Ticket Vending Machines

TVMs Timeline for the LIRR:

• 1973 - TVM was made by Cubic. That is the machine in the picture of Jamaica in 1973 (below left). It was next to the Passenger Services Office door in the waiting room and there for about a year and then moved to Penn. It didn’t last long.
• 1983 to 1986 – Four (4) TVMs were leased from Autelca, a Swiss company. They were installed in Penn and one was later moved to the westbound platform at Flushing Main St. which was extensively vandalized. These were TVMs were replaced by the first generation Scheidt & Bachmann’s (S&B) in 1987.
• 1986 – Six or seven Agent Systems TVMs were purchased. They sold commutation tickets for credit card only. They actually lasted until the newest generation of Scheidt & Bachmann TVMs were in 2001.
• 1987 & 1991 – The Scheidt & Bachmann TVMs were purchased. They lasted until the new generation were installed in 2001.
• 2001 – New Scheidt & Bachmann TVMs purchased along with the Ticket Office Machines. There are 4 types of these TVMs with 3 types that were added after the initial purchase. Full Service (gray), One Ways (red), Full Service credit/debit only (blue) and Full Service – AirTrain (green).  Note: The On Board fare was $5.75 to $6.50

From MTA site: On Board FareTrains
Purchasing your ticket On-Board the train is the most expensive option. Only One-Way tickets may be purchased On-Board trains and they cost $5.75 to $6.50 more than tickets bought before boarding at Ticket Offices/Machines. No bills over $50. Off-Peak tickets will be "stepped up" to the Peak fare when presented on Peak trains. Step-up fares and Extension-of-ride fares (extra fare charged for traveling beyond the stations listed on the ticket) will be rounded up to the next dollar. Round-Trip tickets are no longer sold on-board. Please purchase your return trip tickets at ticket windows/machines before boarding.

• TVMs are serviced by Agents/Clerk teams from several headquarters locations. Crews performed revenue, fingertip maintenance as remedial maintenance is performed under contract with the manufacturer.
• The TVMs have had several upgrades over the years under a “Life Cycle Maintenance” option. This has upgraded the computers, printers and some other components.

When I started in 1972, there were close to 132 stations. I believe, with about 100 open Ticket Offices. I did count the stations that I worked at as a Clerk and Agent a few years back and came up with 96 stations that I sold at. I think there are 23 open ticket offices now with various hours.

On-Board Fares: It is not charged at Pinelawn and from Yaphank east to Greenport.   All the other stations have TVMs or ticket offices. The Montauk Branch received TVMs several years ago all the way to Montauk.  Info: Kevin Fehn

Ticket-Vending-Machine_TVM_Jamaica-Station_c.1973_KevinFehn.jpg (85771 bytes)
Jamaica Station TVM c.1973

Copiague TVM  1996+

West Hempstead TVM -  1996+

To see where the TVM is located, look at the white numbers on the top of the machine. IE. 39051 shows that it is the outside TVM at Copiague. We used the ICC station codes dropping the 1st 9. Copiague was 9390, Babylon 9393. 51 denoted that it was an outside TVM and 52 was an indoor. 

The new TVMs could be identified by the ID Plate below the audio jack on the front of the machine. We then used as an example: 39001 would be the outside machine at Copiague and 39002 would be the inside machine. With all the moving around of the machines in the last few years, the indoor and outdoor piece has probably been lost.

ETVM was the Daily machine that only sold one way tickets.  Some called it an Express TVM.

The Daily machine number series stated at 70, i.e. 39070, The card only started at 80. IE. 39080 

Penn-Station-testing_TVM-2001_KFehn.jpg (45892 bytes)
  1. A full service TVM (2001 S&B) that we had in an office in Penn Station for testing.


TVM-Penn-Station_2-15-2002_KevinFehn.jpg (148332 bytes)
Penn Station TVM - 2/15/2002Penn-Station-TVM_2-15-2002_KehnFehn.jpg (118364 bytes)


TVM-Cage_Nostrand-Ave_1-10-2002_KevinFehn.jpg (157540 bytes)
Nostrand Ave  TVM Cage  1/10/2002
Ticket-Office-Machine-TOM_Copiague_c.2001_KevinFehn.jpg (57880 bytes)
A TOM is the Ticket Office Machine which replaced the old ticket cases and daters. It is basically a TVM built for use by the Agent or Clerk in the ticket office. It replaced around 150 years of manual sales. No more tour books.

I believe Copiague after it was closed for sales, c.2001.  We used the Ticket Office for some testing of the TOM and counter fits. Photo/Archive/Info: Kevin Fehn

TVM-Bethpage-Station_10-03-2017-unknown.jpg (123912 bytes)
Bethpage Station TVM 10/03/2017 LIRR photo

TVM-Card-only_2008+_KevinFehn.jpg (145813 bytes)
TVM Cards Only - No Cash I
ntroduced around late 2007/ early 2008. The photo is one of the first units built.

Commutation Agent Systems TVM.jpg (75437 bytes)      Tickets 2 S&B Old Commutation.jpg (116059 bytes)
    S&B TVM Commutation Tickets
 Tickets 3 S&B old.jpg (104411 bytes)

 Tickets 4 S&B old.jpg (52689 bytes)
One Way TVM ticket from NY Zone 1.  These were used in the old S&B TVMs (1986 to 1996) in Penn Station.



 Tickets- Agent.jpg (74733 bytes)
Agent Systems TVM Ticket
  The black square on the right side was used as a registration mark for cutting.  

All material compliments of Kevin Fehn unless noted.