South Side Rail Road 
South Side Rail Road - Suffolk County 1867-1880  

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South Side Rail Road 1872
Archive: Art Huneke

The South Side Rail Road of Long Island was incorporated March 23, 1860.   The period of time allowed for completion was extended by two years in 1864 and again in 1866.   Work began May 28, 1866 and in September 1866 the Directors voted to extend the road to Patchogue.

On October 28, 1867 regular service began between Jamaica and Babylon.  In December 1868 service began to Sayville and in April 1869 to Patchogue.

Until June 1872, the South Side RR enjoyed the advantage of a monopoly of the traffic on the south side and to Rockaway. The first serious inroad into the South Side's prosperity was the opening of the Long Island Railroad's Rockaway Branch in June 1872.

In July 1874 the South Side Rail Road was sold in foreclosure to the owners of the Flushing, North Shore & Central Railroad Company, Adolph Poppenhusen, et al. The new corporation was named: The Southern Railroad Company of Long Island.

On Wednesday evening, April 30, 1879 the last train ran from Hempstead to Valley Stream. The South Side RR's valuable main line, a big money maker because of the summer trade, continued to bear the Southern RR label only until December 1879, when the owners, Drexel, Morgan & Co., reorganized it as the "Brooklyn & Montauk RR," which was then leased to the Long Island RR.

Finally, in March 1880, the receiver issued an order erasing the road's identity completely. As of that month, the whole Southern RR was, in the future, to be referred to simply as the Montauk Division of the Long Island RR and so it remains to this day. In October 1889 the Brooklyn & Montauk RR was formally merged into the Long Island Rail Road and the subsequent history of the old road becomes the history of the Long Island Rail Road.

1873 Colton map of the S.S.R.R. approximately MP38-48

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South Side Rail Road Pass 1870

SSRR_Seat-Check_1860s_front.jpg (60468 bytes)
S.S.R.R. Seat Check (front) c. 1860's

SSRR_Seat-Check_1860s_back.jpg (32392 bytes)
S.S.R.R. Seat Check (back) c. 1860's



SSRR-timetable-eastbound_1-01-1869.jpg (126753 bytes)
S.S.R.R. timetable eastbound 1/01/1869 until April, 1869 as Sayville was the terminus until April, 1869.Archive: Art Huneke
SSRR-timetable-westbound_1-01-1869.jpg (121807 bytes)
S.S.R.R. timetable westbound 1/01/1869 until April, 1869 as Sayville was  the terminus until April, 1869. Archive: Art Huneke
 SSRR-ad_Daily-Graphic_6-21-1873.jpg (111382 bytes)
S.S.R.R. ad in the New York The Daily Graphic 6/21/1873. The first American newspaper with daily illustrations. Founded in New York 1873. Archive: Art Huneke
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Bayshore Station 9/1879 view E
Photo: George Brainard
Archive: Brooklyn Public Library
Depot built: c. 7/1868   
2nd depot built: 1882 Razed: 1912

First appears under its old name of Penataquit on timetable of May 20, 1868. In July 1868 the name Bayshore first appears.

Islip Centre - Depot located one mile west of Islip depot. It may have served the Olympic Boat Club members at the foot of Saxon Ave. Dropped from timetable of 5/1870.

saxonavesiding1-27-08.jpg (80573 bytes)
Remnant of "Olympic siding" 
1/27/08 Photo: Mike McDermet

Between December 1, 1868 and June 1869, a second station was maintained west of Islip, that being Islip Centre at S.S.R.R MP 42, but on August 19, 1869 the railroad moved the 20 x 30 feet depot on a flat car drawn by the American 4-4-0 engine "Pewit" and carted it eastward, leaving Islip the sole station in the village. "South Side RR of LI"  (Vincent Seyfried / Research: Dave Keller)

There has been theorizing that it became the Islip depot because a newspaper article mentioning this depot move also mentioned a new, wider platform being added at Islip, however, the Islip depot was opened in 1868 so it could not have been the Islip Centre structure and the two events, the move and the new platform, were just two separate but railroad-related events mentioned in the same newspaper article. (Research: Dave Keller) 


SSRR-timetable-eastbound_South-Side-Signal_8-11-1869_Huneke.jpg (107626 bytes)
Archive: Art Huneke

S.S.R.R. timetable (above/right) was printed in the "South Side Signal" newspaper and was effective 8/11/1869.  Note that as of 8/11/1869, Islip Centre was still a valid stop and Club House did not yet exist. 

SSRR-timetable-westbound_South-Side-Signal_8-11-1869_Huneke.jpg (118396 bytes)
Archive: Art Huneke


If Islip Centre was moved on 8/19/1869, and Club House was opened sometime in 1869, then that "sometime" had to be between 8/12/1869 (the day after this timetable was issued) and 12/31/1869.  By the May, 1870 timetable, Club House was listed as a station stop. This timetable proves that the depot was opened AFTER the Islip Centre depot was moved east ...further evidence that these structures were very possibly one-and-the-same. It's a distinct possibility that this depot, after being moved east, became the depot at Club House.

ssrrislip.jpg (95858 bytes)
Islip 1868 on timetable of May 20, 1868  view SE Photo: George Brainard Archive: Art Huneke

Depot built: 1868 2nd depot built: 1881 
Razed: 12/1963

Islip first appears on the timetable of May 20, 1868 as the terminal of the road and so remains until the  September 1, 1868 timetable. 

ssrrclub.jpg (39817 bytes)
Club House c.1878 View E Photo: George Brainard  
Archive: East Islip Historical Society

West of Oakdale. Built: 1869 to service South Side Sportsmen’s Association across from the Connetquot Park which was the former location of the South Side Sportsmen's Club (hence "Club House" station). Located between today’s present MP45-46 at Bayard Cutting Arboretum), Closed: 7/17/1884. (Closing date per George L. Weeks, Jr. in his 1965 book: “Isle of Shells”  Research: Dave Keller

The milepost 45 in the photo was not the LIRR’s, but the SSRR’s and, as their mileage was calculated from a different starting point, was off slightly from today’s MP45.

5-30-1870_Islip-Centre_out_Clubhouse-listed.jpg (49077 bytes)
S.S.R.R. timetable 5/30/1870 Islip Centre dropped with Clubhouse listed

ssrroakdale.jpg (49940 bytes)
Oakdale Photo: George Brainard
Archive: Art Huneke
Depot built: 1868. Razed: 1890
ssrrbayprt.jpg (24720 bytes)
Bayport Station and Express House view E 1903 Archive: Dave Keller
Depot built: 3/18/69 Razed: 1903
ssrrbluept.jpg (33530 bytes)
Blue Point Photo: George Brainard
Archive: Art Huneke
Depot opened: 2/1/1870 
Closed: 6/1/1882
Reopened/Razed: ?
Replaced: !903




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Sayville c. 1868
Depot built: 1868. Terminus until 4/1869 when line extended to Patchogue. Razed: 1906
SSRR-PatchogueTurntableEnginehouse-view-NEfrom TuthillsCreek_c.1869.jpg (49382 bytes)
S.S.R.R .turntable and engine house view E from Tuthill's Creek c.1869 Collection: SUNY, Stony Brook Photo: George Brainard
ssrrwpg.jpg (52627 bytes)
Patchogue Train Shed c. 1870
View NE from Patchogue River Photo: George Brainard
New terminal in service: 4/1869. 220’ long, 2-stall train shed/depot opened: 8/1869. Razed: 1888.  
ssrr1873pg.jpg (113935 bytes)
S.S.R.R Patchogue map 1873