Long Island Rail Road 
Caboose Roster

LIRR #38 at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, Center Moriches, NY Artist: George L. Wybenga

lirr2_N-5B_Garden-City_6-99_SLynch.jpg (115170 bytes)
LIRR #2 N-5B Garden City 06/1999 Photo: Steven Lynch Archive: Dave Keller
Compiled by: Dave Keller (IRCC = Int’l Railway. Car Co.)
(PSC = Pressed Steel Car Co.)
(ACF = American Car & Foundry)
Road #:







In 1914, PRR shops at Altoona built 'the world's first all steel eight-wheel caboose which would become class N5 Research: Bob Kaelin

1 N5 PRR 4/1916
Ex-PRR #477039
Acquired:  1928


C1-East Williston.jpg (70509 bytes)
LIRR #1 East Willston c.1960's 
Photo: Steve Hoskins

Cupola top – Retired: 1975 – Under restoration by Twin Forks Chapter, NRHS – Hicksville, NY

TwinForksNHRScaboose1.jpg (64690 bytes)
Paul Strubeck photo

cab1_5-15-56_(Rugen-Huneke).jpg (93071 bytes)
LIRR #1 Morris Park Yard View NE 5/15/1956 (Rugen-Huneke)

cab1_1976.jpg (91241 bytes)
LIRR #1 1976

2 N5 PRR 6/1916
Ex-PRR #477604
Acquired: 1928  


C2-Hillside.jpg (94690 bytes)
Lirr #2 at Hillside c.1960's
Photo: Steve Hoskins 
Cupola top – Now owned and restored by Friends of Locomotive 35 – Oyster Bay, NY

W2BobbyKaszaMParkc88-89.jpg (49146 bytes)
W2 Morris Park c. 1988-89
Photo: Bobby Kasza

C2-GCity.jpg (39541 bytes)
LIRR #2 in storage at Garden City
Roger Hahn photo 

ACF built a final batch of five N52A in February 1927. These were numbered 10 thru 15 with the exception of number 13, as that was still on the last surviving four-wheeler that wasn't taken out of service until later that year. This number 13 was never reassigned, either. Research: Bob Kaelin

10 N52A ACF 2/1927 Wood

Cupola top
11 N52A ACF 2/1927 Wood

Caboose-11-Holban Yd-Hollis-6-24-56.jpg (66668 bytes)
Holban Yard, Hollis 06/24/56

Cupola top


by Bob Kaelin

12 N52A ACF 2/1927 Wood

C12_Morris-Park-Yard_6-4-56_Rugen-Huneke.jpg (77470 bytes)
C12 Morris Park Yard 6/04/56 (Rugen-Huneke)

LIRRcab12.jpg (31749 bytes)
 Shoreline Trolley Museum in Branford, CT 03/04 '98


Cupola top: Now owned and restored by Friends of Locomotive 35 – Oyster Bay, NY  5/03 

Oyster Bay, NY 11/29/2003
Photo: Dave Morrison

lirrcab12-OBay_1-8-2008_dmorrison.jpg (65341 bytes)
OBRM Oyster Bay, NY 01/08/2008
Photo: Dave MorrisonOBRM06062010RichGlueck.jpg (91077 bytes)
OBRM /06/2010 
Photo: Rich Glueck

13 Bobber Wood

lirr13_Speonk-Frt-in-Patchogue-Team-Yard-1915.jpg (723582 bytes)
Ron Ziel's The Long Island Rail Road in Early Photographs, Dover Publications, New York, 1990

Cupola top 
4-wheeled “Bobber”

Raymond Robinson, Sr., LIRR freight conductor (with mustache) sitting on rear platform of hack. Info: Dave Keller

LIRR Bobber Caboose list:
LIRR Caboose Report 1916 to ICC


14 N52A ACF 2/1927 Wood lirrcab14.jpg (195591 bytes)

C14_1985.jpg (109779 bytes)

Cupola top: Now owned and restored by Railroad Museum of  L.I. - Greenport, NY



C14 Photo: 1985 Valley Railroad, Essex, CT. At that time #14 was owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Sefert. RMLI purchased the caboose and moved it to Greenport, restored it to its 1940's livery and dedicating it on 9/21/2002.


