The Long  Island Rail Road 
Caboose #60

Fresh Pond  Photo: Paul Strubeck

Hack Restored Interior View 
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Thanks to Paul Strubeck input on the diagram. Photos: Gary Farkash
Restored Hack #60 "The Move" 04/04/09
lirr60_track-2_NYC-Subway-207th-St-Main-Shop_4-07-09_GlennLRowe.jpg (159592 bytes)
LIRR #60 on track #2 at NYC Subway's 207th St. Main Shop the morning of 4/07/09. It was waiting to 
be moved to NYC Transit Museum for display. Photo: Glenn L. Rowe
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Fresh Pond
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Linden Yard
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 Photo: Joseph Meade
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Calverton Photo: Joseph Meade
morichesRUN8.jpg (100722 bytes)
Center Moriches 
Photo: Joseph Meade
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Hicksville Photo: Paul Strubeck
A typical move like this, (historic, out of service, friction bearing trucks), is normally done with two engines bracketing the subject car(s). This allows for additional braking capacity in the consist. 

In the case of C-60 it was the "luck of the draw" to have three engines involved in the move. The three had been lashed together for work train service and were scheduled to go to work again after the C-60 move to Fresh Pond.
Hack #60 Previous Schemes
Caboose-60-LICity-8-12-62.jpg (48285 bytes)
 LI City 08/12/1962
Archive: Dave Keller+



C60-Yard A.jpg (77785 bytes)
Yard A c.1964
Photo: Steve Hoskins
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Hicksville freight yard. 04/1984 1984.Photo: Kevin Gulau
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Photos: Joe Lupinacci