Long Island R.R. MP-75 Commuter Cars For Sale

Pullman-built push-pull coaches will become available as they are retired by the L.I.R.R. in late 1998 and early 1999.

The group consists of 118, 123 and 138 seat coaches (some with toilets, some without). Represented are cars from Pullman lot 6961 (standard coaches built in 1955 and 1956), lots 6962-64 (former MU coaches, converted to push-pull by LIRR in the 1970s), and lot 7014 (former MU, converted in the 1970s--example shown at right).

[Lot number 7014 - 18 MU trailers, and lot 7014A - 12 MU cab cars, both were from plan 53440. By 1973, all cars were converted for diesel push pull service. These cars were numbered in the 2500 and 2600 series, built 1964. Info: Pullman Standard Library vol.10]

In 1999, some bar and parlor cars will become available as they leave service. Some cars have onboard generators. All are air conditioned.

All cars are currently on the active roster, are currently being maintained, and are up-to-date with inspections. Ideal for a tourist line, start-up commuter line, or dinner train, their straightforward design makes them ideal candidates for reconfiguring, upgrading, installation of new windows, etc.

Prices: $15,000 for non-generator cars, $20,000 for generator-equipped cars. Discounts are available (substantial discounts for early orders), brokers welcome.

For more information, contact Ken Bitten, President, Northern Central Railway at (717) 235-4000.

Shop drawing of MP-75 Push-Pull Cab Car

Typical specifications for a coach car from this group:

 Class of Car: MP-75/Push-Pull
Manufacturer: Pullman Standard
Year Built: 1963
Series: 2701-2723
Length over coupler face: 85'
Width over side sheets: 10'
Width doorway: 3'
Height rail to roof: 13'
Height rail to floor: 4'-3.25"
Doorway height: 6'-9"
Wheel diameter: 36"
Truck wheelbase: 8'-3"
Truck centers: 59'-3"
Weight empty: 94,960 lbs.
Number seated passengers: 138
Primary suspension: coil springs
Secondary suspension: coil springs
Brake shoe: composition
Handbrake: Peacock lever type
Construction: welded steel (girder)
Toilet (toilet cars): Microphor
Windows: Polycarbonate stationary
Flooring: vinyl sheet
Coupler: ASF HT STL. interlocking
Handicap seating: none
Slip slide protection: none
Automatic Train Control: none
Seats: contoured, vinyl red/black/beige
Truck type: cast steel bar type
Lighting: fluorescent
Motor-alternator: none
Voltage: 600 VDC
PA System: none
Radio: none
Antenna: none
Battery: Exide 300 AH @ 8 HR
HVAC: Safety Electric mechanical 8 ton
Traction Motors: none
Cab Controls: none