LIRR - The 1970's
jamaica1970s.jpg (60387 bytes)
Jamaica Station view W c.1972 Passenger Fleet diversity; Doubledeckers, M-1's, MP54, MP72's and Alco FA2 #604 HEP unit.
MorrisParkShops_4-77TAD.jpg (90392 bytes)
Morris Park Shops with Engine Fleet 
variety represented in April 1977 Alco RS, S-2, C420,
and EMD GP38-2 Photo: Tim Darnell
RS1-Frt-Meet-M1-Elec-Babylon-Tower-7-27-71.jpg (44708 bytes)
RS1 on eastbound freight, running against traffic, meeting westbound M1 electric train from yard, passing “ BABYLON ” tower and approaching station – Babylon , NY – 7/27/71 (note old coal silo at right background)
Archive: Dave Keller 
lirrM-1s_RMLI-MikeMcDermet.jpg (51107 bytes)
RMLI - Riverhead LIRR M-1s were built in 1965. Photo: Mike McDermet 08/02/08
manhassetviaduct08-31-1982PaulDeLuca.jpg (116082 bytes)
Manhasset Viaduct 08/31/1982
 Photo: Paul De Luca 

lirrturboroslyn.jpg (60625 bytes)
LIRR Gas Turbine Roslyn, NY c.1977
P-9xxx-Interior-c1970'sSteveHoskins.jpg (55283 bytes)
M1 P-9xxx  Interior spotting features:
1.  Type of seating
2.  Shape of car roof
3.  Style of luggage racks
4.  Center-door lobbies (2 per car: we’re
     looking at one of them)
5.  Motorman’s door opened down
     at the  end of the car
Photo: Steve Hoskins c. 1970's
M1clearancetestingJenkinsCurveBridgeportCT1970.jpg (70915 bytes)
Photo: H. Raudenbush  c. 1970.  2 pairs of LIRR M1s towed by P-C FL9s at Bridgeport CT for clearance and suspension checks.  
Archive: Wayne Koch
Osgood-Bradley "American Flyer" Coaches
162bethpageby4slcohol cars.jpg (41156 bytes)
Sandite Alcohol Car Bethpage c.1989 
LIRR #157-162 W85
Photo: John61
LIRR 7526-W85mikearnold02-24-2006.jpg (71242 bytes)
Sandite Alcohol Car W85 ex-7526 Morris Park 02-24-06
Photo: Mike Arnold
W85exB&Mronkonkoma.jpg (51696 bytes)
Sandite Alcohol Car W85 ex-B&M Ronkonkoma 
Photo: Paul Strubeck
bar152.jpg (140432 bytes)
Pullman Standard builder's photo of Bangor & Aroostook buffet lounge car 152.
In 1962, LIRR acquired this car, converted it to a 49 seat snack bar coach and renumbered it as LIRR 8553. Archive: Jack Deasy
In 1958-1959, LIRR acquired 30 coaches from Boston & Maine. These were 84 seat coaches. Sixteen of the thirty were rebuilt to 117 seat coaches. Fourteen of the thirty were rebuilt with stationary bars, which reduced seating capacity from 33 to 82 depending on the car.
Info: Jack Deasy
  Jam102070_001.jpg (68113 bytes)
MP54 with the M1 peeking up from behind;
taken from W/B platform at Jamaica Station looking east towards Union Hall Street.
 October, 1970 Photo: Rich Glueck
LIRR-MP72-2505.jpg (94422 bytes)
 LIRR MP72 #2505 Union Hall Street
 7/12/1971 Photo: Doug Grotjahn
Collection: Joe Testagrose
car2907ronkPaulStrubeck10-02-2006.jpg (74770 bytes)
LIRR #2907 Ronkonkoma 10-02-2006
Photo: Paul Strubeck
roster_2900series.jpg (35537 bytes)
LIRR # 2935 & #2956 were built by Pullman Standard in 1955 and 1956 respectively and were classified as P72.  As built, they were steam heated and used batteries for lighting but were rebuilt in the early 1970's with under car diesel generator sets to provide power for lighting, heating and air conditioning.  2956 seats 123 people and 2935 seats 118 but provides a toilet. Photo/Info: The Oyster Bay Railroad Museum
Double Deckers
1296UnionHallSt7-12-71DG.jpg (195189 bytes)
LIRR  #1296 Union Hall  Street  7/12/71
lirr1345joesaullo.jpg (49530 bytes)
LIRR #1345 Bliss 1971 Photo: Joe Saullo
lirr1346WestHempstead.jpg (56492 bytes)
LIRR #1346 at West Hempstead
P54D "Ping Pong" Cars
lirr7111-LICity-2-70.jpg (42346 bytes)
LIRR #7111 LI City 02/1970
Dave Keller archive  
lirr33-Ronkonkoma-9-71.jpg (39544 bytes)
LIRR #33 Ronkonkoma 09/1971
