Note: Class B-40A is 7" longer  Excerpt: "Steel Cars of the Sunrise Trail"  E. M. Koehler, Jr. 1972

B40-652_Huneke.jpg (56629 bytes)
BB40 Baggage Car #652 Archive: Art Huneke

Station-Long Island City-Yard-Express Hse-Platforms-c. 1914.jpg (119544 bytes)
Long Island City passenger and express terminal as viewed west from the old overpass.  Passenger depot at the center and right, express depot at the center and left. Note the steel B40 baggage/express cars to the left of center and at the far left.  Archive: Dave Keller 
CISH-A5-03-Express-Car-CI-1933.jpg (100513 bytes)As a baggage/express car, the class B40 cars were not designed as RPO (Railway Post Office) cars. As a point of curiosity, the window at the right of this image has a leftover sticker for the 1932 presidential 
candidate Herbert Hoover that someone stuck to the barred window. The bars were a security feature as express cars frequently carried cash remittances from way stations into the main office in Jamaica as well as 
cash payrolls and cash that was being carried privately. 
Research: Dave Keller 


B40 Express Car with Central Islip State hospital drill engine coupled to it laying up on the Central Islip team track 1933 
Photo: George G. Ayling Archive: Dave Keller


Crew Shanty-Old Express Car - W End of Yard-Babylon - 05-17-52 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (75553 bytes)
Crew Shanty Old Express Car west end of Babylon yard  5/17/1952
Brush Car 498846-on siding-E. Williston-5-1-54.jpg (86758 bytes)
MOW Brush Car #498846 siding across E. Williston Station 05/07/1954  
Photo: Ed Hermanns Collection: Dave Keller
Snow Scraper Car 495793-Holban Yd.-Hollis - 2-6-49.jpg (77370 bytes)
Snow Scraper #495793 work train Holban Yard, Hollis view N 02/06/49   Photo: George Votava Collection: Keller

Third rail brush car 498841 (American Car and Foundry, 1916)
Holban Yard, 12/25/1936  - William J Rugen collection, Queens Library
"These trains gained popularity early on because of the great idea of being able to go out all day on a fishing journey.  A popular stop was Canoe Place on the east side of Shinnecock Canal.  The Fisherman's Special left Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan and Jamaica in Queens early in the morning and, after making the Canoe Place stop, ran express to Montauk where fishermen would catch their boats and spend the rest of the day fishing.  The LIRR offered a special accommodation on the return trip by icing the fishermen's catches in large containers in a designated Railway Express Agency car.  The Fisherman's Specials were very popular and ran into the 1950s when they ceased operation."  Info: Dave Keller  
B40-Fisherman-Special-Service_Huneke.jpg (50609 bytes)
B40  Baggage car #658  equipped with ice trays for keeping cold the fish catch. Archive: Art Huneke
B40-Fisherman-Interior_Huneke.jpg (117239 bytes)
B40 #658 Fisherman Ice tray equipped interior Archive: Art Huneke


Montauk -Penn-Station_Going-Fishing_Rudolph-Hoffman_c.1930s.jpg (73524 bytes)
B40 #658 Montauk return to Penn Station from fishing excursion
c.1930s Photo: Rudolph Hoffman
B40_ex-no.660_Snow-Scrapper_495791_Huneke.jpg (31361 bytes)
B40 ex #660 Snow Scraper #495791 Archive: Art Huneke
Converted 1934-35
B40_ex-no.664_Snow-Scrapper_495793_Huneke.jpg (36967 bytes)
B40 ex #664 Snow Scraper #495793 Archive: Art Huneke
Converted 1934-35  Renumbered W91 1/1960  Scrapped 10/1967 Info: Dave Keller
G54sa-Camelback-16-Wreck-WofEastport-1921.jpg (146062 bytes)
G54sa Camelback #16 wreck west of Eastport 1921

It is uncorroborated, but supposedly the engineer of the locomotive was Forrest Jayne.  The story goes that he took the curve west of  “PT” Cabin a “bit” too fast and the engine rolled over on her side derailing a number of head-end cars.  The photos show the engine already righted and re-railed, although the firebox door is gaping wide open, the tender is still derailed and leaning and the wreck crane is working to clear up the mess of the jack-knifed B40 class American Railway Express cars. 

All photos: James V. Osborne Info/Archive: Dave Keller

Cars-Wreck-Eport-1921-3.jpg (32490 bytes) Cars-Wreck-Eport-1921-1.jpg (31218 bytes) Cars-Wreck-Eport-1921-2.jpg (43572 bytes)