M3-9837_Budd-TransitAmerica-press-photos_Red-Lion-Assembly-Plant_interior_late1985-86.jpg (97549 bytes)
M3 #9837 Budd-Transit America press photos late 1985/early 1986 - Red Lion Assembly Plant, NE Philadelphia. PA


M3-9928.jpg (132414 bytes)With electrification areas of both railroads expanding, the MTA placed an order for another series in 1982, the M3 series. Essentially compatible with, and (on the exterior) very similar to, the M1 series, the M3s had updated mechanical elements such as the use of General Steel GSI 70 trucks and a few other small differences. Traction motor cooling was added to the M3 at the cost of added weight which was compensated for by the use of more powerful 160 horsepower (120 kW) GE 1261 motors. Even with the extra power this created different acceleration and braking rates from the M1. While LIRR chose to mix M1s and M3s in the same consist, Metro-North chose not to and would always run with uniform trainsets. 174 M3s 9771-9944, with 9891 and 9892 renumbered to 9945 and 9946 after the Long Island Rail Road massacre (12/07/1993 the Merillon Avenue station in Garden City), were produced for the LIRR between 1984 and 1986 with 142 M3As (8000-8141) produced for Metro North, arriving between 1984 and early 1985. Wikipedia

Photo: M3 #9928 Wikipedia

LIRR Fleet List - Maintenance of Equipment/Engineering - June 30, 2008.  EMU cars: Listed in a odd/even format. All EMU cars are 85 feet long.

M3 A car 9772-9946, Wt 112,400; 704 HP, Built 1985-1986 by Budd/Transit America, Total 85
M3 B car 9771-9945, Wt 109,200; 704 HP, Built 1985-1986 by Budd/Transit America, Total 85 "B" cars (odd) are toilet equipped. Archive: Mike McEnaney

Maiden voyages of the Metropolitan cars:

M1: December 30th, 1968 from Babylon to Penn Station on the Babylon Branch.
September 10, 1985  between Jamaica and Penn Station primarily for the "dignitaries" at the time.
M7: October 30th, 2002 from Long Beach to Penn Station on the Long Beach Branch.
M9: May(?) 2019 tentative

M3-9772_NASSAU_4-29-2019_JohnLevai.jpg (151126 bytes)
M3 #9772 NASSAU 4/29/2019 Photo/Archive: John Levai
Soon  NASSAU Tower and the M3 fleet will be memories. The M3s are to be replaced by the M9 series and the 3rd Track Project may spell the end of NASSAU.
M3_Bellerose-Station_main-line_westbound-Jamaica-NYPenn Station_4-29-2019_JohnLevai.jpg (114252 bytes)
M3 train set westbound passing Bellerose Station toward Jamaica and New York Penn on the Main line. 
 4/29/2019 Photo/Archive: John Levai
M3-9779_Mineola_viewSW_2007_GaryChatterton.jpg (125835 bytes)
M3 #9779 eastbound Mineola - View SW 2007
c.2008 Photo/Archive: Gary Chatterto
M3-9925_Farmingdale 3-21-2019_DanielForan.jpg (122122 bytes)
M3 #9925 Farmingdale 3/21/2019
Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran
 M3-9847_West-Side-Yard_viewE_12-27-2014_LawnGuylander.jpg (103394 bytes)
M3 #9847 West Side Yard  View E 12/27/2014 Photo/Archive: Lawn Guylander
M3-9822_Jamaica_9-26-2007_Andy Inserra.jpg (173675 bytes)
M3-9822 Jamaica 9/26/2007 Photo: Andy Inserra
Merrick-Brooklyn-Ave_entering-station_viewW_winter-action_2004.jpg (110220 bytes)
M3 Winter action eastbound at Brooklyn Ave., Merrick 2004
M3-9825-side_Woodside.jpg (52313 bytes)
M3 #9825 side view Woodside
M3-9876_Cedarhurst.jpg (135003 bytes)
M3 #9876 Train #2820 Cedarhurst  Archive: Wiki 
In service M3: 1985-present

LIRR-Budd-M3-Interior_2005.jpg (107111 bytes)
M3 interior 1/31/2012 Photo: Wiki

The interiors have wallpaper with the NYS insignia and faux wood paneling, and padded red and blue seating with window-facing seats (forward or backward) with a 3-2 seating scheme bisected by an aisle. 