Dave Keller archive  
lirr38pinpongtimDarnell.jpg (33065 bytes)
LIRR #38 Photo: Jersey City NJ - 01/73 - Karl Geffchen
ALCO C420's
lirr213,211meetBurkePulaskiRd8-17-70richmakse.jpg (62121 bytes)
LIRR train #606 (right) has L-1 #213 and train #623 has L-1 #211 meet at W. Pulaski Rd., Huntington Station 
08/17/70 Photo: Richard F. Makse
C420-221-206-RunningAroundTrain-Montauk-7-1971.jpg (54174 bytes)
LIRR C420 pair #221 #206 Montauk "Run around Move" 07/1971 Trainman still wearing old gray uniform
Info/Photo: Dave Keller archive
C420-214-one-car-train-Riverhead-4-8-74.jpg (61715 bytes)
C420 #214 Riverhead
04/08/1974  Jeff Erlitz photo, Dave Keller archive
lirr229LongIslandCity02-04-76.jpg (53043 bytes)
C420 #229 LI City 02/04/1976
lirr227-229Smithtown.jpg (72202 bytes)
C420 #227, #229 Smithtown
lirr228OBay09-03-78.jpg (69973 bytes)
C420 #228 Oyster Bay 09/03/1978
ALCO RS1,2,3's
lirr462_LICity10-74Montaukcut-off.jpg (62648 bytes)
LIRR RS1 #462 Montauk Cutoff  10/74
Photo:  A. Joseph Daly
LI 467 tad.jpg (72859 bytes)
LIRR RS1 #467 Morris Park 
Photo: Tim Darnell
lirr1520 Morris Park 1977timdarnell.jpg (93037 bytes)
LIRR RS2 #1520 Morris Park 1977 
Photo: Tim Darnell
lirr1552-RS3newpaintMineola1977tdarnell.jpg (79523 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1552 New Paint Mineola 1977 Photo: Tim Darnell
lirr1558OBay1975tdarnell.jpg (72927 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1558 Oyster Bay 1975
Photo: Tim Darnell
lirr1559Pineaire_pre1986PhilGoldstein.jpg (54068 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1559 Pine Aire 11/21/1975 
Photo: Phil Goldstein
ALCO S1,2's
L407MTA.jpg (69929 bytes)
LIRR S1 #407 MTA Yard A 
lirr419-S1LICityFloatYard08-31-75.jpg (43307 bytes)
LIRR  S1 #419 LI City Float Yard 08/31/1975
lirr420-S1LICity06-15-73.jpg (52155 bytes)
LIRR S1 #420 LI City 06/15/1973
lirr445-420YardA4-14-73.jpg (78734 bytes)
LIRR S2  #445, LIRR S1 #420 LI City Yard A 04/14/1973 Archive: Henry Wagner
L447-ExecutoneTimDarnell05-75.jpg (76045 bytes)
LIRR S2 #447 Yard A 05/75
Photo: Tim Darnell
lirr453-S2PW_wye11-11-76.jpg (45360 bytes)
LIRR S2 #453 PW wye  Pinelawn 11/11/1976
B&A1974.jpg (135135 bytes)
BAR #69 GP7 Morris Park 1974
PNC1701.jpg (75162 bytes)
PNC GP9 #1701 Pine Aire 7/21/1974 
Archive: Brian Woodruff
BAR66atRonkonkomaNY1-75EMPhoto Ed McKernan collectionJoeTest.jpg (76713 bytes)
BAR #66 Ronkonkoma 01/75 
Photo: Ed McKernan
EMD GP-38-2
lirr273_1976.jpg (71333 bytes)
LIRR #273 Hunter's Point 1976
lirr271Mineola6-76timdarnell.jpg (77290 bytes)
LIRR #271 Mineola 06/1976 
Photo: Tim Darnell
lirr270OBay1976timdarnell.jpg (81707 bytes)
LIRR #270 Oyster Bay 1976 
Photo: Tim Darnell

ALCO FA1,2's
lirr601May25-71RichGlueck.jpg (56099 bytes)
FA2 #601 First photograph of a LIRR push-pull train in revenue service.  Syosset platform 1:17AM 05/25/71 Photo/Archive: Rich Glueck
lirr608-ExperimentalColor-LIC06-79.jpg (58011 bytes)
FA2 #608 Experimental Color Scheme LI City 06-79 Archive: Dave Keller
L603-Ronkonkoma.jpg (52853 bytes)
FA2 #603 Ronkonkoma 
Photo: Steve Hoskins
Built 06/56 ex-L&N 315
612-LICity.jpg (75878 bytes)
FA1 #612 LI City
Photo: Steve Hoskins
Built 02/49 ex-BN 4100
615-RichmondHill.jpg (56560 bytes)
FA1 #615 Morris Park 
Photo: Steve Hoskins
Built 04/49 ex-BN 4116
617-LICity.jpg (68142 bytes)
FA1 #617 ex-PC 1333
FA2 #609 LI City
Photo: Steve Hoskins
lirr160-Holban_c1970s_stevehoskins.jpg (69171 bytes)
LIRR #160  Holban c.1970's
Photo: Steve Hoskins
lirr169-yardA_c1970s_stevehoskins.jpg (84041 bytes)
LI City Yard A c.1970's
Photo: Steve Hoskins
lirr165-Mineola_c1970s_stevehoskins.jpg (60100 bytes)
LIRR #165 Mineola c.1970's
Photo: Steve Hoskins