Photo: Joseph A. Tischner 11/03

lirr14RMLIdonfisher.jpg (60984 bytes)
RMLI Dedication Ceremony  Photo/Collection: Donald Fisher 

15 N52A ACF 2/1927 Wood Cupola top

Pressed Steel Car Company (PSC) built 15 N52A in 1925 and these were given the numbers 16 thru 33 with missing numbers 17, 26 and 32 which were still assigned to three of the remaining four-wheelers still in use. Research: Bob Kaelin

16 N52A PSC 1925 Wood Cupola top
17  Bobber Wood Cupola top - 4-wheeled “Bobber”
18 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

Caboose 18, 45 S2-460-Holban Yd- 7-5-54.jpg (153728 bytes)
Holban Yard, C18,C45
Alco S2 #460 07-05-54

Cupola top 
Collection: Dave Keller
19 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

Caboose-19-Wreck-Farmingdale-8-23-43-a.jpg (221035 bytes)

Cupola top  
Wrecked at Farmingdale 8/23/43
Archive: Dave Keller
Caboose-19-Wreck-Farmingdale-8-23-43-b.jpg (183746 bytes)
20 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

Caboose-20-Holban Yd-Hollis-c. 1954.jpg (33366 bytes)
Holban Yard., Hollis c.1954

Cupola top
“Keystone,” Summer 1987 LIRR Caboose roster by Bob Kaelin, the #22 is shown as sold, moved to Manorville June 1957, and then scrapped.
21 N52A PSC 1925 Wood Cupola top
22 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

C22KingsParkErnieLanser-KPmuseum.jpg (51890 bytes)
Kings Park Photo: Ernie Lanser

Cupola top
Collection: Kings Park Museum
23 N52A PSC 1925 Wood Cupola top
24 N52A PSC 1925 Wood Cupola top
25 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

Caboose 29, 25-Holban Yd- 7-17-34.jpg (69647 bytes)
Holban Yard, C29 C25

Cupola top
Collection: Dave Keller
26   Bobber Cupola top - 4-wheeled “Bobber”
27 N52A PSC 1925 Wood lirr27_4-12-56.jpg (86518 bytes)
Cupola top
28 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

LIRR-28_Holban-Yard_6-20-1958_(Rugen-Huneke).jpg (74710 bytes)
Holban Yard 6/20/58 (Rugen-Huneke)

C28 c.1960sDanMyers.jpg (76165 bytes)
Photo: Dan Myers c. 1960's 

The caboose was brought to Middletown as one of the first elements of the Empire State Ry museum in the early 60's. The body of  the caboose was burned in the 70's.

29 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

Caboose-29-Holban Yd-Hollis-6-24-56.jpg (71072 bytes)
Holban Yard, Hollis 06/24/56
Archive: Dave Keller

Caboose 29, 25-Holban Yd- 7-17-34.jpg (69647 bytes)
Holban Yard, C29 07/17/1934
Photo: George Votava Archive:: Dave Keller

C29_Holban-Yard_7-20-58_(Rugen-Huneke).jpg (85881 bytes)
C29 Holban-Yard 7/20/58 (Rugen-Huneke)

C29-SeashoreTrolleyMuseum.jpg (90866 bytes)
Cupola top: Stored at Seashore Trolley Museum Kennebunkport, Maine Photo: Richard Glueck 07/2005


30 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

Caboose30-OyBay-1940.jpg (43050 bytes)
T. Sommer photo

Cupola top 
31 N52A PSC 1925 Wood

Oyster Bay 3/12/51 Photo: Al Jaeger Collection: Craig Zeni

Cupola top
32 Bobber Wood Cupola top - 4-wheeled “Bobber”

Replacement of the four-wheelers on the LIRR began in 1916 with the construction of numbers 33 thru 35 which were steel underframe, eight-wheel cars patterned after the N5 in dimensions and layout except that they were of "composite" construction (having an iron-reinforced wooden superstructure) and were designated as sub-class "N52." Three more of these (numbers 36 thru 38) were built the following year. These six were all built in the LIRR's own shops. Research: Bob Kaelin

