Company Loads In Type Cars Activity Loads Out Type Cars Activity
Republic Steel Rolled Steel Gondolas 1 2X weekly Empties Gondolas 1 2X weekly
  Stainless Steel Sheets Box Cars 2 Weekly Stainless Steel Sheets Box Cars / Trucks On demand
  Lumber Box Cars (crating) 1 Monthly Empties Box Cars 1 2X weekly
        Lockers Steel Products Box Cars On demand
        Scrap Steel Gondolas On demand

Truscon Division.

Steel Trusses Gondolas On demand Trusses Box Cars / Trucks On demand
  Structural Steel Flat Cars On demand   Flat Cars On demand
Gould Screw Co. Steel and brass rods Box Cars
1 Weekly Pallets of Screws Box Cars / Trucks 1 Weekly
  Card board Boxes Box Cars 1 Bi Weekly in boxes and kegs Empty 1 Bi Weekly
  Wooden Barrels Box Cars 1 Bi Weekly   Empty 1 Bi Weekly
Condor Electric Copper wire and cable Box Cars
1 Bi Weekly Empty Gondolas 1 Bi Weekly
    Box Cars 1 Bi Weekly Electric Motors Box Cars / Trucks 3 Weekly &
on demand
  Hardware Box Cars 1 Weekly Electric Panels    
  Castings Box Cars 1 Weekly Meter Pans    
  Sheetmetal Box Cars 1 Weekly Flourescent fixtures    
        Scrap Metal Gondolas On demand
Byrne Coal Co. Coal Hoppers 2 Daily None Empty 2 Daily


4Daily   Empty 4Daily
  Fuel Oil Tank Cars 2 2X a wk   Empty 2 2X a wk


3 2X a wk     3 2X a wk
Moeller Brewing Co. Corn Syrup Tank Cars 3, 2x Wkly Empties Tankers 3, 2x Wkly
  Grains Hoppers 5 Daily Empties Hoppers 5 Daily
  Bottles Box Cars 1 Daily Empties Box Cars 1 Daily
  Empty Reefers   5 Daily Beer in cans/ bottles/ kegs Reefers 5 Daily
  Broken Bottles       Hoppers On Demand
  Damaged Cans       Box Cars / Gondolas On Demand
  Aluminum Cans Box Cars 1 Daily      
  Aluminum Kegs Box Cars 1 Weekly      
  Cardboard Box Cars 1 Weekly   Empty 1 Weekly
  Lumber (crating) Box Cars 1Month   Empty 1Month
Widow's Creek Dairy   Empty iced Reefers 2 Daily Milk cans Reefers 2 Daily
    Empty returned Reefers 2 Daily     2 Daily
Ideal Produce Fruits Iced Reefers 1 3x a wk None Empty Reefers 1 3x a wk

Growing Season

Sea Catch Fish     Smoked Fish Reefer 1 weekly

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