A popular scheme was green trim and dark green* below the windows and white/or cream upper story above. I think that was typical of PRR buildings.

There was also a gray trim and gray below the windows with white above. I saw that on a color shot of the old CI station.

I don't think there was ever an "official" color scheme. It seems the railroad painted the depots with whatever wholesale lot of paint they acquired.

In the mid 1960s, PD tower was painted white with "PINK" trim. 

Some OLD photos I've seen in black and white, the entire depot was painted some dark color with dark trim. I have no idea what that dark color may have been, but Rich Glueck's  suggestion of maroon might not be too far off the mark.


When I photographed Bellmore, it was white body with red trim . . . a LOT of red was used.

Massapequa Park (shelter shed) was pale green body and dark green trim

Shelter shed at Great River was white with dark green trim

Old Patchogue when I was a kid was white with dark green trim

Glen Cove, Glen St. was white and dark green, too

It seemed like the railroad painted their structures whatever paint they had on hand at the time they needed painting.  Doesn't appear to ever have been a "standard," although I've seen the white with dark green on more stations than not.  

Info: Dave Keller


* The official color name (and it might be an old Benjamin Moore or Dutch Boy or Sherwin Williams color name) was "parkway green". I learned that through official sources back in the early 60's. Info: Richard F. Makse.