LIRR Equipment Development

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Morris Park Shops with a huge fleet variety represented in April 1977 Photo: Tim Darnell
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NYA #270 (GP38-2) LIRR #405 (DE30AC) LIRR #1391 (Passenger Car) 
Riverhead  NY 2/14/2006
Collection: Paul Strubeck
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Jamaica from the recently completed 
east end walkway   01/2006
Photo: Kyle Mullins
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 MP54 with the M1 peeking up from behind;
taken from W/B platform at Jamaica Station looking east towards Union Hall Street.
 October, 1970 Photo: Rich Glueck
H16-44-1509-G5s-24-RS1-465-OyBay-19.jpg (50479 bytes)
FM H16-44 #1509, G5s #24 and ALCO RS1 #465 laying up on the four former "engine house" tracks at Oyster Bay in 1951.  Behind the FM unit are visible two more steamers. 
Collection: Dave Keller
AlcoRS1_461-lirrG5_01-23-55_Obay_v2.jpg (50099 bytes)
Alco RS1 #461and G5  01-23-55
Photo: Henry Maywald

"...Beautiful selection again. Each one is a classic in it's own right, since each tells a different aspect of the LIRR's development. #1 is Morris Park with a huge fleet variety represented; #2 #3 talks about the mix of modern MU cars; #4 is the passing of an era when LIRR was built in the 20th Century, and passed into the 21st; #5 is the railroad I came to know and love in the early 1950's, and the era I will always love best; #6 just blows me away, since it could possibly be re-enacted, but the original scene is preserved in color no less!..."  Richard Glueck 01/18/07