Penn Station - Moynihan Train Hall

Looking east on W 33rd in Manhattan at the snazzy new Moynihan Train Hall (nee Farley Post Office building) on its opening day - January 1st, 2021. In the background is Madison Square Garden and the previous west entrance to Penn Station, as the Empire State Building looms overhead. Photo/Archive: Joe Stroppel

New Moynihan Train Hall facade

Moynihan Train Hall Concourse

Moynihan Train Hall Panoramic view

Moynihan Train Hall Ticket Vending Machines (TVM)

Moynihan Train Hall to Amtrak

Moynihan Train Hall - Newsday 1/24/2021
Archive: Dave Morrison
Moynihan Train Hall - LIRR Departure Board
1/01/2021 Photo/Archive: Aksel Holguin Abreu

Moynihan Train Hall - 2021 MTA

Moynihan Train Hall aerial view W - 10/06/2023

Moynihan Train Hall atrium skylight - 2022
Pennsylvania Station, NY

Penn Station - View E with Track #6 at right 6/1910 (Detroit Publishing Co-Jeff Erlitz)

NY Pennsylvania Station 1910

LIRR entrance - NY Penn 1978 Photo/Archive: Bill Puleston

lirrpennstationNYC.jpg (44918 bytes)

LIRR Penn Station - MTA 1968+

Penn Station MTA/LIRR Station Timetables

pennsta04Bob Andersen.jpg (132026 bytes)
Penn Station 2004    Photo: Bob Andersen

Mid-Manhattan Map Archive: Dave Morrison

LIRR Concourse diagram - One Penn Plaza 2019

LIRR concourse statuary relief - NY Penn 11/22/2019

Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

LIRR  Penn Station concourse  2015 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

LIRR Penn Station remodeled concourse drawing - MTA

LIRR Concourse  -Penn Station MTA 8/16/2022
Penn Station demolition began on 10/29/1963

West Side Yard

westsideyard1.JPG (71293 bytes)
LIRR Timetable Appendix C
Operating Instructions -West Side Yard, New York, NY 04/87
Collection: John Fusto

West Side Yard NYC-PRR - Aerial view N c.1950

West Side Yard-View W -NY, NY - 04-87 (Keller).jpg (112146 bytes)
West Side Yard - View W - New York, NY  4/1987 Archive: Dave Keller

westsideyard04-87.JPG (374460 bytes)
West Side Yard, New York, NY 04/87
Collection: John Fusto
Composite: Steve Lynch 05/07

30th Street Yard.jpg (94809 bytes)
30th Street Yard, New York, NY c. 1980   NY Central High Line Map

West Side Yard-Ex-NYC High Line Loop Around Yard -Aerial View N - NY, NY -  04-87 (Keller).jpg (207278 bytes)
West Side Yard -  Ex-NYC High Line loop around yard - Aerial view N  - New York, NY  4/1987 Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR-West-Side-Yard_4-02-2019.jpg (110681 bytes)
LIRR/MTA West Side Yard - View W 4/02/2019