33 N52  LIRR Shops 1916 WD Cupola top
34 N52  LIRR Shops 1916 WD

Cabooses 34-50-Holban Yd-4-10-60.jpg (67239 bytes)
#34-50-Holban Yard 4/10/60lirr34_Hollis_5-27-62.jpg (82696 bytes)
#34_Holban Yard 5/27/62

Cupola top Rebuilt 1959 at Morris Park Shops, No bay window, cupola removed Collection:  Dave Keller

Caboose 34 and Freight-Washington St.-Garden City-7-29-53.jpg (87480 bytes)
Washington St., Garden City 07/28/1953 Photo: George E. Votava

35 N52  LIRR Shops 1916 Wood Cupola top
36 N52 LIRR Shops 1917 Wood Cupola top  Hicksville 1954
Collection:  Art Huneke
37 N52 LIRR Shops 1917 Wood Cupola top
38 N52 LIRR Shops 1917 Wood

lirr38_4-14-1963_(Rugen-Huneke).jpg (73358 bytes)
LIRR #38 modified cupola Holban Yard 4/14/1963 (Rugen-Huneke)

Caboose 38-Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck-Center Moriches-4-72.jpg (186749 bytes)
Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck
Center Moriches 04/72
Archive: Dave Keller

lirr38CampPa-Qua-Tuck.jpg (223759 bytes)
Purchased from the LIRR for $100 by Ray Robinson. Currently at: Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, 2 Chet Swezey Rd. Center Moriches, NY 11934

LIRR Caboose Class N52A 1922 Diagram built by ACF #39-48  6/1922-7/1922
Source: Cabin Cars of the Pennsylvania and Long Island Railroads - Caboose Data Book No. 2  N.J. International, Inc.

N52A interior layout diagram - "B" end to the right  Info: Gary Farkash Drawing: Steven Lynch


In the early 1920s, the LIRR started to purchase more of these cars from outside manufacturers. These were almost identical except for variations in the underframe and endsills and became class N52A. The first group was a batch of ten built by American Car & Foundry (ACF) in 1922 and these were numbered 39 thru 48. Research: Bob Kaelin

39 N52A 6/1922 Wood cab39.jpg (55067 bytes) Cupola top C39.jpeg (30480 bytes)
41 N52A 6/1922 Wood Caboose #41 in Blake Ave. Yard, N. of New Lots Ave. on the Bay Ridge Branch. View E. Platform at right background is the New Lots Station of the BMT's Canarsie Line - c. 1948
Info/Archive: Dave Keller
42 N52A 6/1922 Wood Caboose-N22-42-SunnysideYd-LIC-2-48.jpg (66879 bytes) In the snow at Sunnyside Yard, LI City in 02/1948 1948. Info: Dave Keller
43 N52A 6/1922 Wood

LIRR-N52aCaboose43-Greenport-10-5-58(Rugen).jpg (77022 bytes)
reight platform – Greenport, NY – 10/5/58
Bill Rugen photo, Dave Keller archive

Cupola top
44 N52A 7/1922 Wood

C44_H10s107Frt-MtOlivet-c1937.jpeg (74568 bytes)
Photo: John Reschke
Collection: Dave Keller

Cupola top  
45 N52A 7/1922 Wood

Caboose 45-Holban Yard-c. 1948 (Keller).jpg (89398 bytes)
Holban Yard #45 c.1948

Cupola top
Collection: Dave Keller

Caboose 18, 45 S2-460-Holban Yd- 7-5-54.jpg (153728 bytes)
Holban Yard, C18,C45
Alco S2 #460 07-05-54

46 N52A 7/1922 Wood

Caboose-46-DeerPk-1957a.jpg (45011 bytes)
Deer Park 1957 - J. P. Krzenski photo

Cupola top


lirr46westhampton03-31-2003georgewybenga.jpg (170702 bytes)
West Hampton 03/31/2003
Photo: George Wybenga

47 N52A 7/1922 Wood Cupola top
48 N52A 7/1922 Wood Cupola Top.  Wrecked at Glen Cove: 1942 (Robt. Emery data) and scrapped. Number reassigned.
48 NX23A 8/1913 Wood  

lirr48.jpg (50558 bytes)

NX-23_no.48_Morris-Park_4-16-50_(Rugen-Huneke).jpg (80941 bytes)
NX23A  #48

lirr48_NX23_build-date-8-1913.jpg (45371 bytes)
NX23A BLT  8-13 stencil

Bay window: external frame, end platforms. Arrived from the PRR in 1947.

