archive: MTA

Locust Valley 12/22/2020
Photo/Archive: Joe Stroppel

LIRR TC888 Kew Gardens - View N 2/01/2021
Photo/Archive: Paul Grether

Sea Cliff 1/07/2022 Photo/Archive: Joe Stroppel

Mineola 1/07/2022  Photo/Archive: Andrew Vacchiano

Sea Cliff - 1/07/2022  Photo/Archive: Joe Stroppel

Little Neck - M7 #7675 Crew train to Penn 1/29/2022 Photo/Archive: Daniel Chou

East Hampton Station - Jordan Spreader eastbound
Blizzard 2/13/1978  - Archive: Queens Public Library

Forest Hills - M7 #7809 1/30/2022
Photo/Archive: Sean Lomba

New DE30AC #410 undergoing testing - West Yard, Port Jefferson 3/15/1999 Photo/Archive: William Skeats
  NYA Winter Action  

LIRR MOW #4230 spreader/ditcher GP38-2's #268-261 eastbound at Holbrook 1/30/2022 Photo/Archive: John Krattinger

The train consisted of NYA 155, NYA 261 and 8 cars all for Brookhaven Rail Terminal. After making the run around move in YA, the train now RS71 will deliver the cars to Brookhaven. After making the set out, the crew will run light engine back to Pine Aire Yard. Photos/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

Train RS71 NYA #261-155 running light westbound return
 2/13/2022 Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer


LIRR #4230 plow Extra at Calverton 1/30/2022
Photo/Archive: John Krattinger

LIRR #4230 plow Extra arrives at Greenport 1/30/2022 Photo/Archive: John Krattinger

Babylon Station - 1/1961
Archive: ThomasValentino
LIRR Winter of January 1948  
lirr193,693MorrisPark01-48GeorgeSilk.jpg (58880 bytes)
LIRR #193, #693 Morris Park 01/1948 
Photo: George Silk in LIFE Magazine
lirr193eastboundMorrisPark01-48GeorgeSilk.jpg (53475 bytes)
LIRR #193, eastbound Morris Park 01/1948 Photo: George Silk  in LIFE Magazine


lirr193,693MorrisParkengineshop01-48GeorgeSilk.jpg (87210 bytes)
LIRR #193, #693 Morris Park engine shops 01/1948
Photo: George Silk in LIFE Magazine
LIRR Christmas Blizzard of 2010
LIRR-snow-broom_viewE_Patchogue_12-27-10_NealKassner.jpg (155776 bytes)
View E from the east end of the Patchogue platform shows the snow broom broken down and fouling the South Ocean Avenue grade crossing, hence the swarm of orange jackets. PD tower used to stand just to the right of the red signal.
LIRR-snow-broom_west-Patchogue-Station_viewW_12-27-10_NealKassner.jpg (141856 bytes)         LIRR-snow-broom_west-Patchogue-Station_viewE_12-27-10_NealKassner.jpg (174358 bytes)
Photo taken about an hour later when the broom was finally under way. The location is west of Patchogue station, between the West Avenue and River Avenue grade crossings. View east (right) and view west (left)

LIRR MOW double-ended snow broom near Patchogue station in the aftermath of the Christmas Blizzard of 2010, specifically 12/27/2010. Info/photos: Neal Kassner