Rahway Valley Railroad
Kenilworth, NJ

rvrr15kenilworth.jpg (62925 bytes)
RVRR #15

RVRRKenilworth1898.jpg (25020 bytes)
RVRR Kenilworth, NJ Station 1898

Rahway Valley RR  Kenilworth Roselle Park Map 1923

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Aerial view SE

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Aerial view South

Sanborn Fire Map c.1929

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RVRR Headquarters Kenilworth Station   08/78

Kenilworth Station View West from 31st Street   08/78

rvrrkenilworth08-19-1937CASchrade.jpg (44688 bytes)
 View S 8/19/1937 
Photo: C.A. Schrade

rvrr102-Loco-Kenilworth7-04-39.jpg (42723 bytes)
Caboose 102, RVRR #12 07/04/1939
Photo: George E. Votava
Archive: Dave Keller

#12 was the only engine that was on the roster in 1939, that was also in retirement, which would explain why it was stored so far back on the siding. Also the size of the large cab is also a clue pointing towards #12.
Info: Rich King
rvrr14Kenilworth07-04-39.jpg (48045 bytes)
RVRR #14  07/04/1939
Photo: George E. Votava
Archive: Dave Keller

c.1945 Hal Carstens(?)

RVRR Consolidation #15 with caboose 102 in tow, c.1950

keniilworthBillBurke1947.jpg (35800 bytes)
View N 1947 Photo: Bill Burke kenilworthViewNorthc.1947.jpg (50743 bytes)
Photo: Burke?, c.1947

RAHWAYVLY1955.jpg (23368 bytes)
Volco Co. far left 1955

Fill 'er up 1949
Photo: H. Carstens

Kenilworth c.1971 Photo: Tom Piccirillo

Engine house replaced the two track earlier wood version 12/22/1971
Photo: Tom Piccirillo


kennilworth1957.JPG (153467 bytes)
Kenilworth - view NW 1957

Photo: Tom Piccirillo

Photo: Tom Piccirillo

rvrr2050_1981_Kenilworth.jpg (58302 bytes)
RV #2050 view E 1981

rvrrPassengerCar-CahillOffice_Cooperstown_PaulKoprowski_4-4-09.jpg (84799 bytes)


Box car #2050 was behind the passenger coach that the RVRR used as its offices in the Cahill years (1975-1986). I read somewhere that this box car had come from the Raritan River Railroad in South Amboy, NJ, which was taken over by Conrail in 1980 which may explain the Conrail logo spray painted over in the below photo. I believe that the Rahway Valley Railroad used this boxcar for filing space to keep all of their records, bill, receipts, etc. Info: Rich King


Cahill Office at Cooperstown 4/04/09 
Photo: Paul Koprowsk

rvrr16-17_kenilworth.jpg (67104 bytes)
 RVRR #16 and #17 in the yard

rvrr16,rvrr2047Kenilworth08-1982.jpg (78470 bytes)
RVRR #16 hauling #2047  08/1982 Photo: unknown
rvrr17kennilworth08-03-84JohnHumes.jpg (72320 bytes)
RVRR #17 8/03/1984 
Photo: John Humes

#17 ready to cross Kenilworth Blvd, Flagman at left
Photo: Tom Piccirillo 

#17 working back north into the station area
Photo: Tom Piccirillo

#17  under the Garden State Pkwy overpass view north
(south of Kenilworth Station) 
Photo: Tom Piccirillo

Another load of  Petrothene®
 Polypropylene for injection molding being switched
Photo: Tom Piccirillo

rvrryardviewnorth05-27-90.jpg (72263 bytes)
View N 05/27/1990
Photo: Unknown
rvrryardviewsouth08-27-90.jpg (80570 bytes)
View S 08/27/1990
Photo: Unknown
rvrryardviewnorth04-1992.jpg (79142 bytes)
View N 04/1992
Photo: Unknown

rvrrengineshed04-1992.jpg (65066 bytes)
Engine shed 04/1992
Photo: Unknown

These are  LDEs (Layout Design Elements) for the Kenilworth Station area. It provides a basis to model an area and incorporate the main features of interest. These can be standalone or connected to other LDEs as space, time and cost dictate. Each shelf element would be approx. 30" deep by 96" in length.

Kenilworth Station area Sanborn Map 1929 sector 36

South of Kenilworth Blvd Sanborn Map 1929 sector 28

South of Summit Ave Sanborn 
Map 1929 sector 26





This branch was a short one mile spur to the Monsanto Corporation plant in its later years. Officially it was known as the Rahway River Branch, as it terminated just short of the river. It was also known as the "Kenilworth Branch" and as the "Can Branch," after the American Can Company which was once at the end of the line.

The branch was laid down in 1897 as part of the New York and New Orange Railroad, which was incorporated that year. There was a station on the line named Warren Street Station, although there was no Warren Street. Warren St. was a planned road as part of the "New Orange Plan" drawn up by the New Orange Industrial Association. The station was built in 1899 and torn down sometime between 1919 and 1922. In my opinion this station was idiotic to build as Kenilworth Station was just a stones throw away.

RVRR #16 at Monsanto 1972 view west









There were many crossings for this small branch here is a list: 

Michigan Avenue
North 22nd Street
North 21st Street
North 20th Street
North 19th Street
North 18th Street
North 17th Street
North 16th Street
North 14th Street
Monroe Avenue
North 12th Street
North 10th Street
North 8th Street
Franklin Ave.
Halsey St.
N. 7th Street

After Monsanto closed in 1991 the line was closed and sold, several homes were built on the former right-of-way. 
There are still several lengths of track left, several at the former Monsanto Plant.  Research: Rich King 2009

Monsanto Branch area Sanborn Map 1929 sector 29*

*Note: This map is prior to Monsanto Plant occupation. "Monsanto Branch" is familiar use. 

Monsanto Branch area Sanborn Map 1929 sector 30

Monsanto Branch area Sanborn Map 1929 sector 31
monsantobranch.jpg (191773 bytes)