Photo was taken along the Main Line near Woodside c.1948 Info: Dave Keller
Third overpass east of Woodside station, which is 65th Place Info: Albert Waltien

NX23A  #48 at Morris Park yard 4/16/1950 (Rugen-Huneke)
Rebuilt from a 8/1913 outside braced
boxcar: Info: Art Huneke



NX23A #48 stencil build date 8/1913 zoom Info: Art Huneke


49 NX23A



prr_cab478580.jpg (64554 bytes)  
PRR #478580

lirr492754georgewybengawatercolor.jpg (58916 bytes)
LIRR #492754 Watercolor: George Wybenga

 lirr-492754.jpg (101114 bytes)
LIRR #492754
Caboose-49-ArchSt.Yd-LIC-1949.jpg (49657 bytes)
LI City, Arch Street Yard 1949
Photo: Geo. Arnoux 

Bay window: external frame, end platforms. Arrived from the PRR in 1947. Arrived from the PRR in 1947. ex #492754

PRR built Wartime Emergency Cabin Car Bay window

Historical data on this series

NX23 PRR Keystone Article

ex-PRR #492754 LIRR #49 as painted by: George Wybenga. He is noted for watercolor painting of prototypical items.

PRR #492754 Caboose NX23A rebuilt by PRR from external braced framed boxcar. Renumbered LIRR #49 in 1947  Comment: Dave Keller - LIRR Historian

50 N22 IRCC: 5/1958 STL lirr-50_Holban-Yard_6_1_58_Votava-Boland.jpg (80149 bytes)
Holban Yard 6/01/1958 (Votava-Boland)

C50-Richmond Hill.jpg (127172 bytes)
C50 Richmond Hill c.1964+
Photo: Steve Hoskins

N22_50_6-99gcity.jpg (62424 bytes)
06/1999 Garden City
Steve Lynch photo

  C50atObay02-08.jpg (72397 bytes)
11751 'MINEOLA' Oyster Bay 02/2008

Oyster Bay 7/11/09 Photo: Steve Rothaug

C50 N22-interior Photo/Archive: OBRM 

"B end view" Oyster Bay 7/11/09 Photo: Steve Rothaug


When OBRM was located at Mitchel Field, before our move up to Oyster Bay, we were approached by the Mayor of Mineola with the idea of using our caboose as a part of their celebration of their 150th anniversary of Mineola. They paid to move #50 from MF to the grounds of the Library where it was placed on a piece of track and on display for a little over a year. Then they took care of moving it up to our yard where it is placed on a piece of track that our volunteers built where it has resided since then. We also received the piece of track it was sitting on, so since the crane was already paid for, we had the track placed nearby and moved caboose #12 onto it, freeing up a spot in the north west corner of our yard. 11501 is Mineola zip code which they painted with Mineola on both sides. At one time, we had just painted the North facing side, but left the South side with the zip and town name. OBRM-Gary Farkash       Disposition: Last verified 3/2020 OBRM Oyster Bay, NY.

51 N22 IRCC: 5/1958 STL C51-Richmond Hill.jpg (75409 bytes)
Richmond Hill 
Photo: Steve Hoskins
No bay window, no cupola top (renumbered C-51)

CAB 51.jpg (86164 bytes)
Garden City
Photo: Steve Torborg

lirrC-51_ W.Babylon05-04-05kenkatta.jpg (140998 bytes)
West Babylon 5/4/05
Photo: Kevin Katta
lirrC-51WBabylon4-24-05kenkatta.jpg (77799 bytes)
West Babylon 4/24/05
Photo: Kevin Katta
Stored serviceable in West Babylon Maintainer's yard on the Central Branch about 2 miles west of Babylon on the corner of Henry Ave and Albin Ave. It's still there as of 4/13/10 Info: Kevin Katta

Disposition: Owned and rostered by the LIRR, stored in Babylon Team yard off the Central Branch.  Used by the engineering Dept for storage. 3/2020

