LIRR Modeling Freight Cars

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LIRR #2751 ex-PRR Class GR Gondola
Mfg: F&C
Semaphore Article April 1993
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LIRR Milk Car #3000
Huge commercial dairies like Sheffield Farms along Atlantic Ave in Dunton had their OWN stenciled cars as well.  Info: Dave Keller  

The builders photo is from the Keith Retterer Standard Steel Car collection. The details show the car was built between 1911 and 1916 (the last year any XLs were built). The roof appears to be a Murphy flexible metal roof but without the stays on the edge. Therefore, you can just file them off the model roof. However, I can see that it is difficult to hide the roof hatch openings.  Info: Al Westerfield

The LIRR Milk Car Mystery  Solved

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LIRR #3275  c1920's
Westerfield craftsman kit #1352 for a PRR original (pre-safety appliance) XL box car with decals for the Long Island. The LIRR had 214 of these cars numbered 3225-3438.

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PRR #194827 Class GR Gondola
Mfg: F&C Model: John Johnson

LIRR #3106 Accurail Modeling/Photo/Archive: Marc Pitanza

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LIRR  boxcar #7940 "fantasy car"

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VICX #1003 Van Iderstine Co. Tallow & Grease Tank Car
Model Mfg: Proto 2000, Nick Kalis: model,
Photo: Ben Hom, Decals: Bill Mosteller: Great Decals

VICX-1004van-iderstine-tallowgrease tankcar.jpg (54140 bytes)
VICX #1004 Van Iderstine Co. Tallow & Grease Tank Car Archive: Sam Berliner Proto Info

LIRRrailroadMuseumLionel9005.jpg (35398 bytes)
LIRR boxcar special run for the  Railroad Museum of Long Island (RMLI) "fantasy car" Lionel #9005

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Blue Point Brewing Co. fantasy model

Goldens-Pickle-fantasy-model.jpg (52438 bytes)
Golden's Pickle Works  fantasy model

Reid-Ice-Cream_model.jpg (31194 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream fantasy model 

Knickerbocker-Beer_fantasy-reefer-model.jpg (68249 bytes)
Knickerbocker  Beer  fantasy model

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Nedick's Chain fantasy model