D56No.2-East-Medford-c.1905.jpg (76826 bytes)
D56 (4-4-0) #2 eastbound at Medford c. 1905. What’s interesting about the shot is that the station is not yet a train order office.  You’ll notice that the semaphore mast that appears in front of the depot in the November 20, 1907 image has not yet been erected in this view!

ticket_Flatbush-Patchogue-or-Medford_8-1928_RMakse.jpg (103569 bytes)
Commutation ticket August, 1928 - Brooklyn (Flatbush) 
to Patchogue OR Medford Archive: Richard Makse

Suffolk_County - Ronkonkoma-Plainfield_Hyde-1909.jpg (559647 bytes)
 Ronkonkoma to Plainfield - 1909 Hyde Map

Form31-TrainOrder-Medford-1909.jpg (122626 bytes)
A form 31 train order issued at the Dispatcher’s Office “X” in Long Island City and copied at the Medford train order office on September 9, 1909. A form 31 order differed from a form 19 order in that a form 19 order was caught on the fly by the train crew from train order hoops or sticks held up to the moving train by the operator. A form 31 order had to be signed by both the conductor and engineer at the train order office. This order was copied by operator E. C. Wright and signed by engineer Sylvester P. Doxsey . . .a well-know LIRR veteran. There was no conductor’s signature on this order as engineer Doxsey was operating 4-4-0 locomotive #97 light westbound through Medford. No conductor present in the cab . . . . only his fireman. Note the order was not addressed in its customary manner to “C&E No. ___” but, rather to “Engr. Eng 97.” (Dave Keller archive)

1-Station-Medford-Blk Signal-1910.jpg (83702 bytes)
Station at Medford with old semaphore train order signal and attached agent’s housing.  Agent and family posing on platform.  View looking southeast. Patchogue-Port Jefferson Road (later Rt. 112) crossing in foreground, close to station.  Also notice the absence of the ticket office bay window - 11/20/1907  (Dave Keller archive)

Looking due west at Medford station it appears a group of men have trimmed and uprooted a tree adjacent to the living quarters of the depot building and have balled the roots.  When compared to the c. 1922 LIRR valuation image below, the tree is no longer in place.  Note the semaphore block signal trackside and the sole shuttered upstairs window on the east side of the building. (Harold Fullerton photo, Queens Library collection via Jeff Erlitz)

3-Station-Medford-MD Signal-c. 1922.jpg (99144 bytes)
Station at Medford – LIRR valuation photo – view looking southeast. Notice all the miscellaneous items out front awaiting to be loaded on the next eastbound train.  Notice an upstairs window has been added to the west side of the agent’s living quarters as well as a ticket office bay window added to the front of the depot to allow the block operator greater visibility down the track.  Also notice that the old, narrow, Patchogue-Port Jefferson road still crosses close to the station – c. 1922 (Courtesy of Art Huneke)
 2-Station-Medford-MD Signal-c. 1922.jpg (116903 bytes)
Station at Medford – LIRR valuation photo – view looking southwest – c. 1922 (Courtesy of Art Huneke)
4A-Station-Medford-MD Block Signal - c. 1937.jpg (133477 bytes)
“MD” block signal at Medford. View looking east. Notice that the depot building is now substantially further back from the signal mast.– 11/10/32 (Hart photo for the Public Service Commission, Courtesy of Art Huneke)

 5-Station-Medford-MD Block Signal - close-up - c. 1934.jpg (72023 bytes)
“MD” block signal at Medford . View looking east, 11/10/32. Notice that between the 1922 image above and this 1932 image, the depot has been moved further east of the crossing and further south of the tracks, making the location of the signal mast quite some distance away from the depot, requiring long tie-rods to operate the signal mechanism. Also, flashing lights and concrete stanchions have been installed. The move of this depot is believed by this writer to have been in preparation for the Paved and much-wider Medford Rd., CH 1018, construction of which is evident here. (Hart photo for the Public Service Commission, Courtesy of Art Huneke)

Station-Medford-Medford Ave. Xing-PSC photo-11-10-32.jpg (110036 bytes)
This view 11/10/1932 shows the entire photo, looking northeast complete with center island, concrete stanchions for railroad crossing flashing lights. At the time of this photo, the road was identified as Medford Road, CH1018. I assume this photo was taken prior to preparations being made to rebuild the thoroughfare as State Route 112. (Hart photo for the Public service Commission, Courtesy of Art Huneke)


LIMD1932R.jpg (67483 bytes)
PSC Certification signed by F. J. Hart 11/10/1932 photo
 (Hart document for the Public Service Commission, Courtesy of Art Huneke)
6-Station-Medford-Rt 112 Xing-Team Track-1939.jpg (78243 bytes)
Station at Medford – Elevated view looking southeast, showing the old Dietz kerosene platform lamps still in use, the passenger siding and the team track – 1939. Notice that between the 1932 images and this one, the State Rt. 112 crossing has been constructed and taller flashing crossing lights installed. You’ll also notice that the side depot window has been converted into a door to access the waiting room. 

