LIRR Jordan Spreaders

Original Jordan Model 2-200 spreaders as delivered #497498 and #497499 (serial #1091) in 10/1948
Black, white window f
rame, white roman lettering = LONG ISLAND
Repainted all black or dark grey with white stenciled lettering - c.1952 = LONG ISLAND (2)
Repainted into dark Goodfellow Grey with orange railings and an orange front plow. Renumbered to W93 1/1960 (3) Info: Dave Keller
Repainted into MTA Colors around 1980.  All Yellow, MTA logo on cab, small blue stenciled lettering (4)  MTA logos on plow and cab, small blue stenciled lettering (4a)
Repainted back into Grey with Orange plow, Orange wings. November 1997.  Orange stenciled lettering, Dashing Dan logo applied for photo opportunities and then removed (5)
Moved to Twin Forks Chapter: c.2001 (6)  Currently under restoration to original #497499 paint/number Research: Paul Strubeck 

JordanSpreader497498-HolbanYd-Hollis-2-6-49.jpg (87168 bytes)
(1) Jordan Spreader #497498 at Holban Yard, Hollis 2/06/1949
Renumbered W92: 1/60, scrapped 4/63  
Archive/Research: Dave Keller

JordanSpreader497499-inYard-Hicksville7-25-52.jpg (89978 bytes)
(2) Jordan Spreader #497499 in Hicksville yard 7/25/1952 
Renumbered W93: 1/60, Archive/Research: Dave Keller

jordan-spreader_Watermill_2-78.jpg (39853 bytes)
(3) Jordan Spreader #W93 at Watermill 02/1978
Goodfellow scheme

W93-Jordan-Spreader_9-29-87_EdwardHand.jpg (97878 bytes)
(4) LIRR #W93 MTA scheme 9/29/1987 Photo: Edward Hand


W93pinelawnteamyard6-91.jpg (47187 bytes)
(4a) LIRR #W93 MTA scheme Pinelawn team yard view SW 6/1991
W93_Holban-Yard_restored-Dashing-Dan-logo_11-1997_JosephHuttle.jpg (60351 bytes)
  (5) LIRR #W93 had orange wings post November 1997 when it got its last rebuild.  This paint scheme was a modified Goodfellow like scheme, not original.  Photo: Joseph Huttle  Info: Paul Strubeck
Jordan-Spreader_W93_Riverhead_10-16-04_PaulStrubeck.jpg (121437 bytes)
(6)  Jordan Spreader #W93 Riverhead 10/16/04 Photo: Paul Strubeck
Jordan-Spreader_W93_Riverhead_3-11-06_PeterCusden.jpg (158001 bytes)
Jordan Spreader #W93 Riverhead 3/11/06 Photo: Peter Cusden
W93_LIRR-move-Riverhead_Twin-Forks_3-2-2008_RichGorddard.jpg (69659 bytes)
 W93 LIRR move for  Twin Forks Chapter NRHS at Riverhead 3/02/2008  Photo/Archive: Rich Gorddard

Twin Forks Chapter - Railway Post Office June 2010 Spreader Issue
twin-forks_jordan-spreader-model_order-form.jpg (164448 bytes)
Twin Forks LIRR Jordan Spreader O scale model order form