M3-interior_1-31-2012_GregoryKats.jpg (81198 bytes)
M3 interior 1/31/2012 Photo/Archive: Gregory Kats

Every other car in an M3 trainset has a working restroom. Running water was discontinued years ago and the sinks removed. There is more seating in an M3 as room had to be made in M7 cars for handicapped riders

.Manufacturer Budd/Transit America
Built at Red Lion Plant, NE Philadelphia. PA
Family name Budd Metropolitan
Constructed M3/M3A: 1984-1986
Entered service M3: 1985
Number built  M3: 174
In service M3: 148 (additional 4 in work service)
Formation Married Pair "B" cars (odd) are toilet equipped.
Fleet numbers M3: 9771-9944
Capacity 120 (M3)
Car body Stainless Steel, fiberglass end caps on the operating ends

M3-Cab-controls_Jamaica 7-01-1996_PhilipMGoldstein.jpg (87686 bytes)
M3 cab controls - Jamaica 7/01/1996 
Photo/Archive: Phillip M. Goldstein


 1990-2009   Watch the Gap decal signage  2009-Present


Train length 170 ft (51.82 m) - 1,020 ft (310.90 m)
Car length 85 ft (25.91 m)
Width 10 ft 6 in (3,200 mm)
Height 13 ft (3,962 mm) excluding rooftop horns
Floor height 4 ft (1,219 mm)
Platform height 4 ft (1,219 mm)
Doors Quarter point, double leaf automatic
Maximum speed 100 mph (160 km/h) design   80 mph (130 km/h) service
Traction system DC current fed through a camshaft controlled resistance switch to 4 DC traction motors.
Traction motors M3/M3A: 4x160 horsepower (120 kW) GE 1261(M3)
Power output M3/M3A: 640 horsepower (480 kW)

The conductor/engineer cab had the horizontal slider window and an air intake vent at center window,  Thin vertical compartment door in front which houses the chains to prevent people from falling to the sides between two sets of married pairs. M-3 has air intake vent at center window, slider window at conductor/engineering cab, no sealed over destination sign.  The M3 cab windows slid along the outside on large tracks, yellow lips on the bottom of the side passenger doors, and 3 lights behind the cab window.

Transmission Electric
Train heating electric heat, air conditioning
Electric system  650  V DC - 750 V DC Third Rail
Current collection  Contact shoe
Bogies M3: General Steel GSI 70
Braking system Pneumatic, dynamic
Safety system Cab signals with ATC,  emergency brakes
Coupling system WABCO Model N-2
Headlight type Halogen light bulbs
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Source: Wikipedia 

Alcohol-Sandite car_E775-ex-9775-M3_2018_JeffErlitz.jpg (112504 bytes)In the 1990s, M3 car 9776 was wrecked in an accident and subsequently scrapped. Its mate, 9775, was converted to a rail adhesion car and renumbered to E775. On January 22, 2013, car 9870 was retired when it collided with a car at Brentwood station and then caught fire. It is currently stored out of service. Its mate, 9869, was mated with 9772, which lost its mate 9771 due to electrical failures on that car.

Between 2011 and 2013, twenty M3 cars were prematurely taken out of service and stripped of parts to keep the other cars running. They were taken off property to be scrapped in 2018.

E901-M3_4-4-19_TimDarnell.jpg (64862 bytes)In 2018, M3 pair 9901-9902 was converted to a pair of rail adhesion cars. The cars were renumbered to E901-E902.

As of 2013, the MTA has spent nearly $2 billion to procure a replacement for the M3 series, the M9.  The fleet is similar to the M7, and the first cars arrived in 2018. As of October 2017, there were 92 M9 cars planned, with options for up to 494 more.