In this image, the signal mast and semaphore block signals have been removed (sometime after February 26, 1939) and replaced with “MD” block limit signals only. The building at the far right housed both The Leading Barber and the A&P grocery store. (Dave Keller archive) 

6A-Station-Medford-Rt112XingTeamTrack-1939close-up.jpg (87832 bytes)
This view is a close-up of the preceding 1939 elevated scene, to provide better detail around the depot area.
Archive: Dave Keller

Station-Medford-Jan-1940.jpg (133056 bytes)
Another view of the station looking directly west with the Public Service Commission pre-construction sign in place in preparation for the grade elimination project that will begin in several months. This wintry scene was shot sometime in January-February, 1940. (F. J. Hart photo for the PSC, Dave Keller archive)

7-Station-Medford-MD BLS-4-1940.jpg (93666 bytes)
Station at Medford with “MD” block limit signals and a lone box out front awaiting to be loaded on the next train east – View looking southeast in April, 1940, just prior to its demolition and the grade elimination project. The little structure is looking worn and weary.  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)  
Emery-Map-Medford - MP 54 - MP 55.jpg (221747 bytes)
Emery map showing Medford MP 54-55 pre-1940 and post-1940 grade elimination. (Dave Keller archive)
8-Station-Medford-Team-Track-Pass-Siding-West-4-1940.jpg (82245 bytes)
Station at Medford with “MD” block limit signal looking west towards the westbound express/freight house on the other side of the Rt. 112 crossing.  At the right can be seen the passing siding and to the far right, the team track – 4/19/40.  This view and the others posted here taken on the same day are just prior to the demolition due to the start of the grade elimination project. (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
9-Station-Medford-Frt-House-Team-Track-Pass-Siding-East-4-1940.jpg (93708 bytes)
The westbound express/freight house at Medford, looking east towards the Rt. 112 crossing and the depot building.  At the left is the passing siding and at the far left, the team track – 4/19/40  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
10-Station-Medford-Rt112-Xing-South-4-1940.jpg (83026 bytes)
Route 112 crossing at grade looking south from in front of the Sinclair gas station: 4/19/40.  At the left can be seen the old St. Sylvester’s Roman Catholic church, built in 1912.  During the grade elimination and widening of Rt. 112 in 1940, it was moved back 30 feet from its original location, the building cut in half along its width and the middle filled in with new construction to make the church larger.  A “new” St. Sylvester’s church on Ohio Avenue was dedicated on Christmas Eve, 1953, making yours truly one of the last children to have been baptized in the original church building.  It remained standing, unused and falling apart until it was torn down for the new showroom / offices of the former Island Coal and Lumber Co. which was renamed at the time to Triangle Pacific.  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
11-Station-Medford-Rt112-Xing-South-4-1940.jpg (80657 bytes)
Another view of Route 112 crossing at grade looking south, only closer to the tracks.  The concrete, center island crossing lights are visible as the only means of crossing protection – 4/19/40  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)  

11A-G5s-31-Trn204-Medford-East-4-19-40.jpg (57982 bytes)
G5s (4-6-0) #31 is pulling train #204 into the station at Medford on 4/19/40.  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)


11B-G5s-49-Trn-Medford-West-1940.jpg (55336 bytes)
G5s (4-6-0) #49 is pulling a train westbound east of Medford station, approaching the overgrade crossing of the LIRR’s Main Line by Horseblock Road  – 1940  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
17-Station-Medford-Rt 112-Xing-North-4-1940 (1).jpg (90233 bytes)
Rt. 112 crossing at grade, looking north – 4/19/40.  The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) store at left; concrete, center island flashing lights in center. Medford village in background.  St. Sylvester’s R.C. Church at right.   (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
18-Station-Medford-Rt 112-Xing-North-4-1940 (2).jpg (110298 bytes)
Rt. 112 looking north towards the grade crossing – 4/19/40.  At the left is the Medford Hotel and at the right is Weissberger’s Store.  The photographer is standing in front of what would, a few years later, be the memorial park for those local men lost in the subsequent World War. (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
19-Station-Medford-Moving-Store-Rt 112-Grade-Ellim-4-1940.jpg (73575 bytes)
The building housing the A&P store and the Leading Barber has been removed from it’s original location, trackside and has been moved north along Rt. 112 to its new location on the north side of  Robinson Avenue, north of Island Coal and Lumber Company, and on the east side of Rt. 112.  Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)


