As shown on this 1879 map, Bridgehampton was built as part of the LIRR Sag Harbor Branch expansion in 1870.  Map/ Info: Art Huneke

Note: All captions by Dave Keller unless noted otherwise.

Emery_Bridgehampton_MP93-94_7-58.jpg (193073 bytes)
Emery map - Bridgehampton MP93-94  7/1958 Archive: Dave Keller
Emery_Bridgehampton_MP94-95_7-58.jpg (189382 bytes)
Emery map - Bridgehampton MP94-95  7/1958  Archive: Dave Keller
Form 31-Bridgehampton - 1909 (Keller).jpg (185438 bytes)
Form 31 - 9/05/1909 TO: Train no.2014 
AT: Bridgehampton
 Extra 17 has right over no.2014. Amagansett to East Hampton no.2014 take siding.

Note: Form 31s had to be signed by all conductors and engineers addressed, as well as the block operator on duty at the time of signing.

Train Order Signal-Bridgehampton-View E - c. 1905 (Huneke).jpg (166621 bytes)
It's train time at Bridgehampton station in this eastward-looking view around 1905.  The passenger coaches are wood and the shadow of the station building is cast along the wooden platform.  Extending towards the track, cantilevering over the platform, is the old-style train order signal.  In the background can be seen one of the uniformed train crew as well as a Dietz kerosene platform lamp and, beyond, the eastbound express house. (Art Huneke archive)

Greenport-Sag Harbor shuttle at Bridgehampton. Left to right are Fireman Butch Aldrich, Engineman Patrick Murray, Brakeman Carl Vaughn and Charles Cunningham, and Conductor "pop" Mason. Youngster named Bob Palmer is in the cab. Conductor L. C. Hantz located the old picture from 1896. LI Railroader September 1953

Station-Bridgehampton-View S - c. 1910 (Keller).jpg (98134 bytes)
Looking due south in this c. 1910 view, we see a nice, broadside image of the Bridgehampton depot building with covered platforms on either side. The old-style train order signal is visible in front of the ticket office bay window.  At the left is the baggage wagon and scale, a Dietz kerosene platform lamp and a sign for "Rogers Livery." (Dave Keller archive)

LIRR Class D54-D56 4-4-0
Butter Lane, Bridgehampton - View N c.1910 Archive: Mark Kwiatkoski

Bridgehampton Station - View W c.1910
Archive: John Lisi

Station-Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Covered Platform-View E - c. 1925 (Osborne-Keller).jpg (117592 bytes)
In this c. 1925 eastward, wintry view from the westbound elevated express platform, we see Bridgehampton depot in the snow.  At the left can be seen the Sag Harbor branch connection track with short, covered station platform for passengers transferring to and from the gas car ("doodlebug") shuttle that ran between here and Sag Harbor .  The old, cantilevered train order signal has been replaced with the "BH" semaphore block signals and at the far left is a center-door express car spotted at a high level platform.  (James  V. Osborne photo, Dave Keller archive)

