Rahway Valley Railroad, Summit, NJ

View SE from Overlook Mountain RVRR Engine #4  c. Fall 1906 Morris Ave. Bridge foreground

rvrr1906summitmap.jpg (393275 bytes)
Summit 1906 map
Summit-RVRR_Sanborn07-1929map24.jpg (130556 bytes)
Summit Sanborn map24  - 07/1929
 prior to 1931 Interchange re-established from prior 1912 connection. Morris Ave. bridge at bottom of map.
Summit-RVRR_Sanborn07-1929map29.jpg (558561 bytes)
Summit Sanborn map29 07/1929 crossing Ashwood Ave bridge south of map24.
RV Map 1923 Springfield-Summit.jpg (108523 bytes)
Summit - Springfield 1923
RV Map 1951 Summit-Springfield.jpg (62280 bytes)
Summit - Springfield 1951
rvrr13Summitcaboose102_1948Celanese ChemicalSiding.jpg (69084 bytes)
No. 13 charging up-grade in Summit with caboose 102, taken in 1948 at Celanese Chemical Sidingrvrr13SummitNJ.jpg (53316 bytes)
No. 13 at Summit, NJ
rvrr13Summit1948.jpg (45020 bytes)
No. 13, just coming off of the DL&W, heads toward home out of Summit 1948
summitcutviewNE.jpg (81646 bytes)
Summit Cut, view NE Overlook Mountain left
This is a LDE (Layout Design Elements) for the RVRR Summit Station area. It provides a basis to model an area and incorporate the main features of interest. These can be standalone or connected to other LDEs as space, time and cost dictate. Each shelf element would be approx. 30" deep by 96" in length