Long Island Rail Road Water Tanks

 Water Tower - Pump House-Manorville-6-1904.jpg (97427 bytes)
Water tower and pump house, Manorville junction - View looking northwest from the
trackside hotel roof.  Tracks visible at far right are the spur to Eastport.
06/1904 Archive: Dave Keller

Station-Manorville-Water-Tank-Jct-East-9-27-06 (1).jpg (81496 bytes)
 Manorville Jct. Station Water Tank East 9/27/1906
Archive: Dave Keller


BabylonWaterTank_c.mid1940KennethE.jpg (148042 bytes) 
Babylon mid-1940's at MP36 view NE
Photo: Kenneth E. White Archive: Jim Gillin


MU Train passing Water Tower-Babylon Yard-3-8-47.jpg (100871 bytes)
MU Train laying up on lead track at Babylon yard, across from water tower and double spouts 3/8/1947
(George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive)

LI City 1955 two tracks of Montauk branch in foreground.  View looking West.
(Art Huneke archive)

LIRR_oct21-1913 Old Flushing Old Queens, NY by Seyfried and Asadorian.jpg (1080137 bytes)
Old Flushing Old Queens, NY 10/21/1913 
by V. Seyfried and Asadorian

Water Tank Deer Park Ave. crossing Babylon
View W - 1907 (Dave Keller archive)
Bridgehampton undated.jpg (52846 bytes)
Collection: Dave Morrison
Cold Spring Harbor.jpg (97799 bytes)
Cold Spring Harbor - 1870
Collection: Dave Morrison
Far Rockaway undated.jpg (75703 bytes)
Far Rockaway
Collection: Dave Morrison
Garden City 27Jan1919.jpg (122084 bytes)
Garden City - 01-27-19
Collection: Dave Morrison
Water Tower - Greenport - 1952.jpg (140327 bytes)
Greenport - 1952
Collection: Dave Keller
Hicksville plug undated.jpg (80019 bytes)
Hicksville Plug
Collection: Dave Morrison
Hicksville 1939.jpg (99830 bytes)
Hicksville 1939
Collection: Dave Morrison
Station-Hicksville-Water Tower-1910.jpg (71258 bytes)
 New Hicksville Station Water Tower 1910 
view E Archive: Dave Keller
Huntington 1January1935.jpg (88055 bytes)
Huntington 1/01/1935 (Dave Keller archive)
Huntington 4March1942.jpg (83403 bytes)
Huntington 03/04/42
Collection: Dave Morrison
Jamaica daytime postcard.jpg (86266 bytes)
Jamaica - Day
Collection: Dave Morrison
Jamaica night time postcard.jpg (91909 bytes)
Jamaica -  Night
Collection: Dave Morrison
Twin Water Towers and Camelback -  Jamaica - 1899.jpg (51260 bytes)
Twin Water Towers and Camelback 1899
Jamaica - (Hal Fullerton photo, Dave Keller archive)

Jamaica Water tanks and tracks View E from platform roof -1903  Archive: Dave Keller

Turntable-Water Tank-Coaling Facilities-Wheelspur Yd.-LI City - 07-07-1919 (Dave Keller archive)

S1 #405 switching PRR coach past water tank
LI City - 1954 Archive: Dave Keller

LI City water tank - 1954 Archive: Dave Keller

Long Beach water tower - View  NW 1892
Archive: Dave Keller

Maspeth water tank 8/01/1944
Water Tower - Closeup - Mattituck - c. 1905.jpg (25193 bytes)
Mattituck c. 1905
Collection: Dave Keller
Water Tower and Station Facilities - Mattituck - c. 1905.jpg (76662 bytes)
Mattituck - c. 1905
Collection: Dave Keller
WaterTowerMontauk-c.1955.jpg (89139 bytes)
Montauk c.1955 View SE

Oyster Bay water tank 1938
(T. Sommer-D. Keller)

H10s at Oyster Bay 1940
T. Sommer photo, Dave Keller archive

G5s #28 Oyster Bay yard  - View E 1951
Photo: Norman Kohl  Archive: SUNY Stony Brook

Patchogue view W  5/1943
(Frederick Weber photo, Dave Keller archive)

Patchogue Railroad Ave - View S  7/1943
(Frederick Weber photo, Dave Keller archive)

Riverhead Emery collection July1942.jpg (52720 bytes)
Riverhead 1942 Emery Collection
Photo: Dave Morrison
Riverhead Emery collection 1950.jpg (107876 bytes)
H10s #108 westbound freight Riverhead c.1951


Riverhead water tank/turntable c.1948

Rockaway Park - BRT 0-4-4T Forney #71 1901 Photo: Harold B. Fullerton
Archive: Queens Library


Ronkonkoma postcard udated.jpg (49747 bytes)
Collection: Dave Morrison
Water Tower - Closeup - Ronkonkoma - 1915.jpg (42675 bytes)
 Ronkonkoma  1915
Collection: Dave Keller
Smithtown circa 1878.jpg (59806 bytes)
Smithtown c. 1878 (George Brainerd photo, Dave Morrison archive)
Smithtown postcard 1907.jpg (59861 bytes)
Smithtown 1907
Collection: Dave Morrison
Smithtown LIRR 107 1952.jpg (123888 bytes)
Smithtown LIRR 107- 1952
Collection: Dave Morrison
Smithtown Feb 1953.jpg (129749 bytes)
Smithtown 02/53
Collection: Dave Morrison
Smithtown plug 25March1953.jpg (70027 bytes)
Smithtown plug 03/25/53
Collection: Dave Morrison
Water Tower and Pump House - Speonk - 1971.jpg (140657 bytes)
Water Tower and Pump House 
Speonk 1971 (Dave Keller photo and archive)
Wading River circa 1919.jpg (247676 bytes)
Wading River c.1919
Collection: Dave Morrison
Water Tower, Pump House, Station Facilities - Wyandanch - 1903.jpg (65958 bytes)
Water Tower, Pump House, Station Facilities Wyandanch 1903 Collection: Dave Keller

Upton Jct. LIRR #1556 RS-3 
Fan Trip 4/21/1968
(Dave Keller archive)
Water Tower - Upton Jct - 1968.jpg (58746 bytes)
Upton Jct. 1968  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
Water Tank Outside Engine House - Bay Ridge, NY - c. 1937 (Dave Keller archive)