BLUE POINT           

SSRR_Blue-Point-Station_c.1870_ArtHuneke.jpg (33530 bytes)
Blue Point, South Side Rail Road view E -  c. 1870 Archive: Art Huneke 

South Side Rail Road depot opened: 2/1/1870, 
closed: 6/1/1882
2nd Depot opened: June/1900, 
Agency closed:  6/1946, razed: 1951
Concrete shelter shed built: 1951.  
Discontinued as station stop per G.O. #207, eff: 9/6/80

bluepointpre1910.jpg (59091 bytes)
Blue Point Station pre-1910 view SE

Blue Point Station - View SE  c.1910
(Jamaica Library-Morrison)

Blue Point Station - View E c.1910
Archive: Dave Morrison

E51sa Camelback #4 westbound Blue Point - 1910
(A. Noble Chapman-John Weeks)

Blue Point - battery car inaugural run 7/01/1911
View N Archive: Dave Morrison

Blue Point Station - View E c.1925
 (J. V. Osborne-D. Keller)


bluepoint_viewE_12-2-62_BradPhillips.jpg (42927 bytes)
Blue Point view E 12/02/62 
Archive: Brad Phillips

Blue-Point_LIRR-1555_RS3_viewNE_12-1962_BradPhillips.jpg (60936 bytes)
Blue Point LIRR RS3 #1555 view E 12/1962 
Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips 

bayport-bluepointclosing_9-5-1980_archive William Gilligan.jpg (142951 bytes)
Bayport-Blue Point Station closing 9/05/80
Archive: William Gilligan

Sta-Exp-Bluepoint-1972.jpg (105167 bytes)
The old Bluepoint express house moved from its original 
location to a private residence trackside at 
River Avenue, Patchogue. 
1972 view is looking NW
 from the crossing.
The structure has long since 
been demolished. Archive/Info: Dave Keller

Emery_Blue-Point_MP51-52.jpg (180521 bytes)
Blue Point  Emery Map MP51-52
Archive: Dave Keller


Emery_Patchogue_MP52-53_5-58.jpg (265957 bytes)
Blue Point  Emery Map MP52-53
Archive: Dave Keller

CPA20-5-2001-PRR_RPO_Car-Mailbag_Pickup_and_Dropoff_Blue-Point_eastbound_1951_Myers-Keller.jpg (98199 bytes)LIRR FM CPA20-5 #2001 is pulling a Pennsylvania R.R. RPO car which is not only about to pick up the suspended mailbag from the trackside mail crane, but also shows a mailbag for local delivery airborne in the process of being tossed-off. The foldout metal bar on the car door is about to hit the racked mailbag dead-center. Eastbound at Blue Point - 1951.

The photo was taken just after diesels took over the LIRR.  I always wanted a picture of a train picking up mail but I had forgotten railway mail pick-up rule #1: What gets picked up also is detrained.  

Anyhow, I felt an object go whizzing by my head just as I snapped the photo. It was the off-loaded bag and it missed me by inches. It appears in the photo just about at the coupling point of the engine and RPO car.

I was lucky--another few inches and my brain would have been scattered along the ROW and deservedly so. Well, it was a lesson I would never forget! Info/Photo: Stephen Myers   Note: MC (Mail Crane) location on MP51-52 map above.  Info: Steven Lynch


Note: Located just east of MP52 SW corner of Atlantic Ave (Blue Point) part of "Y" cabin. 

Reid Iced Cream Reefer - "Fantasy" model of c.1920's
PatchogueAdvance-2-16-61_ReidIceCream-opening-02-19-26.jpg (42526 bytes)
Patchogue Advance 2/16/1961 - "35 Years Ago" - 
Opening of Reid Ice Cream Co., Blue Point  2/19/1926
Emery-Reid-Ice-Cream_closeup_MP52_5-58.jpg (36722 bytes) reid_ice_cream_company_truck_poster.jpg (28762 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream Co. truck poster c.1920
Reid-Ice-Cream_Brooklyn_1944.jpg (129306 bytes)
Reid's Ice Cream Williamsburg, Brooklyn 1944
Reid-Ice-Cream_West-Sayville.jpg (43829 bytes)
Reid's Ice Cream, West Sayville c.1930
ticket-LH-262_Patchogue-BluePoint_front_BradPhillips.jpg (75519 bytes)
Ticket LH-262 Patchogue - Blue Point 4/9/62
Archive: Brad Phillips
ticket-LH-262_Patchogue-BluePoint_back_BradPhillips.jpg (52747 bytes)
timetable_Sayville-Bayport-Bluepoint_10-13-79_WGilligan.jpg (287763 bytes)                       timetable_Sayville-Bayport-Bluepoint-back_10-13-79_WGilligan.jpg (304140 bytes)
Timetable - Sayville, Bayport, Blue Point  October 13, 1979
Archive: William Gilligan 
timetable_10-13-1979_WGilligan.jpg (105661 bytes)

Reid Ice Cream retail sidewalk sign  -  The Reid Ice Cream Corp. factory (of Bayport), opened in 1926, and was sold to Borden Corp. at some point in the very early 1930s. The plant officially closed its doors on October 3, 1969. This is per an article by Jo Ann McGrath. "Reid Plant in Local History." [no source indicated, but could be the Bayport-Blue Point Historical Society Newsletter, n.d.]: pp. 3, 6. The article reports the property and factory on the market placed with McDee Realty, for $1.2 million, so it was written before the factory was demolished.

The article also said that Suffolk County's real ice cream baron, and the man who first cornered that commercial market, was Augustus Floyd Smith, of East Patchogue, starting in 1879. "Blocks of ice were cut from Robinson's Pond. Some of it was stored...and some of it was chopped and liberally salted. The salted ice was packed around a freezer container into which the ice cream mixture was poured. A horse was then harnessed to a large wheeland walked 'round and round' to agitate the paddles. In this manner Smith was able to provide ice cream to all the hotels and restaurants in Patchogue; to both Clarence and Charley Hawkins' Bellport confectionery store and, with some 'modernization' of his equipment, to the men stationed at Camp Upton during WW I." (p. 3.)  His son took over in 1919, and sold out to Reid Ice Cream Corp. in 1926.

Reid's Ice Cream Plant does show up on Atlantic Avenue Gene Horton's Blue Point, Long Island, New York, Then and Now.  East Patchogue, NY:  Searles Graphics, Inc., 1999:  p. 6.  At the time the "now" shot shows it still there.   Courtesy Research of: Mark Rothenberg, Senior Reference Specialist, Suffolk Cooperative Library System & Patchogue-Medford Library

Patchogue-Atlantic-Ave_Reid-Ice-Cream_viewW_1940_Weber.jpg (95293 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream - Atlantic Ave  view W, (East below) 1940
Photo: Fred Weber Archive: SUNY Stony Brook

Patchogue-Atlantic-Ave_Reid-Ice-Cream_viewE_1940_Weber.jpg (77469 bytes)
Patchogue Yard Limit sign in background
ReidIceCream-BluePoint_viewW-c.1990.jpg (82312 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream view W 2001
Atlantic Ave, Blue Point  Photo: Steven Lynch

ReidIceCream-BluePoint_viewSE-c.1990.jpg (49636 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream view SE 2001

ReidIceCream-BluePoint_viewS-c.1990.jpg (57792 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream view S 2001

Islip Township - South Shore - Sayville to Patchogue - Hagstrom map 1976