Ticket_NYNORR_NewOrange-Claremont-viaAldene-1898-99.jpg (19388 bytes)
NY&NO Railroad New Orange to Claremont via Aldene

Ticket_NYNORR-NewOrange-Greenville-viaAldene-1898-99.jpg (92115 bytes)
NY&NO Railroad New Orange to Greenville via Aldene

Ticket_NYNORR-NewOrange-Newark-viaRoselle1898-99.jpg (57634 bytes)
NY&NO Railroad Newark via Roselle
Ticket_NYNORR_NewOrange-NewYork-viaRoselle-1898-99.jpg (59988 bytes)
NY&NO Railroad New Orange to New York via Roselle
NY&NO construction Summer 1887 February, 1898, when the first two miles were completed from New Orange to Roselle Park and the line connected to the Jersey Central. Two passenger coaches were purchased secondhand in 1898 from the Jersey Central, to shuttle passengers on the two mile line between New Orange and Aldene. In 1899 the factories in New Orange were shut down, due to an economic recession. The NY&NO only operated passenger trains for this year.
NY&NO Railroad New Orange to Saybrook via Roselle

Baltusrol to Elizabeth via Aldene
Ticket_RVRR-Baltusrol-NewYork-viaAldene6-16-06.jpg (142953 bytes)
Baltusrol to New York via Aldene 6/16/06
Ticket_RVRR-Springfield-Newark-viaAldene8-14-05.jpg (90079 bytes)
Springfield to Newark via Aldene 8/14/05

Summit to New York via Aldene
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Summit to Aldene return ticket