RMLI_Car.jpg (51552 bytes)
LIRR boxcar - #9005 RMLI 
Atlantis_Car_RMLI.jpg (56026 bytes)
LIRR Aquarium car "Atlantis" 
- #9006 RMLI 
North_Fork_Bank_RMLI.jpg (61820 bytes)
LIRR gold bar - #9007 RMLI
RMLIflat-entenmanns2008.jpg (70126 bytes)
LIRR Entenmann's TOFC
- #9008 RMLI 
In 1898, William Entenmann, opened a bakery in Brooklyn, New
York. Traveling by horse-drawn buggy, he delivered bread, cakes
and other baked goods door to door. In the early 1900’s they
moved the family to Bay Shore, Long Island and in 1961 opened a
manufacturing facility on Fifth Avenue in Bay Shore. It became
the world’s largest bakery of its kind. The company introduced its
best-selling product, Rich Frosted Chocolate Donuts in 1972.

175 Years of Long Island Railroading_RMLI.jpg (53740 bytes)
175 Years of Long Island Railroading 6464 Boxcar RMLI
Boeing 747 Fairchild Hiller_RMLI.jpg (45194 bytes)
Boeing 747 Fairchild Hiller COFC 
Entenmann's Operating Boxcar_RMLI.jpg (47984 bytes)
Entenmann's Operating Boxcar
#9010 RMLI 
wslRiverhead Visitors Center Car _RMLI.jpg (76173 bytes)
Riverhead Visitor’s Center Car
Grand Opening April 9, 2011 RMLI
Riverhead Building Supply_RMLI.jpg (88701 bytes)
Riverhead Building Supply
#9011 RMLI 
King Kullen 6464 Boxcar_RMLI.jpg (94946 bytes)
King Kullen 6464 Boxcar RMLI
J.P. Holland Submarine on Flatcar_RMLI.jpg (41407 bytes)
J.P. Holland Submarine on Flatcar RMLI
Wonder Bread PS-2 Scale Covered Hopper Car_RMLI.jpg (60089 bytes)
Wonder Bread PS-2 Scale 
Covered Hopper Car RMLI
White Castle Refrigerated TOFC_RMLI.jpg (99702 bytes)
White Castle Refrigerated TOFC
#9013 RMLI
RCA_Radar-car_RMLI.jpg (95035 bytes)
RCA Operating Radar Car RMLI
Worlds_Fair_Car_RMLI.jpg (127591 bytes)
LIRR G-16 World's Fair Exhibit Car #2014 RMLI 
For further details and ordering information on the above cars: Railroad Museum of Long Island (RMLI)  
lirrLionelspeeder.jpg (20973 bytes)
LIRR Lionel Speeder #11259 
Issue: 2008