Roster of Central Islip State Hospital Equipment

1950’s correspondence between Wm. Rugen and Wm. Slade

Courtesy of Art Huneke




#01 was the clerestory-roofed combine car (ex-LIRR)


#02 was the arched-roof passenger car (ex-LIRR #98:  Robert Emery via Art Huneke)


#03 was the class A3 0-4-0 switcher locomotive (ex-PRR #3008: Juniata 12/1905)

            and formerly numbered #3  (Data per Art Huneke)




A3 (0-4-0) #03 and crew with Express car on team track behind freight house – Central Islip, NY – c. 1931 (George G. Ayling photo, Dave Keller archive)



Close-up of #03 and crew:  L to R:  Gus Newman, engineer, Frank “Dusty” Rhodes, trainman, Bill Black, trainman, Walter Webb, conductor, unidentified fireman




A rare shot of #03 in action.  Seen here eastbound behind “JE” tower, Jamaica , after its annual inspection at Morris Park Shops, heading back to the state hospital– October 12, 1933.  (Richard Harrison photo, Dave Keller+ archive)





This photo of #03 shot at Central Islip State Hospital on 4/25/35 shows the loco- motive already out of service with stack capped  (Art Huneke collection)






#01 (with #02 visible behind) was photographed at Elizabethport, NJ, 5/27/39 and repainted green.  They were sold to the U. S. Army and used on the Claiborne & Polk Ry. in Louisiana in 1940, the line connecting Camps Polk and Claiborne, a training base for railway construction battalions who maintained the line between the two camps.  Camp Claiborne closed in 1945.  (Data per William Rugen via Art Huneke –

Dave Keller archive)





#03 was earlier photographed at Elizabethport, NJ on 12/19/37  (Art Huneke collection)