Designer Lester C. Tichy (1905-1981) Photo: 8/03/44

LIRR Tichy Paint Scheme 1949-1955 
FM CPA-20-5 phase 1 LIRR #2008 Artist: Will Anderson


When the first diesels arrived, they only had “ LONG ISLAND” in gold lettering, a practice used on the steam tenders for example:
  LIRR #39 G5s at Oyster Bay Archive: Art Huneke






L421LICity03-12-52GaryStuebben.jpg (49217 bytes)This unit arrived in July 1949 as the last of the S1 group built 6/46 - 7/49 in the "classic" PRR gold serif lettering on black unit.; as previously applied to the steam tenders as seen above. LIRR ALCO S1 #421 LI City 3/12/52 Archive: Gary Stuebben



The Tichy herald  was applied only to the passenger diesels, not the passenger equipment. (November 1949) This herald consisted of a white map of Long Island on a light blue rectangle, offset with a black rectangle giving a shadow effect.  Printed over the map was a large black “plus sign” with the letters L, I, R, R in each corner of the “plus”; these represented the four corners of Long Island served by the Railroad. 


The first delivery (12/1948?-2-3/1949) of RS-1's came in black. (#461-465) That scheme didn't last very long and were repainted in the Tichy livery (In November 1949 Alco RS-1 #465 became the first unit with the new Tichy herald along with the Tichy paint scheme. The remaining RS1 units (#461-464) were repainted up until 11/1/52. 

lirr1501-H16-44_Morris-Park-1953_Bill-Rugen-Art-Huneke.jpg (85650 bytes) When the remaining  RS-1's arrived (#466-469 4/1950),  the FM C-Liners arrived in 1950 (#2001-08 6/8-1950), and the H16-44s arrived (1501-09 10/1951) with this paint scheme applied upon their delivery.  Info: John Scala

LIRR #1501 H16-44 at Morris Park Shops 1953 (Bill Rugen - Art Huneke)

1.Orange pilot
2. Light slate gray paint scheme with white numbers
3. LIRR map logo
4. Block lettering

Tichy: Applied to all passenger cars, some DD1 electrics (period of painting 11/01/49 to 11/01/52), GE 44 tonner #400, an electric shop switcher, ALCO RS1 units. through 1955
RS1 units repainted up until 11/1/52.  FM C-liners arrived in this scheme in Jan. 1950.

RS1-467-Oyster-Bay-11-7-50.jpg (72709 bytes)
RS-1 #467 Oyster Bay 11/07/1950  Photo: 
George E. Votava, Archive: Dave Keller

Trust-Plate-RS1-469-G5s-42-Morris-P-05-27-50.jpg (47182 bytes)
Trust Plate LIRR RS1 #469 - G5s #42 -Morris Park 5/27/1950

Trust Plate LIRR RS1 #467 Oyster Bay 11/07/1950
FM H16-44-1503-MP Shops-1953 (Keller).jpg (103433 bytes)
FM H16-44-1503 MP Shops 1953 Archive: Dave Keller

FM-C-Liner-Close-up of Cab-Logo-Engr - c. 1954.jpg (56231 bytes)
FM C-Liner close-up of cab Tichy Logo c.1954 
Archive: Dave Keller

lirr2404  FM-CPA24-5 c.1950+.jpg (93168 bytes)
LIRR #2404 FM CPA24-5   c. 6/1950+

The Tichy colors were applied to passenger cars as well, with MP54 electric coach #1901 being the first to wear them.  According to the December 1949 issue of the employee magazine, Long Island Railroader, these colors consisted of a bright aluminum color roof, slate gray body, and dark green underbody.  “Lettering is in aluminum, and numerals are in red against an aluminum background.”   

Tichy block lettering with color scheme: Slate gray body, dark green undercarriage, white and/or black painted roofs. Named for designer Lester C. Tichy (1905-1981) 

On the RS-1s, “the engine number has been repeated in large silhouetted aluminum numerals mounted in a blue frame on either side of the head end,” and had red pilots and black cab roof.  The C-Liners differed slightly, with the engine number appearing on the nose in a “battleship” style with a shadow effect.  Also, the roof was an aluminum color like on the coaches.  The H16-44s had slate gray applied on the body and roof, with red pilots.  

