The Long Island Rail Road N52A Hacks

Hicksville 09/06/1954 Collection: Art Huneke

lirrclass52Aplan.jpg (69603 bytes)
Drawing LIRR Class N52A built by ACF #39-48 6/22-7/22
lirr39-BldrsPhoto.jpg (66592 bytes)
Builders Photo June 24, 1922 LIRR Class N52A
Source: Cabin Cars of the Pennsylvania and Long Island Railroads - Caboose Data Book No. 2  N.J. International, Inc.

Hack Interior View

Thanks to Gary Frakash input on the diagram - "B" end to the right
Long Island Rail Road N52 Cabin Cars by Bob Kaelin

The Keystone Summer of 1987-issue 20-#2. On page 31 is a story by Bob Kaelin about the N52(a) hacks. It turns out that the cars built in 1916/1917 were built by the LIRR #34-38. LIRR #39 which is the car in the caboose data book lead photo  with that "thing" on the roof is a part of the 2nd series of hacks and were built by  ACF LIRR #39-48 6/22-7/22. LIRR #16-#33 all built in May 1925 by PSC do not seem to have this anomoly and LIRR #10-#15 all built in Feb 1927 by ACF (again) do not have the "thing" either. Maybe it was tried and failed or it became a height restriction and changed for the later models.  
Also there are detailed drawings of the interior on pages 36+37 by Andrew J Hart.

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N52A Hack Photos
lirr11HolbanYd-Hollis-6-24-56.jpg (36383 bytes)
LIRR #11 HolbanYd, Hollis 6/24/1956
lirr12N52_06-04-56ArtHuneke.jpg (60405 bytes)
LIRR #12  06/24/1956 
Photo: Art Huneke
C14 11-2003.jpg (62618 bytes)
LIRR #14 11/2003 RMLI Greenport, NY 
Photo: Joseph A. Tischner
Caboose-20-Holban Yd-Hollis-c. 1954.jpg (33366 bytes)
LIRR #20 Holban Yd, Hollis 
c. 1954
Caboose-29-Holban Yd-Hollis-6-24-56.jpg (71072 bytes)
LIRR #29 Holban Yd, Hollis 6/24/1956
Caboose30-OyBay-1940.jpg (43050 bytes)
LIRR #30 Oyster Bay 1940
C22KingsParkErnieLanser-KPmuseum.jpg (51890 bytes)
LIRR #42 Kings Park 
Archive: Kings Park Museum
lirr43MorrisPark03201956BillRugen.jpg (40274 bytes)
LIRR #43 Morris Park 03/20/1956 Photo: Bill Rugen
LIRR-N52aCaboose43-Greenport-10-5-58(Rugen).jpg (77022 bytes)
LIRR #43 Greenport 10/05/1958 Photo: Bill Rugen
Caboose 45-Hicksville-73137.jpg (62501 bytes)
LIRR #45 Hicksville 07/31/1937

LIRR  N52A Wooden Cabooses were the last order of  wooden cabin cars the LIRR would order.  While records indicate that other companies like the Pressed Steel Car Co built some as early as 1916, most of the N-52As were built by the American Car & Foundry during the second half of the 1920s. While they were wooden sheathed, they did indeed feature steel framing. They were assigned relatively low roster numbers. The class served well for decades with most seeing retirement in the late 1950s with No. 14 remaining on the active roster until the early 60's. During 1962, Numbers 12, 14, and 29 were photographed leaving the LIRR. Number 29 had been sold to the Seashore Electric Railway located in Maine.

(1) Roster Numbers 12 and 14 had been sold to the Branford Electric Railway in Connecticut
(2) Number 12 has returned to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum, Oyster Bay, NY
Special Note: The cupola in #12 has full beds while #14 has seats. Gary Farkash