52 N22 IRCC: 5/1958 STL
Holban Yard 6/01/1958 (Votava-Keller)
No bay window, no cupola top (renumbered C-52)

C52-Holban.jpg (68062 bytes)
C52 Holban Yard
Photo: Steve Hoskins

53 N22 IRCC: 5/1958 STL C53-Holban.jpg (57824 bytes)

C53.jpg (42953 bytes)
Photo: Mike Koehler c. 1980's

No bay window, no cupola top (renumbered C-53) Owned by Friends of Locomotive 35 and donated to Lindenhurst Preservation Society Station Museum – Lindenhurst, NY

lirr53.jpg (36632 bytes)
Tom Brady photo

54 N22 IRCC: 5/1958 STL

C54_06-25-61.jpg (45975 bytes)
C54 6/25/1961  Photo: J. Claflin
Archive: Craig Zeni

No bay window, no cupola top (renumbered C-54)

Stored serviceable in Holban Yard
Info: Paul Strubeck 

C54-Yard A.jpg (84092 bytes)
C54 Yard A  c.1964+ Photo: Steve Hoskins

CAB 54 & 56.jpg (91278 bytes)
Steve Torberg photo

55 N22 IRCC: 5/1958 STL LIRR c55.jpg (125230 bytes) No bay window, no cupola top (renumbered C-55)

56 N22A IRCC: 1961 STL C56-Yard A.jpg (97814 bytes)

forestpark_5-5-72.jpg (81782 bytes)
Forest Park 05/05/1972

li-c56.jpg (58732 bytes)
Steve Torberg photo

Stored serviceable in Holban Yard
Info: Paul Strubeck

 lirrC56.jpg (102590 bytes)
Chris Allen photo 11/1983

CAB 54 & 56.jpg (91278 bytes)
Steve Torborg photo

57 N22A IRCC: 1961 STL C57-Yard A.jpg (75601 bytes)

C57-Yard A_MTA.jpg (106558 bytes)
No bay window, no cupola top (renumbered C-57) Now at Schiff BSA Camp – Wading River, NY

lirrc572.jpg (148411 bytes)
Paul Strubeck photo

58 N22A IRCC: 1961 STL LI58.jpg (43771 bytes) No bay window, no cupola top (renumbered C-58) Now at Tennessee Valley R.R. Museum ITVRM), Chattanooga, TN LIRR58_TVRM.jpg (52770 bytes)

LIR58_BRRR.jpg (24333 bytes)
Info: Steve Smith, (Blue Ridge Rail Restorations - BRRR) prior to TVRM donation Island Rail Preservation LLC - Mike Koehler

lirr58onthemove.jpg (50978 bytes)
TVRM in Chattanooga, TN at loading Photo: Mike Koehler 01-01-80

lirr58Hoosier ValleyRRMuseumNorthJudsonINMikeKoehler01-01-80.jpg (51762 bytes)
Hoosier Valley RR Museum North Judson, IN Photo: Mike Koehler 01-01-80

59 N22A IRCC: 1961 STL   lrrC5908-65HillsideRobertBDunnet.jpg (74276 bytes) C-59 after a repaint in 8/65.  It was taken at the Hillside yd. (Holban).  That's the old Ideal Toy Co. factory in the background.  Photo: Robert B. Dunnet, Archive: John Scala
60 N22A IRCC: 1/61 STL C60-Yard A.jpg (77785 bytes)
No bay window  Renumbered C-60  5/4/'03 Twin Forks Chapter NRHS  Riverhead, NY

C60_Holban-Yard_12-1968.jpg (30952 bytes)
MTA Holban Yard 12/1968

lirrC60KevinGulau.jpg (72759 bytes)
Hicksville Yard 04/29/84
Photo: Kevin Gulau

C60 (new paint-south side).jpg (57646 bytes)
 Joe Lupinacci photo

C60TwinForks.jpg (59516 bytes)
Paul Strubeck photo 2006
Being restored back to the Dashing Dan scheme 

C-60.jpg (73721 bytes)
Paul Strubeck photo 05-07
Riverhead RMLI
61 N22A IRCC: 1961 STL

CAB 61.jpg (94257 bytes)
Renumbered C61
Steve Torberg photo

1992 on the Greenport Fantrip, at Greenport, NY
Stored serviceable in Holban Yard 
Info: Paul Strubeck 