20-Station-Medford-Close-up-Store-Window-4-1940.jpg (165068 bytes)
Here’s a close-up of the A&P store’s front window.  This will not only give you an idea of the prices that were prevailing in April, 1940, but will also show you the size of the average grocery store of the time.  The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company was one of the first grocery store chains to open and one could be found in most Long Island towns.   (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)

Medford Mail-Medford Grade Elimination Begins-05-08-40.jpg (1098716 bytes)
21-Station-Medford-Grade-Elim-in-Progress-Rt 112-North-Summer-1940 (1).jpg (118078 bytes)
We’ve now moved along into the Summer of 1940 and we see Rt. 112 has been torn up and construction is underway for the grade elimination project.  This portion of the state road was depressed slightly and the LIRR’s tracks raised, to allow for less of a steep grade for either mode of transportation.  View is looking north, with the Medford Hotel at the left and Weissberger’s Store at the right.  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
22-Station-Medford-Grade-Elim-in-Progress-Rt 112-North-Summer-1940 (2).jpg (110183 bytes)
Again, we’re at Rt. 112 looking north during the construction process.  It’s Summer, 1940 and in the background, behind the crane and below the old Texaco sign, we can make out the LIRR’s temporary tracks, while the raised grade is visible at the left for the new tracks.  In the right background can be seen St. Sylvester’s R.C. Church .  Compare this view with the similar view prior to construction, shot in April that year.  You can see where the church building has been cut in two, stretched out to enlarge the structure and filled in with new construction.  This is evidenced by the two differing shades of roof shingles that do not appear in the April photo.  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
23-Station-Medford-Grade-Elim-Concrete-Forms-Bridge-Abutments-Rt 112-Summer-1940.jpg (97723 bytes)
The concrete trestle abutments are shown here with some of their forms still in place.  The double-wide girder trestle will be placed atop these once the concrete has cured sufficiently.  Summer, 1940  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)


