LIRR 19th Century Locomotives and History 

   Long Island Rail Road 1834 Charter
Archive: LIST-NRHS  - Sunrise Trail
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ARIEL: This was constructed in :November 1835 by Matthias W. Baldwin at Philadelphia, Pa. It was the 19th made by him and was ordered by the Brooklyn and Jamaica R. R. Co. at a cost of $7000. The exact date of its receipt by that railroad is not known, hut was probably about the date above stated. The road was formally opened April 18th, 1836, and although the Long Island Farmer described the event, the names of the locomotives drawing the excursion trains are not given. Shortly after this, May 1st, 1836, the Brooklyn and Jamaica R. R. was leased to the Long Island and thence forward the ''Ariel'' became a Long Island R. R. locomotive.  Ariel remained in service till 1855.

Excerpt below: Inglis Stewart's LIRR Locomotive text  - 1836-1871
  Entire Listing:  Inglis Stewart's 1875-1900 Named Engine Roster from 1925

Baldwin 4-4-0 Passenger Engine-c.1890

LIRR Locomotive Roster 1855 Notes 1-2 Archive: Art Huneke

Hunt's 1846 pg 414   Atlantic pg 323- 324 Merchants__magazine_and_commercial_review_RobertDiamond.jpg (245502 bytes)
Hunt's Merchant's Magazine & Commercial Review 1846 page 414





Hunt's Magazine 1845 LIRR Boston Route Described Pg 489 

Greenport-Terminal_1844-48.jpg (122063 bytes)

The LIRR went to sea from August, 1844 though February, 1847.  As part of its route between Brooklyn and Boston, the LIRR owned and operated a small fleet of steamboats, the Cleopatra, the Worcester and the New Haven. These steamboats made the waterborne connection between the eastern terminus of the LIRR at Greenport, Long Island, and the Connecticut rail terminals of the Norwich &Worcester RR at Allyn's Point, and the New York, Providence & Boston at Stonington.

"Earliest View of the LIRR's Greenport Terminus and Intermodal Transfer, circa 1844- 1847". 
Note the Ariel steam locomotive, Davenport & Bridges 4 axle passenger car, the LIRR's steamboat "Cleopatra" and the Peconic House hotel.

Cleopatra- The Connecticut Magazine, 1906, Vol 10, pg 307

The Peconic House hotel, which was end of track in Greenport. Note the Ariel or the Post Boy is pulling a one car local train right onto the pier- and seemingly right onto the waiting LIRR ferry boat "Cleopatra". Note it's a British style "compartment car" Now, getting back to the train schedule (above right), note that mile post "0" is Manhattan- it would seem the passenger cars were possibly carried on the ferry boat from Manhattan to Brooklyn, where the locomotive was attached.

The material/research above compliments of: Archive: Bob Diamond /BHRA, except as noted.

The LIRR locomotive renumbering took place effective October 1, 1898  
Brooklyn-Central-and-Jamaica_4-4-0_Howard-House_East-New-York_1865.jpg (92106 bytes)

Eastbound Brooklyn Central & Jamaica locomotive #1 ("W. B. Hunter," later LIRR #40 "Huntington") with one clerestory roof passenger 
car is making a station stop in front of the Howard House on Atlantic Ave. in East New York in April of 1865. Data: Dave Keller

D52a #95 4-4-0 view SW at Bridgehampton Station. A two coach shuttle train between Sag Harbor and Greenport, once a day in 1880's. The builder was Rogers in May, 1883. 1896 The image is the old (original) number #95. . . 2 years PRIOR to the overall renumbering of LIRR locomotives. In 1898, the locomotive was renumbered #42, and was withdrawn from service by January, 1912. Research: Dave Keller

Photo/Archive: MTA/LIRR archives c.1970+.


The builder was Brooks in March, 1898.  The loco retained its original #34 for a short period of time before being renumbered to #80 on October 1, 1898.
D55a #80 westbound from Wading River leaving Huntington 1904 Photo: Hal Fullerton Archive: Dave Morrison


LIRR-92_Patchogue-Path-Medford-viewN-1897_Harold-Fullerton-Patchogue-Library.jpg (91709 bytes)

The shot of the train was taken by Harold Fullerton in 1897 along the Main Line at Medford. It was called Patchogue Path and was a bicycle path through the pine barrens, running from Patchogue, through Medford and on to Port Jefferson. The view is north.  Info: Dave Keller

Locomotive #92 in Fullerton's photo was an 1883 Rogers product, becoming #39 in the 1898 renumbering. It was a class D52b and was retired in 1914. (Vincent Seyfried data)

Archive: Patchogue Public Library

lirr45_4-4-0_builtSchenectady_12-1870_ LIRRer June-1954.jpg (137772 bytes)
LIRR 4-4-0 #45 12/1870

4-4-0 #45, built by Schenectady in December, 1870, was renumbered #8.

Now . . . the only #8 that the LIRR rosters show in later years (c. 1920) is G54sd (4-6-0) camelback built new in 1902 and retired in the late 1920s. 