The GE 44 tonner, #400, also had the Tichy colors but with a modified herald.  This was a “plus sign” with the horizontal line in red and the vertical line and LIRR letters in white.  There was no map and blue and black rectangles; definitely a one-of-a-kind herald.







lirr1-Oyster-Bay-7-22-56-Tichy.jpg (54538 bytes)
LIRR  #1 in "Tichy scheme" white roof and black roof car coupled 
Oyster Bay 07/22/1956  (George E. Votava - Dave Keller)
Tichy Spotting Features:

1.  White or black roof
2.  Light slate gray paint scheme 
3.  NOT used on passenger cars after 1955-56
4.  Block lettering

Steam-Car-1-Ronkonkoma-2-1970-Goodfellow-Gray_DaveKeller.jpg (125479 bytes)
LIRR #1 P54 steam car Ronkonkoma 2/1970 Goodfellow
scheme Photo/Archive: Dave Keller
LIRR2004_CPA20-5_eastbound-Bay-Shore_09-04-55_Faxon,Jr.-Keller.jpg (94854 bytes)
LIRR #2004 CPA20-5 eastbound Bay Shore 9/04/1955

Tichy schemed loco pulling a mixed consist train. (1) The 1955 Pullman Standard P72 coaches (in their as delivered "Goodfellow" scheme) are the 4th and 5th cars in this eastbound train approaching the station at Bay Shore on September 4, 1955 (Will Faxon, Jr. photo, Dave Keller archive)

lirr2008_Montauk_c.1950's _GaryEverhart.jpg (56331 bytes)
lirr #2008 Montauk c.1950s Archive: Gary Everhart

LIRR2001-FM-CPA20-5_Tichy-scheme_Morris-Park-Shops.jpg (42462 bytes)
LIRR #2001 Tichy scheme Morris Park Shops

FM-CPA20-5-2005-Trn-B-Bethpage-1952-2.jpg (50156 bytes)
LIRR FM CPA20-5 # 2005 and westbound train is nearing "B" tower on the Main Line at Bethpage Junction.  The Central Branch track to Babylon is seen at the far right in this 1952 SE view Archive: Dave Keller



Note 1: The first press run of new air conditioned Pullman Standard P72 passenger cars arrived on the LIRR 05/23/55. Destined for Greenport, in the "Goodfellow" dark grey color scheme,  it's possible that some of the C-liners still in Tichy scheme could have been pulling some of these new cars but it would not have been for very long.

lirr2402_westbound-Stony-Brook_BK-semaphore-block-signals-behind-train_Pedestrian-crossing-SUNY-campus_c.1950's_JohnKrause-GaryEverhart.jpg (85638 bytes)
LIRR #2402 westbound at pedestrian crossing SUNY Stony Brook passing BK semaphore block signals c.1950s 
(John Krause-Gary Everhart
lirr2008_eastbound-passing-West-Yard_Port-Jefferson_c.1950's _GaryEverhart.jpg (90146 bytes)
lirr #2008 eastbound passing West Yard Port Jefferson c.1950s 
Archive: Gary Everhart
CPA24-5-2402 on Turntable-Oyster Bay - 03-14-53 (Faxon-Keller) Seq 1.jpg (115394 bytes)
LIRR  #2402 CPA24-5 on Oyster Bay turntable 3/14/53 (Faxon-Keller)
Tichy-scheme_MP54-1827-End of Track-Hamilton Beach-View NE-06-25-55 (Rugen-Keller).jpg (105001 bytes)
Tichy scheme MP54 #1827 at end of track Hamilton Beach 
view NE 6/25/55 (Rugen-Keller)
FM-CPA20-5-2008-et-al-PtJeff-1957-2.jpg (22748 bytes)
LIRR #2008 FM CPA20-5 et. al. Port Jefferson 1957
Archive: Dave Keller

This was a Jules Krzenski photo shot in the West Yard.  While 1957 showed locomotives in a transition, the passenger cars had already undergone their repainting, primarily due to the remodeling (and subsequent renumbering) that began in December, 1954. 

By 1955, I'd say pretty much ALL of the Tichy-schemed passenger cars had been repainted. Info: Dave Keller

lirr2404westboundSheepPastureRoadoverpass-westofPJeff.jpg (73902 bytes)
LIRR #2404 westbound Sheep Pasture Road overpass-west of Port Jefferson 1957 (J. P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller archive)
FM-CPA24-5-2404-Train 621-Westbound-Flowerfield-8-26-55.jpg (128668 bytes)
LIRR #2404 FM-CPA24-5 Train #621 westbound 
Flowerfield Station 8/26/55 (W. A. Higginbotham - Dave Keller)
LIRR1495-MP54_Brooklyn-1956.jpg (59415 bytes)
LIRR #1495 MP54 Brooklyn 1956


LIRR-P54-MP54's_Alco-S2_caboose-no.1_Morris-Park_viewE_FrankPfuhler.jpg (82769 bytes)
LIRR P54 MP54s Alco S2 caboose #1 Morris Park Yard
view E at signal S79 Photo: Frank Pfuhler
MP54-Tichy-dark-roof_LI-City_western-Yard-A.jpg (56042 bytes)
MP54 Tichy dark roof  LI City - western Yard A
Tichy-MP54-Combine_Morris-Park_viewNW_c.1950.jpg (61503 bytes)
Tichy MP54 Combine Morris Park west of "DUNTON"
view NW  c.1950
MP70Bc Tichy scheme c.1953 Archive: Steven Waldman