LIRR Engine Houses

Oct. 1, 1928 PRR assumes direct operation of LIRR. Subsequently, all branch terminal engine houses were razed by PRR edict beginning in 1928.
Research: Christopher T. Baer's Chronology of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company

Amagansett 4-stall engine house, out 1927- Emery  map MP104-105 9/1958 Archive: Dave Keller

Amagansett engine house 10/29/1917
Photo: LIRR valuation Archive: Dave Morrison

Babylon engine house and turntable original location west of the depot. 1888 Hyde map

Babylon engine house and turntable 1888
Robert Emery map  Archive:  Dave Keller

Babylon- east of Suttons Creek to Higbie Lane before 1925 Emery map. Engine house and yard opened 1906. Engine house burned c. 1929. 

Babylon engine house - LIRR valuation view NE 5/19/1918 Archive: Dave Morrison

Bay Ridge engine house B3 #329-328 3/26/1950  Archive: Dave Keller

Bay Ridge engine house - B3 loco #329, NH loco #0109 - 7/1939 Archive: Dave Keller

CRR of LI turntable pit remains. 1988 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

CRR of LI Bethpage Jct. map 1873

Bethpage Jct. 1916 Archive: Art Huneke

The final end of track was at the brickworks purchased by A. T. Stewart, allowing him rail access between the plant and his brick construction in Garden City. It was the ONLY reason for the Bethpage branch spur. Dave Keller

April 1878 timetable has trains terminating at Bethpage where there was an brick enginehouse and 50' turntable, and stopping at Farmingdale requiring  a reverse move at Bethpage Junction. Archive/Research: Art Huneke

Far Rockaway engine house and turntable 1907 Archive: Art Huneke

This line was electrified by 12/11/1905. The tower was in service on 6/18/1907 and this blueprint shows the tower and despite electrification, a 2-stall engine house and turntable is still in use for steam locomotives, which continued to operate along this branch at that time, possibly for freight service. Emery's 1902 map of Far Rockaway shows the 2-stall engine house and turntable.  While his map doesn't show any tracks for an electric yard (3 years still in the future), the blueprint shows tracks between the engine house and turntable which is the start of the "new" (1905) electric yard. Research: Dave Keller

ICC Division of Valuation -Brick Engine House Type B-51 - Page 33 8/26/1916 - Greenport, Patchogue, Oyster Bay Archive: Don Fisher

Greenport 2-stall engine house, depot, and water tank 1873 Beers Map zoom

Greenport 4-stall engine house and yard - View E c.1910 Archive: Dave Keller
Razed per Emery map data c. 1921.

Hempstead 2-stall engine house 1892
Archive: Art Huneke

4-4-0t No. 4 taking on water - East New York
engine house c. 1895 Archive: Dave Keller

LI City engine house LIRR valuation photo 1918 Archive: Dave Morrison

Locust Valley engine house 1878

Merrick S.S.R.R. engine house, built >8/11/1869, 1873 Beers map Archive: Art Huneke

Morris Park engine house and  turntable c.1910
Archive: Dave Morrison


Morris Park engine house and turntable - View NE 1950 Archive: Art Huneke

Old Northport engine house and station 9/1878 zoom (Brainerd-Keller)

Oyster Bay 4-stall engine house - LIRR D56s and G5s 1926 Razed: 8/04/1929 Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue S.S.R.R. engine house and turntable c.1870 Photo: George Brainerd
Patchogue 4-stall engine house c.1910 (W. J. Rugen-SUNY Stony Brook)

Emery map of Patchogue indicates the engine house as being demolished "c. 1928."

 Sag Harbor 2-stall engine house, turntable (raze 1923) Emery map MP98 9/1958 Archive: Dave Keller Note: The engine house would have been removed at the same time.

Wading River engine house c.1919
Archive: Dave Morrison

Whitestone Landing engine house and water tank zoom View N 1907 Archive: Queensborough Library

Whitestone Landing Station -View N - c.1925 Water tank intact with engine house razed. Photo: James V. Osborne Archive: Dave Keller