rvrrTTable1906TomTaber.jpg (260645 bytes)
RVRR Time Table April 10, 1906 Collection: Tom Taber

rvrrtimetable6-7-1909.jpg (207375 bytes)
RVRR Time Table June 6, 1909 Collection: Rich King

rvrr-timetable_9-1967.jpg (18994 bytes)
RVRR Time Table 9/1967 - freight only

Annual Statements of the Railroad and Canal Companies--
1909, Rahway Valley Railroad Co. and Rahway Valley Lessee

rvrr1909AnnualStatements183.jpg (122859 bytes) rvrr1909AnnualStatements184.jpg (99916 bytes) rvrr1909AnnualStatements185.jpg (86307 bytes)
Notice how Louis Keller, President,  used E. L. Thompson, lessee Vice President, as his notary for the Rahway Valley Railroad Company, and that the mileage is incorrectly given as 10 miles, instead of 7 miles. This information is property
 of the state of New Jersey, and is public. Research/Archive: Richard L. King 2009
Railroad and Canal Report 1899, New York and New Orange Railroad Company1899reportNYNO.jpg (172709 bytes) Railroad and Canal Report 1904, New Orange Four Junction Railroad
1904NOFJ.jpg (201254 bytes)


Railroad and Canal Report 1905, Rahway Valley Railroad Co.
1905rvrrReport.jpg (130581 bytes) 
Railroad and Canal Report 1910, Rahway Valley Railroad Co.
1910.jpg (199332 bytes) 
Railroad and Canal Report 1912, Rahway Valley Railroad Co.
1912.jpg (193999 bytes)
Railroad and Canal Report 1913, Rahway Valley Railroad Co.
1913.jpg (172372 bytes)
Railroad and Canal Report 1914, Rahway Valley Railroad Co.
1914.jpg (179910 bytes)
Railroad and Canal Report 1915, Rahway Valley Railroad Co.
1915.jpg (232979 bytes)
Annual Report of the State Board of Taxes and Assessment--1922
rvrr1922-748.jpg (73512 bytes) rvrr1922-749.jpg (113554 bytes) rvrr1922-750.jpg (76628 bytes) rvrr1922-751.jpg (67043 bytes)
rvrr1922-752.jpg (68209 bytes) rvrr1922-753.jpg (73002 bytes) rvrr1922-754.jpg (43875 bytes)  
rvrrWayBill10-67.jpg (73989 bytes)
Card waybill return of C&NW boxcar empty 10/16/1967
rvticket.jpg (78348 bytes)
Summit, NJ to NY City roundtrip ticket
Baltusrol, NJ to Elizabeth, NJ
roundtrip ticket
rvrrWayBill.jpg (177941 bytes)
Waybill Form 664
rvrrfreightmanifest11-08-55.jpg (86565 bytes)
Freight manifest 11/08/55

annualreportcover1939.jpg (96478 bytes)
1939 Annual Report cover to ICC  2/08/1940

rvinspection1907.jpg (120908 bytes)
RVRR Inspection 1907
rvinspection1909.jpg (115449 bytes)

rvinspection1909-2.jpg (20176 bytes)
RVRR Inspection 1909
rvinspection1909-3.jpg (41964 bytes)
RVRR Inspection 1909
rvinspection1912.jpg (171223 bytes)
RVRR Inspection 1912
Theodore D. Dale, GenMgr,Toledo and Ohio Central Extension Railroad.jpg (47038 bytes)
 NY&NO 1900 Pass issued to: Theodore D. Dale Gen Mgr Toledo and Ohio Central Extension Railroad

The Secretary is Charles W. Manahan Jr., the original secretary when the NY&NO was chartered on June 6, 1897, and founder of the New Orange project. The General Manager is Charles. M. Tompkins, who was also New Orange Industrial Association president. He was General Manager of the NY&NO from June 6, 1897 until hs death from appendcitis in June, 1900, which dates this pass from January to June of 1900. Research: Richard King.

The pass was probably the last one issued to a representative of that railroad using the old name, as the data below indicates a name change in 1900 . . . same year as the pass was issued. This company, originally the Toledo and Ohio Central Extension Railroad, incorporated August 27, 1888, and succeeded, by purchase, to the property of the Marietta, Columbus and Northern Railroad Company. A receiver was appointed November 10, 1893, and in December, 1900, the company was reorganized as the Marietta, Columbus and Cleveland Railroad Company. Research: Dave Keller

nynopass1901.JPG (42814 bytes)



A rather special pass enclosed within a case to be signed by the General Superintendent RVRR 1907

RVRR Pass 1908  to be signed by the Secretary

RVRR Pass 1909 to be signed by the Gen. Mgr.
rvrr1908pass.jpg (36860 bytes) rvrr1908passback.jpg (38830 bytes)
rvrrpass1931.jpg (56228 bytes)
RVRR Pass 1931 to be signed by the President & Gen. Mgr.
rvrrpassback1931.jpg (67242 bytes)
rvrrpassGenFrtAgent-W&NRR1926.jpg (18229 bytes)
RVRR Pass 1926 signed by General Manager: Robert A. Clark (1920-1932) for Mr. C. W. Carling - Gen. Frt. Agent,  Wharton & Northern RR 1926