LI Trolley Memories   

Traction-SuffolkTract-1-1912.jpg (71391 bytes)
Suffolk Traction Co.East on Main Street  Patchogue 1912
Archive: Dave Keller

  huntingtonstationtrolleyview.jpg (85845 bytes)
Huntington Station, NY Trolley View

halesitepostofficetrolley.jpg (54817 bytes)
Halesite, NY Post Office Trolley post card. Postmarked Nov 27, 1910 
 Dave Morrison: Archive
Hicks trolley painting.jpg (95586 bytes)
HIcksville, N Y Trolley Painting
BCRR-RPO-Psgr-Car-5-Bldrs-Photo-Brill-1895.jpg (65140 bytes)
Bklyn City RR RPO Psgr Car #5 Brill Builder photo 1895 Archive: Dave Keller
BCRR-RPO-Psgr-5-Closeup-Postal-Logo-1895.jpg (67404 bytes)
Bklyn City RR RPO Psgr Car #5 Closeup Postal Logo 1895 Archive: Dave Keller
Hicks trolley painting closeup.jpg (29538 bytes)
HIcksville, NY Trolley Painting Close-up

Some trolley companies were awarded Postal runs, just like the railroad, but, as they only carried the mail across town, were not too profitable and, once trucks came onto the scene, they lost their bids to carry the mail, whereupon the cars were rebuilt into all passenger trolleys, or into combines, or full baggage cars, pay cars or service cars, i.e. salt cars, tool cars, etc. 

Second scan is a close-up of the Postal Service logo.  Barely unchanged until it was redrawn completely in, I believe, 1974. Historical Info: Dave Keller