Station-Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Covered Platform-View E - c. 1925 (Osborne-Keller) (Zoom).jpg (110366 bytes)
This is an enlarged view showing the express car at the left and the eastbound express house at the right.  A water spout is visible at the express house for eastbound locomotives needing to take on water for their continued trips to Amagansett and Montauk. (James V. Osborne photo, Dave Keller archive)
Station-Bridgehampton - Gas Car-PRR-Leased-4744-Sag Harbor platform-View E-1936  (Moneypenny-Keller).JPG (49020 bytes)
Here's a similar view, taken in 1936. The photographer is shooting from the rear of a westbound train.  Notice at the far right the elevated westbound express platform.  Also note the changes that have taken place in the previous 11 years.  The semaphore blades have been removed from the signal mast and have been replaced (in 1929) by "BH" unattended block limit station signals which are visible halfway up the mast. (The full-time block office in the station was placed out of service 3 years later and the unattended block station signals placed in continuous service at that time.  The block office was temporarily manned during summers only which ended after the summer of 1935.)   The eastbound express house is in the center of this view as is the Sag Harbor branch platform, minus the short covered platform.  Spotted at the Sag Harbor platform is leased PRR gas car ("doodlebug") #4744 which will make the shuttle run up the branch to Sag Harbor and return. Ridership has decreased substantially since the 1925 image and will last only for another 3 years, when Sag Harbor branch service will come to an end with branch abandonment (1939).  (William Moneypenny photo, Dave Keller archive)  
Station-Bridgehampton-View E - 06-20-55 (Faxon, Jr.-Keller).jpg (90341 bytes)
It's train time at Bridgehampton in this June 20, 1955 view looking east from the passenger car steps of a Montauk-bound train.    Compare it to the c. 1905 train time image posted previously.  (Will Faxon, Jr. photo, Dave Keller archive)
Station-Bridgehampton-View W from Rear of Train - 06-20-55 (Faxon, Jr.-Keller).jpg (88297 bytes)
Will Faxon, Jr. shot this westward view from the eastbound Montauk train departing Bridgehampton on June 20, 1955.  The large, square box above the end door is the large safety marker light that was required to be installed on the rear car of all LIRR trains after the 1950 deadly Richmond Hill rear-end collision of two trains east of Kew Gardens in Queens .  (Dave Keller archive)
Station-Bridgehampton-View SW -09-20-58 (Solomon for PSC-Keller).jpg (103372 bytes)
It's soon to be the end-of-the-line for the ticket agency at Bridgehampton depot.  This September 20, 1958 southwestward view was shot by LIRR trainman Irving Solomon for the Public Service Commission.  That year, the LIRR petitioned the PSC to end ticket agencies at a number of its stations.  The agency closed that year and the depot itself was closed in January, 1959.  It stood unattended until it was demolished in May, 1964 and replaced by metal shelter sheds (one facing north and one facing south) (Dave Keller archive)  
C420-207 & 4011-The Sundowner- WB meets 217 & 4016 EB at BH BLS-Bridgehampton-07-16-67 (Makse).jpg (76691 bytes)
After summer-only block office service ended in 1935, the "BH" block limit signals were moved from in front of the Bridgehampton depot to a distance east of their former location  Their new location can be seen looking east in this weekend view of westbound C420 #207 and train #4011 "The Sundowner" meeting eastbound C420 # 217 and train #4016 on July 16, 1967.  Train #4016 is on the passing siding and its lead car is the heavy-weight parlor car "Mohawk Club."  (Richard  F. Makse photo)
Signal-BH Block Limit-Bridgehampton-View E - 04-1970 (Keller-Keller).jpg (113631 bytes)
  "BH" block limit signals are shown here, close-up,  in their relocated position east of Bridgehampton station.  This view is looking east in April, 1970 (Dave Keller photo and archive)
Station-Bridgehampton-Shelter Sheds-Night Exposure-View SW - 07-30-76 (Madden-Keller).jpg (44330 bytes)
This nice night exposure taken on July 30, 1976 shows the two sheet-metal shelter-sheds that were installed to replace the old wooden Bridgehampton depot when it was demolished in 1964.  There are two sheds for riders:  one facing north in case rain blew in from the south, and one facing south, to stop those cold north winds in winter. (William Madden photo, Dave Keller archive)
42-Bridgehampton.jpg (129508 bytes)
LIRR 1966 Bridgehampton map
LIRR-Ore-Cars-Bridgehampton-7-1995.jpg (51524 bytes)
Bridgehampton - Hampton Materials and Handling,  07/1995 Photo: Thomas Collins 
 Archive: Dave Keller

BridgehamptonPlatform-PulverSiding_viewE-03-21-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (85738 bytes)
Bridgehampton - Pulver Siding View E 3/21/2008 Photo: Mike McDermet

Note: BH block limit signal has been replaced by a newer type signal and relocated even further east of its earlier location. Info: Dave Keller

MP94Bridgehampton(BHsiding)4-22-07.jpg (86018 bytes)
Bridgehampton MP94 at BH siding 4/22/2007