C61_1992.jpg (51223 bytes)
John Volpi photo

1980 LIRR Equipment Diagram - Class N22B - Car #C62-#C70 Archive: Mario Craig


LIRR N22B C63 diagram Info: Joe Vila -Twin Forks NRHS Diagram: Steven Lynch

62 N22B IRCC: 2/05/1963 STL C62-Holban.jpg (49879 bytes) Bay window – Renumbered C-62 – Became NY&A C-62

Location east of Route 110 approx.150'. Photo from end of Republic Station platform

lirrC62_Farmingdale2-16-71PhotoMaywaldArchiveKeller.jpg (88507 bytes)
Farmingdale 02/16/1971 Photo: Henry Maywald Archive: Dave Keller

C62xmascab12-1999GeorgeGreig.jpg (26759 bytes)
Photo: George Greig 12/1999

One time used as a Christmas car, and the NYA considered using it as an executive car at one point.  nyacab1_ex-lirr62.jpg (70945 bytes)
  LIRRrequiredNYAmannedStoneTrainMaspethYard1997.jpg (74498 bytes) LIRR required NYA to man the Stone Train

Photo Location: 
Maspeth Yard 1997

CAB NYAR.jpg (62246 bytes)
Steve Torborg photo
exlirrC62_LIRC105JeffersonvilleIN.jpg (57740 bytes) Now Louisville & Indiana Railroad (LIRC) #105 
Photo Location: Jeffersonville, IN

LIRR N22B C63 diagram Info: Joe Vila -Twin Forks NRHS Diagram: Steven Lynch

63 N22B IRCC: 2/05/1963 STL
C63 new upon arrival-Holban Yd, Hollis, NY
3/03/63 Archive: Dave Keller  Build date: 2/05/63
Bay window  Renumbered C-63  5/4/'03 to Twin Forks Chapter NRHS  Riverhead, NY
C63-Holban.jpg (52375 bytes)

C55Smithtown.jpg (52623 bytes)
Mike Koehler photo

C63-Ronkonkoma-9-25-71.jpg (60054 bytes)
09/25/1971 Henry Maywald photo,  Dave Keller Archive
C63 (new paint).jpg (72664 bytes)
 Joe Lupinacci photo

C-63.jpg (81098 bytes)
Paul Strubeck photo 05-07
Riverhead RMLI

64 N22B IRCC:  2/05/1963 STL

C64-Hillside.jpg (109828 bytes)
Steve Hoskins photo c. 1960's

C64_Speonk_8-10-63_(Rugen-Huneke).jpg (90527 bytes)
C64 Speonk 8/10/63 (Rugen-Huneke)

LIRR64.jpg (44625 bytes)
03-03-1963 J. Clafin photo 
Craig Zeni collection

lirrC64_FreshPainted-MPShops-06-08-77(Keller).jpg (71917 bytes)
LIRR C64 paint shop at Morris Park Shops after receiving a fresh coat of MTA yellow and blue - June 8, 1977 Archive: Dave Keller

C64 5-4-03 south side.JPG (68681 bytes)
 Joe Lupinacci photo 05/04/03
Renumbered C-64  5/4/03 to 
Twin Forks Chapter NRHS  Riverhead, NY

C64paulstrubeck.jpg (74721 bytes)
Paul Strubeck photo 05-07
Riverhead RMLI

toolcartwinforks09-03-07.jpg (73473 bytes)
Used as Tool Car Storage 09/03/07

65 N22B IRCC: 2/14/1963 STL C65-Ronkonkoma.jpg (74221 bytes)
Bay window – Renumbered C-65 – Became NY&A C-65

66 N22B IRCC: 2/14/1963 STL C66_Patchogue_ 3-64_Huneke.jpg (89415 bytes)
C66 Patchogue 3/1964 
Archive: Art Huneke

C66-Sayville80.jpg (37548 bytes)
Sayville 3/80 Photo: Steve Lynch

C66_Yard-A_5-1988_JohnVolpi.jpg (138284 bytes)
Yard A 5/1988 Photo: John Volpi

C66-Holban.jpg (102942 bytes)
early 1960's Photo: Steve Hoskins

C66morrispark01-22-10.jpg (97363 bytes)
Morris Park 01/22/2010 CAB 66.jpg (87617 bytes)
Garden City Photo: Steve Torberg

