LIRR NX23-A Caboose Modeling

75 cars of the PRR c.1912 X23 OB boxcar series converted to NX23 from May 43 thru early 1944. They were assigned car numbers 478520-478594. There were three variations: vertical side sheathing with full ladders; vertical side sheathing with partial ladders; and horizontal side sheathing. No records survive to determine the quantities of each. In 1947 at least 38 cars were converted to Work Equipment, mostly in series 494011-494043 and used as riding cars. A few were sold to the Long Island Rail Road and the Western Allegheny Railroad with horizontal sheathing.  Research: Gary Mittner, Keystone Modeler July 2007

ex-PRR Class NX23 Horizontal sheathing Western Allegheny RR mid-1960's
Photo: James Mittner, Keystone Modeler July 2007

sm_nx23-fp.jpg (36033 bytes) sm_nx23.jpg (79197 bytes)
PRR Cabin Class NX23 Floor Plan and Side View
lirr492754georgewybengawatercolor.jpg (58916 bytes)
ex-PRR #492754 LIRR #49 as painted by: George Wybenga. He is noted for watercolor painting of prototypical items. 
lirr48-NX23-Woodside-c.1948.jpg (157988 bytes)
LIRR #48 NX23A Woodside along the Main Line c.1948 Info: Dave Keller+

Third overpass east of Woodside station, which is 65th Pl. Info: Albert Waltien


Caboose-49-ArchSt.Yd-LIC-1949.jpg (166094 bytes)
LIRR #49 Arch St.Yard LI City 1949
Photo: Geo. Arnoux, Archive: Dave Keller+

ex-PRR #492754 Caboose NX23 rebuilt by PRR from external braced framed boxcar. Renumbered LIRR #49 in 19 ?    Comment: Dave Keller - LIRR Historian 11/18/07

The LIRR had two class NX23A cabin cars with an additional modification where the car ends were moved in creating end platforms with cast steel PRR type cabin car steps placed under the corners of the side sills. The first design proposed for the NX 23 conversion did not have the small bay window and side door we remember. The original proposal dated Feb. 1943 was for a car with wide end platforms and a centered N5 type steel cupola.
Research: 2002 "Transfer Table"  newsletter of the NRHS Wilmington Chapter by Richard E. Hall
Horizontal sheathing in all three photos and George Wybenga painting. Info: Steve Lynch

Please note that my kit models the car with vertical sheathing and the required extra horizontal bracing.  It is not a good candidate for the LIRR version kit bash.  When and if  I do the horizontal sheathing version the LIRR car is a possibility. 
See kit 10061 on our web site: Al Westerfield

10061_75959_full_1.jpg (77568 bytes)Westerfield kit #10061