Long Island Railroad 150th Anniversary  1834 - 1984

LIRR - Along the Track Vol. 9 No. 4 April 1984
"LIRR celebrates 150 years of service to Long Island" -
Material Courtesy: Dave Morrison

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150th Anniversary Banquet - 4/24/84 Garden City Hotel, NY - Material Courtesy: Brad Phillips

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LIRR 150th Anniversary Banquet Invitation Luncheon Program and Honored Guests List

Souvenir Pin -150 years

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LIRR 150th Anniversary Banquet Invitation Honored Guests List continued
150th Anniversary Medallion   Info/Photos/Archive: Dave Morrison

150th Anniversary Medallion packet


150th Anniversary Medallion - Diameter 2.5"

The LIRR sold them to employees.  I believe the price was $25.00. Of course, lots were given away to VIPs, etc.

150th Anniversary Medallion reverse

LIRR historian Vincent Seyfried
Photo/Archive: Newsday

A photograph (credit: Newsday) of the railroad's late historian Vincent Seyfried. Many of us were friends with Vincent over the years and sadly only a handful of us attended his funeral in 2012. Of especial interest is the attached "official" copy of a letter to Vincent back in 1984 when former LIRR president Robin Wilson named him Historian Emeritus, a title (with lifetime white pass) that Vincent held until his death.  Archive: Richard Make

LIRR letter to Vincent Seyfried 3/20/1984
Photo/Archive: Richard Maske