rv13.jpg (25850 bytes)
#13 at Rahway River Trestle
Photo: Hal Carstens

rvrr13kenilworth.jpg (75516 bytes)
#13 Kenilworth

rvrr13_2-8-0.jpg (59551 bytes)
#13 tender Kenilworth(?)
Collection: Steve Lynch

#14 09/1935 Kenilworth


#14 09/12/1940 Kenilworth


#15 first day out at RV depot
Kenilworth, NJ

#15 August 1936 Kenilworth

RV #15 at Steamtown
15coaltower.jpg (50738 bytes)
#15 at Steamtown 01/07/63
Photo: Bob Rathke

RV #15 2-8-0 stops for water and coal service at Kenilworth. Caboose #102 is equipped with an electric back-up light, no markers.

Baldwin-built 2-8-0 No. 15 brings a train back from the Jersey Central interchange at Alden

The Kenilworth shop handles light repairs to the line's 3 Consolidations. Heavier overhauls are sent to the Lackawanna backshop at Kingsland.

rvrrtender.jpg (10840 bytes)
RVRR tender

RV #15 working Roselle Park 02/50
Photo: Wm. S. Young

#15's broad, steel planked pilot beam is ideal for carrying l.c.l.
loads when there aren't enough to fill a box car. No. 15 is backing onto the Lackawanna electrified tracks at Summit, N. J.

#15 drags her caboose and a string of freight cars unhurriedly across NJ State Highway 29, north of the road's headquarters at Kenilworth. 

RVRR has one train crew, so the other two 2-8-0 engines not in use are sent to the Kenilworth shop for repairs and inspection. (circa 1950)

aldenerr.jpg (43833 bytes)
Aldene Station at Roselle Park, NJ. Colorized photo postcard labeled 6/23/28. I suspect turn of century based on style.

SEICO series 1000-1024 blt.5/79 RV #1020 
Photo: John Humes

NYSW RV# 17 GE 70T Binghamton, NY 12/25/90 
Photo: Thomas Trencansky
rvrr16.jpg (87706 bytes)
RV #16 08/99 Meadowlands, NJ
Photo: Jeff  Lubchansky

RVRR GE 70 Tonner #16

RV #16 taking sand - 1972

RV #16 at Aldene c. 1972

RV #16 switching Monsanto Plant  1972

RV #16 - 1972
Kennilworth Station

Raritan Bay Hobbies decals, had the yellow stripes and roadname. Folks comment that "the stripes were white", but never had photographic proof. Tom Piccirillo's photos set the record straight!


RVRR #17 in green livery at the Kenilworth Station in 1970
Photo: Tom Piccirillo

Tonner #16
#17 in green livery on the branch in 1970
Photo: Tom Piccirillo

RVRR GE 70 Tonner #17 Kenilworth 06/88

The paint scheme for the diesel locomotives was not custom designed for the Rahway Valley. This was a standard GE factory-applied paint scheme, including the hood and cab stripes; just the cab road name lettering was custom-applied. 
Photo: Tom Piccirillo

springst.jpg (50362 bytes)
Springfield Station, '78
Mountain Ave, Springfield, NJ

Springfield Station
1972 north side view

sffreight.jpg (25237 bytes)
Springfield Freight Station
Mountain Ave, Springfield, NJ

rvspringfield.jpg (13470 bytes)
Springfield Station, circa 1900's Springfield, NJ
schaible.jpg (47142 bytes)
Schaible Oil Co.
Springfield, NJ

C. 1910, east of Summit,  approximately 1/4 mile from the RVRR junction with the DL&W RR.  The Morris Ave bridge is in the foreground.
(see also Summit map)

rvsummit.jpg (6516 bytes)
Summit Station
Courtesy: Don Maxton

Baltusrol Station near the golf course
Courtesy: Don Maxton

otsegolakecar1980UCTCSpecialUSopen06-12-15 .jpg (83562 bytes)
Otsego Lake Obs car United County Trust Company (UCTC) Special move for US Open Golf June 12-15, 1980 at Baltusrol  (Jack Nicholas -8 winner!)

rvrr cranford.gif (45739 bytes)
RV17(?) working Cranford
Junction, NJ east of GS Parkway Photo: J. Korman
More Cranford Junction photos & maps
RVRR-RoselleParkDurableWelding081977.jpg (140567 bytes)
RVRR #17 at DurableWelding, Roselle Park 08/1977


rvrr17crossingRoute22September1979.jpg (85554 bytes)
RVRR #17 crossing Route 22 09/1979 
rvrr17 D&H_EastBinghamtonyardConklinNY10271999.jpg (61543 bytes)
East Binghamton yard 
Conklin, NY 10/27/99

nysw120cranjct91.jpg (94305 bytes)
NYS&W #102 Cranford Junction 1991
nysw102kenilworth04-92_2.jpg (58388 bytes) nysw102kenilworth04-92.jpg (59330 bytes)
NYS&W #102 Kenilworth shops 04-92
RV16newpaintWhippany9-03-05archive-JasonClifford.jpg (150548 bytes)
RV #16 repaint at Whippany 09/03/05 Archive: Jason Clifford