Therefore, we can conclude that, to avoid duplicate road numbers, (probably the MAIN reason for the renumbering of October, 1, 1898) renumbered 4-4-0 #8 was withdrawn from service either in 1902 or prior to that date, which sounds about right, because:

1.  It was a VERY old locomotive style and not strong enough to pull longer trains.  
2.  It was 18 years older than renumbered #48 mentioned above, which was STILL on the roster until the 1920s.  
3.  Being built in 1870, it would have been 31 years old in 1902 if it were still in service:  a long life for a locomotive!  
4.  In 1902, brand-new G54sd camelback #8 went into road service and there was, obviously, no duplication of road numbers at that point in time.  Research: Dave Keller

LIRR 4-4-0-Train-at Station-Port Jefferson-View E - 1878  (Brainard-Keller).jpg (94669 bytes)
LIRR 4-4-0- Train at Port Jefferson Station view E 1878 (Brainard-Keller)

  lirr93.jpg (36414 bytes)
LIRR #93 Builder's Photo Rogers Locomotive & Machine Works c.1883

NEW YORK & SEA BEACH RR-2-4-0 No.2-BAY RIDGE - c. 1887.jpg (73542 bytes)
New York & Sea Beach RR 2-4-0 #2 Bay Ridge c.1887
LIRR-Loco-1888 Blizzard-1st RJ tower in bkgd.jpg (33476 bytes)
LIRR Loco Blizzard 1888 First RJ Tower, Rockaway Junction in background 
LI 0-6-0 198 - Builder's Photo - {Sam Shumaker Collection}.jpg (63666 bytes)
LIRR 0-6-0 #198 Builder's Photo 
Archive: Sam Shumaker
 lirr125-c.1895.jpg (89670 bytes)
LIRR #125 c.1895
WAS no.44 BEFORE 1898 no.6 c.1900.JPG (79298 bytes)
 LIRR #6 c.1900 prior #44 before 1898
James-Gorden-Bennett-no.25.jpg (64529 bytes)
James Gorden Bennet #25

LIRR 4-4-0  #11 1888

LIRR #27 MOW oil train used to control trackside vegetation at
Garden City 1899 Photo: Hal Fullerton

 4-4-0 No. 524 being turned on turntable-Washington St., Jamaica- View W-1904.jpg (114127 bytes)
LIRR  4-4-0 #524 being turned on turntable at Washington St., Jamaica view W 1904 Archive: Dave Keller

D56-First Run of the Cannonball-ParlorTrain-Mtk-1899.jpg (44754 bytes)
D56 pulling parlor car extra eastbound into Montauk Station  c.1910 Archive: Keller

Miscellaneous Locomotives - Tanks and Forneys

Schenectady, 1/1868,  built two 2-4-0T for the LIRR. No. 42 "WOODBURY" and No. 43 "NORTHPORT". No. 43 was photographed on a work train at Howard House Station. Archive: Art Huneke

4-4-0T No. 4 taking on water - East New York engine house c. 1895
Archive: Dave Keller Note: Rogers is the builder (see above).
   LIRR 2-4-6T Mason Bogie at Engine House - 1890 (Huneke).jpg (78068 bytes)
2-4-6T Mason Bogie at Engine House 1890 
Archive: Art Huneke
0-4-4-T Forney Nos. 159-158-at Baldwin Loco Wks-05-1892.JPG (95985 bytes)
Forney 0-4-4T #159-158 at Baldwin Loco Works 5/1892 Archive: Dave Keller

On 10/1/1898 this locomotive was renumbered to #216. These 0-4-4T tank engines were used in rapid transit service on, for example, Sands Street/Brooklyn Bridge to Rockaway Park runs.

0-4-4T Forney No. 109 - MP Shops - c. 1890.jpg (86675 bytes)
0-4-4T Forney #109 Morris Park shops c.1890 Archive: Dave Keller
0-4-4t No. 109-Rockaway Jct-Summer-1896 (Keller) (2).jpg (79491 bytes)
0-4-4 #109 Rockaway Jct. summer 1896
Archive: Dave Keller
0-4-4t No. 220-Rockaway Jct-Frank Hawkins on Engine-c. 1896 (Keller).jpg (112102 bytes)
0-4-4T #220 Rockaway Jct. Frank Hawkins on Engine c.1896 Archive: Dave Keller
 2-4-4t 211 with train-at Station-Oriental Hotel-Manhattan-Beach_1898.jpg (105303 bytes)
2-4-4T #211 with train at Station Oriental Hotel - Manhattan Beach 1898 
Archive: Dave Keller
LIRR-no.38_4-4-0_Tank-Engine_c.1888.jpg (92692 bytes)
LIRR 4-4-0 #38 Tank Engine c.1888 at Woodhaven Junction

Built June 1867 as a 4-4-0 by Schenectady Construction No. 450 - named the "Thurlow Weed" rebuilt 1885 for rapid transit service on the Atlantic Division - photo circa 1888

Note: Check out that outside bearing pilot truck with fenders and equalizer 

Station-Sag Harbor-Forney_0-4-6T 327-View E - 1903 (Keller).jpg (104066 bytes)
Forney 0-4-6T #327 Station Sag Harbor View E 1903 Archive: Dave Keller
0-4-0T_321-Shop Switcher-Morris Park Shops-c. 1920.jpg (110130 bytes)
0-4-0T #321 Morris Park shop switcher c.1920