Brookhaven Rail Terminal - Yaphank

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BRT pre-development


BRT Aerial View 2011

Located at 205 Sills Road, Yaphank, NY at Exit 66 south off the Long Island Expressway at 205 Sills Road, Yaphank, NY on the SE corner. The stone quarries and product rail Cars marked JOGX,  They have two HLCX engines as power and are operating and expanding at this time. Info: "Ron"ald E. Ridolph 09/29/2011 

Brookhaven Terminal Design Submission 08/2007  That map is a bit outdated, and has been changed. Currently, it's a three-track yard, with two tracks designated for aggregates and the third track as a runner. There will be a 4 track team yard that will switch off of the running track, and will wind up being adjacent to the LIRR Main Line Switch and the lead to the yard. There are also two stub end tracks at the far end of the yard.

Currently, the only customer that is being serviced is carloads of stone. There soon will be carloads of flour and biodiesel and more will be able to be handled once the team yard trackage is constructed. This phase will begin next week. The property east of the current operation will also be developed over the next few years. That trackage is not yet finalized. The current yard works well despite what the plan looks like, and the rest will be designed with input from "railroad men." 10/01/2011

"Shifting Freight to Rail" Riverhead News Review 6/27/2019
Writer: John Henry
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Brookhaven Rail Terminal - Newsday/Chris Ware 2014
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Brookhaven Rail Terminal - Newsday/Chris Ware 2014

"On the Right Track" freight service 07/17/2012 Newsday Banner
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Freight Service 07/17/2012 Newsday
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Freight Service 07/17/2012 Newsday - continued
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 "New rail terminal expected to bring jobs, cut truck traffic"
Newsday September 28, 2011
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Brookhaven Terminal view N Tuesday 9/27/11 opening day. Long Island Expressway (Rt 495) in background.
Photo: Al Murray 
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Brookhaven Terminal view N Tuesday 9/27/11 opening day. Photo: Al Murray
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Brookhaven Terminal view SE Tuesday 9/27/111opening day. Photo: Al Murray
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Brookhaven Terminal view SE Tuesday 9/27/11 opening day. Photo: Al Murray
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HLCX #1010, 1017 ex-UP origin built in 1984 GP40's rebuilt with turbos removed to GP38-3's
10/02/11 Photo: Neil Feldman
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BRT  GP40 #1010 Wenner Bread Products flour shipment 05/12
BRTviewE_GP40_06012012-GJohnson.JPG (128416 bytes)
BRT view E  GP40 #1017 06/01/12 
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BRT view E 06/01/12

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BRT view NE 01/01/12
BRT viewE Mainline Looking Right-01012012 GJohnson.JPG (123250 bytes)
BRT view E LIRR mainline at right 01/01/12
BRTviewSE01012012-GJohnson.JPG (145645 bytes)
BRT view SE 001/01/12
BRT viewS GP40s 01012012-GJohnson.JPG (113787 bytes)
BRT view S GP40s 01/01/12
BRTMainlineturnout01012012 GJohnson.jpg (110446 bytes)
BRT mainline turnout 01/01/12
Photos/Captions: Glen Johnson

BRTowners-watching-stone-unloading_10-25-2011-WilliamSkeats.jpg (139797 bytes)
BRT owners watching stone unloading 10/25/11
Photo: William Skeats
BRT-leased-HLCX_1010and1017shutdown_10-21-2011WilliamSkeats.jpg (96166 bytes)
BRT leased HLCX #1010 & #1017 shutdown 10/21/11
Photo: William Skeats
BRT_GATXandJOGX--leasedhopperswaitingtobeunloaded_10-25-2011WilliamSkeats.jpg (120467 bytes)
BRT GATX and JOGX leased hoppers waiting to be unloaded 10/25/11 Photo: William Skeats
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Shipments wait to be offloaded at the Brookhaven Rail Terminal. A deal signed with Home Depot will lead to a gain of 85 jobs, terminal officials said. Newsday: 3/26/13
 Photo credit: James Carbone
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Yaphank, Newsday Sophia Chang 4/23/2013

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BRT view E  c. 5/2013

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Brookhaven Rail Terminal map 8/05/13 Steve Rothaug