C66_westend-Jamaica platform _3-1-2016.jpg (122487 bytes)
11th track west end of Jamaica platform

C-66 'Railroad Chick Sherri Hine' Holban Yard 10/11/19 Archive: Mike Pedian

67 N22B IRCC: 2/14/1963 STL lirr67_Sunnyside Yard.jpg (64296 bytes)
LI City -Sunnyside c.1975

C-67 Sunnyside 5/01/1977
Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell

C-67 Sunnyside 3/01/1980
Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell

        CAB 67 - 1988.jpg (63078 bytes)
C-67 1988 Photo: Steve Torberg
C67_VA.JPG (55112 bytes)
Steve Smith photo c. 2000
Update: 2004 RRCX #67  (Radar Railcar Inc) Roanoke VA. 11/2004

Bay window – Renumbered C-67, RVC site in Salem VA  Info: Steve Smith, (Blue Ridge Rail Restorations member)

Disposition: Last verified 3/2020 on the George’s Creek Railway, MD


68 N22B IRCC: 2/14/1963 STL C68-Dunton.jpg (70353 bytes)

C68.jpg (69293 bytes)
Photo: Mike Koehler c.1980's

Bay window – Renumbered C-68 - Now owned and restored by Railroad Museum of L.I. – Riverhead, NY

lirrc68.jpg (17842 bytes)
Rich Gorddard  photo

C68 HOLBAN YARD QUEENS NY APRIL 14 1963 (Rugen-Huneke).jpg (69858 bytes)
 Holban Yard 4/14/63

69 N22B IRCC: 2/14/1963 STL
C69 10/10/1964 Photo/Archive: Joseph P. Saitta

C69_1-83.jpg (80449 bytes)
C69 1/1983 


lirr69_10-17-2007_2.jpg (26271 bytes)
Hicksville west of station
C69-Holban.jpg (40792 bytes)
Bay window – Renumbered C69
Stored serviceable in Holban Yard
Info: Paul Strubeck 


lirr69_10-17-2007.jpg (29633 bytes)
Empty ballast train
Hicksville west of station

CAB 69.jpg (78255 bytes)
Photo: Steve Torberg

70 N22B IRCC: 2/14/1963 STL

C70-Holban.jpg (68557 bytes)
C70 c.1964+ Archive: Bill Phillips

li-c70.jpg (71190 bytes)
C70 Ronkonkoma NY 01/29/72
 Photo: Henry Maywald

C70.jpg (66593 bytes)
Mike Koehler photo

lirrC70scrap.jpg (32869 bytes)
Photo: Harry Hassler

Disposition: Renumbered C-70 Sent to NY&A  Burned, was awaiting scrapping on Gershow siding - Bay Ridge branch, Brooklyn. (2003)  Offered to Twin Forks NRHS for pillaging before scrapping, as the fire did too much damage to salvage the car. Now scrapped. 


        cab56_MW1_consist.jpg (158608 bytes)

cab51.jpg (119793 bytes)

cab56_MW1.jpg (114921 bytes)

Special Instruction 1038-J-2 and on ETT 1967: "1160-E Cabin cars numbered 62-70 inclusive and No. 80 are restricted between Dunton and Brook account close side clearance."  Info: Paul Strubeck

Photos: Steve Hoskins unless otherwise noted.

LIRR's Caboose Fleet: 21st Century Status
#1 Twin Forks scrapped c.2015.
#2 owned by OBRM. Scrapped 2018.
#12 Owned by OBRM
#14 Greenport RMLI
#22 Keystone,” Summer 1987 LIRR Caboose roster by Bob Kaelin, the #22 is shown as sold, moved to Manorville June 1957, and then scrapped.
#29, at the Seashore Trolley Museum, in Kennebunkport, MA. To be relocated Spring 2020 to South Portland, MA that already contains 800 feet of former track, still intact, to be restored and used as an Air B&B.
#38 at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, Center Moriches, NY verified 3/2020
C-50 OBRM.
C-51 is buried (behind other cars) in the Babylon team yard.
C-52 Used by NYA in 2019 on the Positive Train Control (PTC) test train.
C-53 Owned by Lindenhurst Historical society-Donated by OBRM
C-54, C-56, C-61, C-66 (to-be President's Car), sat idle in Holban for a number of years before being moved out some time ago, still on property although likely going somewhere.. [LIRR]
C-56 see above. [LIRR]
C-57 located at Schiff Scout Reservation in Wading River
C-58 was the one at TVRM, now at the Hoosier Valley Museum, North Judson, IN
C-60 to Twin Forks & restored, now at Transit Museum.
C-61 see above. [LIRR]
C-62 went to NYA and is now on LIRC as their 105.
C-63 to Twin Forks, Riverhead.
C-64 to Twin Forks, Riverhead.
C-65 also went to NYA and stays idle in Fresh Pond.
C-66 see above.
C-68 Riverhead RMLI.
C-69 is also on property, the only hack to receive reflective striping. [LIRR]
C-70 Scrapped. 

