Rahway Valley Railroad
Maplewood Branch, NJ

rvrr15maplewoodGeorgeVotava.jpg (51307 bytes)
RVRR #15, caboose #102 switching a Maplewood siding
c. 1940's  Photo: George E. Votava Archive: Don Maxton

The Rahway Valley Line was incorporated in 1909 and line was completed in 1911. Keller began raising the line in 1915 between just southeast of Morris Ave to just northeast of Stanley Terrace and finished in 1918 during the rush of WWI. The line in Maplewood wasn't elevated. I don't see why they wouldn't have completed to Essex County in 1911, and if it wasn't completed then, there was certainly enough cash flow in 1918 to do it. 

The line into Maplewood closed in 1973 after the ICC approved its abandonment. Only one customer, Maplewood Building Specialties, which shipped slate, remained on the once busy line in Essex County and it only shipped occasionally via the RV. The line was torn up from near Vauxhall Road to Maplewood, no customers remained on this segment any longer. Research: Richard King

Unionville, NJ Maps

RVRR 1923 Unionville 

RVRR 1951 Township of Union 

USGS topographic map - Roselle,  NJ 24K Quad cropped.  1955 and photo revised in 1981

newarkheights.jpg (153224 bytes) 1928 Maplewood RVRR Newark Heights branch
Archive: Steven Lynch

A 1928 large scale map of Maplewood's Hilton section shows the Rahway Valley Newark Heights branch - the last mile of the Unionbury spur- in great detail. Once part of the a country estate, this land was sold by Maplewood's Menzel family to several industries in the early 1900's. Rahway Valley President Louis Keller extended the railroad across the Union-Essex County line in 1909 to serve this burgeoning industrial district. Early freight customers included H. Boker & Company, a cutlery manufacturer; the Newark Heights Supply Company; the Hilton Brass Company; and the Woolley Coal and Fuel Oil Company. A passenger station was planned at the junction of Newark Way and Tuscan Road, but it was never constructed. Research: Donald A. Maxton

Unionbury Station, in my final analysis is that it was built in 1911 when the line was originally laid out, and was on Morris Ave to allow for a connection to the Morris County Traction Line. Rich King.

Falk-Coal-Co._Union_09-1971_Steve-Hepler.jpg (88927 bytes)
The Falk Coal Co. Unionbury Spur - Union, NJ 09/1971 Photo: Steve Hepler

N&W hopper at Falk Coal Co.  Union, NJ 09/1971
vauxhallrdbridge.jpg (42780 bytes)
Vauxhall Rd Bridge view SE next intersection Commerce Ave  GAF building  c. 1992
Research/Photo: Don Maxton
MorrisAveBridge_viewW2007.jpg (42508 bytes)
Morris Ave. RVRR bridge view W 2007 
MorrisAveBridge_viewW2007close.jpg (47918 bytes)
Morris Ave. RVRR bridge close up view W 2007 
woolleyfuel.jpg (73455 bytes)
Woolley Fuel c.1946 
Photo/Archive: Norman Woolley


CoalSiloWoolley.jpg (118301 bytes)
Woolley Fuel 3/1929+ 
Photo/Archive: Norman Woolley
RVRR-03-15-29-Side Agreement.jpg (46111 bytes)
RVRR 03-15-29 Siding Agreement
Archive: Norman Woolley
12-26-56clark.jpg (101363 bytes)
Agreement termination letter 12/26/1956
Archive: Norman Woolley