PINE AIRE: BUILT: 1915, RAZED: 6/1962 DISCONTINUED AS STATION STOP: 10/27/1986 Research: Dave Keller

Map of MP 38-39 Edgewood State Hospital spur/siding at the left and the former Edgewood station site in the center, effective May, 1958.   (Robert Emery map, Dave Keller archive)

Leased PRR K4s #5455 eastbound at Signal 379 at the Edgewood State Hospital spur - c.1950
Archive: Emery SUNY-Stony Brook, NY

The Main Line east of PW Interlocking in Pinelawn was manual block until the electrification in the late 1980s! As such, there were quite a few distant signals in advance of the block stations. I donít know when this one, Signal 379, was installed, but I do know it was relocated a good 2,700í east on 10/25/1954 and renumbered 385. That nice switch target you see here was for the eastward facing point hand-operated switch that led to Edgewood State Hospital (one of the psychiatric hospitals on Long Island, all served by the railroad). They received coal for their power plant and was the first of the state institutions on Long Island to be closed, in 1971. Their siding was first installed in 1942. The hospital, originally known as Mason General, was used by the US War Department during WW II to treat shell-shocked (PTSD today) and other soldiers. Info: Jeff Erlitz

Emery map - Pine Aire MP39-40 - 5/1958
Archive: Dave Keller

Pine Aire Station view SE 1960 Photo: Art Huneke

LIRR 1966 map - Pine Aire-Brentwood

LIRR 1986 map - Pine Aire-Brentwood
Archive: Jeff Erlitz

Looking east at the former Pine Aire station on November 11, 1976 we see, from left to right, an ALCO RS3 on the Hill's warehouse siding, the passing siding, the Main Line track, and the shelter-shed station with low-level platform.  Beyond the shelter-shed is the trailer freight office.  This view completely changed with the closing of the station stop and the electrification and double-tracking of the Main Line as a result of the Ronkonkoma Electrification project of 1986-87. (Wm. Madden photo, Dave Keller info and archive)

LIRR #152 and hack C57 are ready to go west, once their crew comes on duty later that evening. Pine Aire Station. Winter of 1985. Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky

An ALCO C420, a Work Crane, and a Hack - what more could you want on this work extra? No. 2 Track is taking shape as the Work Extra 228 East holds the Main at MP39, just west of Pine Aire Station. One year to go before the DC goes live! October 1986. Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky