Long Island Rail Road 


Maker Type Number Color Style/Era/Proto Use Notes Includes
K4 Decals 37' wood boxcar   White Prior to mid 1920's HO 4 cars

Highball Graphics
MP15AC's  L-216 multi MTA LIRR  2002+ scheme 2 engines
L-216a.jpg (26579 bytes) MP15AC's  LN-216
N Scale
multi MTA LIRR  2002+ scheme 2 engines
Great Decals
Van Iderstine tallow tank cars #96 white 8,000 gallon type 21 riveted tank car The Van Iderstine company had 9 cars, numbered 1001-1009 TO ORDER Sets letter cars 1001-1009
Great Decals
WSM-100.jpg (31717 bytes)
M-70 double decker coaches #100 black Year    Road Numbers
1937      1347
1947      1337-1346
1948-49 1287-1336 
Island Modelworks
lirrdecalmodelworks.jpg (101436 bytes)
diesel/passenger varied 1949  Alco RS-1 map logo -  present MTA
Microscale 87-759 LIRR MTA.jpg (30786 bytes)
diesel/passenger 87- 759 varied MTA 1980+ GP38-2, MP15, Pass Cars
Champion PH-48.jpg (83402 bytes) passenger PH-48 gold 1.PRR control
2.1939-40 NY World's Fair
2 sets MP-54s or P-54s word sheet: "Dinner, Milk Car" etc.
Champion passenger PH-95 white and red lettering for streamline cars.      
brh254.jpg (56858 bytes)
steam loco BRH-254 Bronze Gold lettering pre-1955 2 sets
brh254d.jpg (64897 bytes)
steam loco BRH-254D dulux gold pre-1955 2 sets small white numbers 
Champion electric EH-159 dulux gold lettering     small white numbers 
Champion diesel EH-163 white & dulux gold lettering 1950's   road units
Champion steam EH-254 gold      
HC-255 LIRR.jpg (13359 bytes)
caboose HC-225 black orange body N5 caboose    
hn320champion.jpg (30296 bytes)
roadname HN-320 white roadname set
Walthers comb freight 62-W silver letters      
Walthers caboose 62-08 black orange body N5 caboose   caboose #60 large letters
Walthers passenger 62-60 gold letters

steam era  
passenger 62-63 white letters
red numbers
silver number boards
1.PRR 1950-1965
2. Goodfellow modernization numbers & 2 Dashing Dan Heralds
white words prototype LIRR white number boards
Walthers passenger 62-64        
Walthers  HO   

Steam Loco 62-70 gold numbers      

Switchers 62-75 gold numbers pre-1950's    

Switchers 62-76A silver numbers Green, Dk Gray, c.1950's    
Alco Switchers
black numbers Orange, Dk Gray   silver lettering
Walthers 1  
Alco C420 62-78 silver numbers
Goodfellow went back to ALCO in '63. Orange "sweep" band, dark blue gray body 3 black size words "LONG ISLAND" orange number boards, misc. RR spec sheet.
FM 2001-2008 62-93 silver 1950 Dark Gray   #2000
Crown Custom ProductsCrowndoubledP-17.jpg (85130 bytes) P-17 LIRR Double Decker Pass Cars Black lettering, Red numbers Double Decker number range of 1287-1347
Crown Custom Products SS-1 LIRR-MTA PASS two color styles Variation of the LIRR's extended gothic that became known as "World's Fair" lettering See2 below
4 Dashing Dan Heralds, 4 Weekend Chief Heralds!
Crown Custom Products P-14 LIRR COACH BLUE MTA LIRR coach in the blue slanted "World's Fair" MTA control did away with the blue "World's Fair" lettering and used only the "M" heralds and blue numbers car numbers are in two different sizes3  
Crown Custom Products L-15 LIRR MTA COACH 4 blue purple "M". small blue numbers as is in set P-14 MTA control did away with the blue "World's Fair" lettering and used only the "M" heralds and blue numbers  MTA did experiment short time 2 different car sizes in blue.  
Crown Custom Products L-16 LIRR MTA DIESEL 3"M", large red/black numbers, and small black numbers. 1976  LIRR  first EMD classes of engines were painted blue and white, with large "M" heralds on their car bodies. See4  

1. HO is Walthers 62-78 black and orange C-420 diesel. There is enough lettering and numbers to do one complete diesel. The numbers are orange to match LI practice, but the words LONG ISLAND are black, but close to the blue gray that the railroad used on its Alco C-420s.

2. Crown Custom Products. This set has been out of production for a number of years. There has been reissues of various parts of this set but not to the accuracy found in this decal set number SS-1 LIRR-MTA PASS. Included are two color styles that was a variation of the LIRR's extended gothic that became known as "World's Fair" lettering. The lettering LONG ISLAND is slanted, and orange in color to match the window bands and ends of the various classes of MU and diesel coaches. During the early control of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the MTA continued to us the slanted lettering, but changed the color to blue to match the new blue car bands. This set has four Dashing Dan Heralds, along with four Weekend Chief Heralds! The "Dans" are facing each other which would allow the placement on HO coaches as was the prototype practice on the LI. Also there are four early purple and blue "M", with the words LONG ISLAND underneath, used by the Long Island after the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Authority chanced direction and controll over its various transportation properties and became the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The last coach set in this great set is one of the best! The complete slogan and Unishpere Heralds that the LIRR used during the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair! -Ride the LONG ISLAND travel easy- Your STEEL THRUWAY to the FAIR GATEWAY- Once again the color is orange to match the bands and ends of the cars. Car numbers are included along with "CD" letters which stood for centralized door control along with the letter "F" in orange color. The "F" stood for the front of the MUs in this case. But in prototype practice the Long Island Railroad used a dark blue gray for the numbers, because the numbers were placed on the orange bands, and could be seen. The letter "F" was in white to show up on the blue gray bodies of the coaches.

3. Crown Custom Products set P-14 LIRR COACH BLUE, is another set out of original production for years. There is enough lettering to do one MTA LIRR coach in the blue slanted "World's Fair" lettering. The one interesting part of this set is that the car numbers are in two different sizes! Very early on the MTA did experiment for a short time with two different car number sizes in blue.

4. Crown Custom Products L-16 LIRR MTA DIESEL. With the last of the GP38-2 off the property and roster, the last of the conventional paint schemes followed. IN 1976 when the LIRR took delivery of its first EMD products, the various classes of engines were painted blue and white, with large "M" heralds on their car bodies. This original out of production set includes three "M", large red and black numbers, along with small black numbers.


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