LIRR's Steel Caboose Fleet: N22 Class Paint Schemes 

LIRR's Steel Caboose Fleet:  Vol.12, No. 3  Twin Forks Chapter  "The Railway Post Office" 

"... As delivered, all of the new hacks were painted in bright safety orange paint, with a black chassis, trucks and lettering, as well as yellow handrails. On the sides were the "Dashing Dan" logo placed above the all capital, block style sans-serif "LONG ISLAND" lettering. [This is the N22x class series delivered 05/1958 - 02/14/63, Units 50-71: Info: Dave Keller]
C56-Yard A.jpg (97814 bytes) C-56 N-22A Yard A Photo: Steve Hoskins

In the 1970's, the colors of the fleet were modernized to correspond with the new Metropolitan Transportation Authority colors, those being blue and yellow.  Hack C-51 was among the first to be repainted, and featured an all yellow car body, blue roof and ends, as well as a large 2 tone light blue/dark blue "M" logo on the end, with small hand drawn numbers in the center.  Hacks C-60 and C-80 received a similar scheme but had blue ends and yellow sides.
C60 (new paint-south side).jpg (57646 bytes) LIRR N22A C-60 Photo: Joe Lupinacci RMLI re-paint

lirr80.jpg (19013 bytes) ex-LIRR C-74 re-numbered C-80 1963 Holban Yard, NY Archive: NYO&W THS

c-80.jpg (26991 bytes) C-80 10/72 Hicksville Photo: Ed Conklin  NYO&W THS 

A more refined paint scheme came about soon after, with a crisper decal appearance, italicized LONG ISLAND along the sides, as well as a smaller "M" logo on the end, which was to be removed from most hacks later on; leaving just the LONG ISLAND lettering. The colors remained the same for the most part with yellow car bodies, blue roofs, steps and doors. C57-Yard A_MTA.jpg (106558 bytes) C-57 N22A Yard A, LI City, Photo: Steve Hoskins

Fast forwarding into current times, most of the hacks that are still owned by the LIRR that have since been repainted back to all orange, but with blue roofs and steps, and only their numbers on the sides. There are some exceptions to this as hack C-51 is all orange with a black roof, and black non-italicized "LONG ISLAND" on the side. C-61 retained its yellow and blue paint, and features a special name plaque in honor of Freight Conductor J. J. Sherman.   

In the early 1990's, N22b C-66 was sent to Blue Ridge Rail Restorations, where it was rebuilt and upgraded with new seats, floors and the like; and was to be used as the "Presidents Car". This car was also painted back into the Dashing Dan scheme...."

The orange and blue hacks were repainted by the LIRR in the late 1990's: Info: Paul Strubeck

51: New LIRR Blue/Orange hack scheme
  CAB 51.jpg (86164 bytes) Photo: Steve Torborg 

54, 56: New LIRR Blue/Orange hack scheme
CAB 54 & 56.jpg (91278 bytes) Photo: Steve Torborg

60: Being restored back to the Dashing Dan scheme
C60TwinForks.jpg (59516 bytes) Photo: Paul Strubeck 2006

69: New LIRR Blue/Orange hack scheme
lirr69_10-17-2007_2.jpg (26271 bytes) C-69 10/16/2007 Hicksville on the spur off of the siding just west of Hicksville station.
 Photo: Ray Muntz 10/16 

Special Thanks to Paul Strubeck for input/photos/and documentation. 10/27/2007