Legion of Influential Rail Riders

The Legion was part of the early 1960's upgrade and PR campaign of the Goodfellow era which aimed to improve facilities and put a more human face on the railroad after years of terrible service and run-down equipment.

By joining the Legion, you could earn "units" (points) coupons based on ticket purchases to exchange for merchandise. If you were really enthusiastic about this program, you could buy a Legionnaire hat (a buck) and pin (2 bits). There was a free catalog of merchandise, regular newsletters, etc. A buck for the hat was way too much for me to spend back then (pretty cheap, eh?)! (Heck, it was only 17 cents for a ticket to Lindenhurst!) Brad Phillips


LIRR-LegionValueCoupons.jpg (367216 bytes)
Legion of Influential Rail Riders "units" (points) coupons
Archive: Brad Phillips

 Legion-Membership-Application_Dashing-Dan's-Diary_Morrison.jpg (68634 bytes)
Legion Membership Application - Dashing Dan's Diary

Legion_10,000-Join_LIRRer-3-15-1962_Morrision.jpg (117289 bytes)
10,000 Join the Legion - LIRRer 3/15/1962

Rail Riders pin               Join the Legion Logo


Legion_10,000-Join-cont_LIRRer-3-15-1962_Morrision.jpg (216391 bytes)
10,000 Join the Legion cont. - LIRRer 3/15/1962
Legion-LI-Commercial-Review_2-19-1962_Morrison.jpg (176142 bytes)
Legion LI Commercial Review article 2/19/1962
Legion-NEWSDAY-article_3-17-1962_Morrison.jpg (97304 bytes)
Legion NEWSDAY article 3/17/1962

Legion_Underneath_Morrison.jpg (104004 bytes)
Legion newspaper ad: "It's what's Underneath that Counts"


Legion  LI Daily Press article  3/1//1962

Legion_Response-Overwhelming_LIRRer-3-29-1962_Morrison.jpg (159167 bytes)
Legion Response Overwhelming - LIRRer 3/29/1962


Legion_Employee-Bargains_LIRRer_5-10-1962_Morrison.jpg (184956 bytes)
Legion Employee Bargains Exchange - LIRRer 5/10/1962
Legion-New-Post-Exchange-photo_Dashing-Dan's-Diary_5-1962_Morrison.jpg (77671 bytes)
Dashing Dan's Diary Cover 5/10/1962

Legion_LIRRer-cont._5-10-1962_Morrison.jpg (93502 bytes)
Legion Employee Bargains Exchange 5/10/1962


Legion_In-Laws_Morrison.jpg (115498 bytes)
Legion newspaper ad: "We Love Our In-Laws"
Legion_loveable_Morrison.jpg (92641 bytes)
Legion newspaper ad: "He's definitely More Loveable"


Legion_Eye-to-Eye_Morrison.jpg (103659 bytes)
Legion newspaper ad: "The Boss and I See Eye to Eye"
Legion-Membership-card_Morrison.jpg (67535 bytes)
Legion of Influential Rail Riders Membership card
Legion-Commutation-Ticket-Winners_Morrison.jpg (116942 bytes)
Legion Commutation Contest Ticket Winners
lirrLittleLegionCard-Front_BradPhillips.jpg (44066 bytes)
Little Legion Membership card Archive: Brad Phillips
Legion-Membership-card-back_Morrison.jpg (98100 bytes)  



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Material courtesy: Dave Morrison, unless noted.