23A-Station-Medford-Grade-Elim-Pouring-Concrete-Footings-Rt 112-Summer-1940.jpg (135755 bytes)
The crew is hard at work pouring concrete along Rt. 112 for the footings of the trestle concrete abutments which will then be formed and poured atop these footings. This Summer, 1940 view is looking south from the LIRR’s temporary tracks. The Medford Hotel is at the right and Weissberger’s store at the left. Note the location of the smaller building at the left with sloped rear roof and compare it with the above, 1922 image of the station to see the station’s pre-1937 relationship to the old main road through town. (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
24-Station-Medford-Grade-Elim-Trestle-Abutments-Temp-Tracks-Raising-Grade-West-Summer-1940.jpg (107802 bytes)
The concrete abutments are now free of their forms and the grade is being raised to reach the elevated level in this view looking west.  The temporary track is visible in the foreground, but, judging by the condition of the ties, the roadbed, and the remains of the old Rt. 112 crossing still visible over these tracks to the left of the remains of the concrete center Island flashing light stanchions, it would seem to me that this temporary track was, in reality, the original team track on the north side of the Main Line, with the western end extended to connect with the Main further west.  It would have saved the LIRR extra time and money to use an already existing track rather than lay a new segment.  (Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
25-Station-Medford-Remains-Express-Hse-NW-1969.jpg (88473 bytes)
Here is the remaining portion of the elevated station’s former express/freight house.  View is looking NW.  Visible is the concrete-blocked former wide express door opening in the wall as well as the high-level express loading/unloading platform for REA trucks.  The end of the team track is seen at the right with railroad-tie-bumpers. When the ticket office portion of this structure was removed from above and the lower portion taken out service some years later, the windows and doors were cement-blocked shut and dirt dumped as fill inside the walls.  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
Medford-Grade-Elimination-Article_9-18-40.jpg (242153 bytes)
Brooklyn Eagle - September 18, 1940 Archive: Dave Keller
1-Station-Medford, NY - View NE-10-24-40 (PSC Completion Photo-Grade Elim of June-Nov 1940).jpg (80452 bytes)
In this October 24, 1940 PSC photograph, LIRR officials are inspecting the project.  The station is soon to be dedicated but the station signs have not yet been hung on the building.  The view is looking northeast and there's already a boxcar spotted on the new team track. All the concrete looks bright white and new.  (Dave Keller archive)
2-Station-Medford-View East - 10-24-40 (close-up) (Grey Scale).JPG (105100 bytes)
This PSC image, taken the same day as the one at the left only from track at the left only from track level, shows the LIRR officials performing their inspection.  The view is east. Check out that neat coupe in the brand new station parking lot!   (Dave Keller archive)
Medford Mail-Medford Grade Elimination Completed-11-13-40  (Page 1).jpg (970430 bytes)
This November 13, 1940 issue of The Medford Mail, a local newspaper that hit the stands every Wednesday, describes the opening/dedication ceremony that was held the previous Saturday, November 9, 1940.  According to the newspaper article, it was well-attended! Source: (Original hard copy issue from the Dave Keller archive).
Medford Mail-Medford Grade Elimination Completed-11-13-40  (Page 2).jpg (1168061 bytes)
4-Station-Medford-New-East-03-31-41.JPG (53591 bytes)
This PSC photo  taken March 31, 1941 shows the station, now in service with the final touches added.  The station sign has been hung and the sidewalk on the near (west) side of Route 112 has been paved.  View is looking northeast.  (Dave Keller archive)
5-Station-Medford-New-East-03-31-41 (2).JPG (49778 bytes)
This image is a close-up of the image at the left to allow for a clearer look at the new depot.  Again, it's from March 31, 1941 and the view is looking northeast. (Dave Keller archive).
12-Station-Medford-Elevated-9-20-58.jpg (84195 bytes)
The elevated Medford station, trackside view looking southeast – 9/20/58.  This yellow brick structure was opened for business on 11/9/40, less than 7 months after the grade elimination project began.  The platform was accessed by stairs on the west side of the structure and a long express ramp on the east side.  The upper level housed the ticket office and waiting room and the lower level housed the freight/express office.  The former block signal designated as “MD” was placed out of service prior to the elimination and was no longer needed afterwards.  The agency closed the year this photo was taken and afterwards, the structure became heavily vandalized, causing the upper portion to be demolished in 1964.  (Irving Solomon photo for the Public service Commission, Dave Keller archive)
Station-Medford-East-6-1959 (Bob-Viken-photo).jpg (122361 bytes)
The elevated Medford station and paved parking facilities looking east from west of the Rt. 112 trestle – June, 1959. The ticket agency has been permanently closed for nine months. The Main Line track is at the right and passing siding is at the left. The rails-within-rails seen between both sets of tracks are to keep derailed equipment from going off the bridge and onto the street below. Nineteen years has elapsed since the grade elimination yet the undergrowth and trees are still sufficiently low enough to be able to see across Long Island Avenue at the left. (Bob Viken photo)
15-Station-Medford-Rt 112 and Trestle-NE-1969.jpg (22403 bytes)
The Double-wide girder trestle over Rt. 112, looking northeast.  The trestle was double wide to allow for the passing siding which was retained after the tracks were elevated.  Sometime after this photo was taken, the passing siding was removed.  The station was reached from the sidewalk by the stairs at the right.  Rt. 112 was slightly depressed and the tracks elevated, so that there wasn’t too much of a steep grade for trains or a rain-water flood under the bridge for the road.  Fill for the grade elimination project was taken from the high spot of land on the west side of North Ocean Avenue, just north of Long Island Avenue in Holtsville, west of the elimination project.  (Dave Keller 1969 photo and archive)
13-Station-Medford-Elevated-North-1960.jpg (60923 bytes)
The rear or parking lot view of the elevated Medford station, looking north in 1960.  The high-level loading platform for Railway Express is visible at the right of the structure.  The new location of the team track was on the south side of the LIRR’s Main Line and to the right of this photo, out of the view.  A ramped, concrete platform was installed for loading/unloading freight cars.  The upper windows have been boarded shut as the ticket agency had been closed 2 years by this time but the lower portion appeared to still be in operation handling freight.  After a few more years, these lower windows would be cement-blocked over.  (Thomas R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
26-Station-Medford-Remains-Express-Hse-North-1969.jpg (120601 bytes)
Another view of the former express/freight house in the elevated station facility, looking north.  Concrete stairs up to the track level at left and express loading dock platform for trucks at the right. – 1969  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
medford_viewW_7-13-63_RMakse.jpg (51874 bytes)
Medford Station view W 7/13/1963 Photo/Archive: Richard Makse
medford_L53_viewE_7-13-63_RMakse.jpg (128217 bytes)
LIRR ALCO S-2 #452 train L53 at Medford Station view E 7/13/1963 Photo/Archive: Richard Makse
Station-Medford, NY (View NE) - 11-63 (Keller).jpg (73079 bytes)
Medford Station  View NE  11/1963 Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Medford, NY (View SE) - 11-63 (Keller).jpg (81061 bytes)
Medford Station  View SSE  11/1963 Archive: Dave Keller

Two views taken of the 1940 depot in November, 1963. The track level ticket office/waiting room is boarded up due to heavy vandalizing but the freight office downstairs appears to possibly be still functioning.  
The depot would be razed the following year, leaving the lower portion closed up and remaining in place until it was removed c. 1996.  Info: Dave Keller

14-Station-Medford-Remains-Elevated Structure-1969.jpg (21152 bytes)
Medford station looking northeast in 1969.  The upper portion of the depot has been removed and the lower portion had its windows blocked over.  A metal shelter shed was installed at track level after the 1964 razing, but was unprotected from the wind and was repeatedly blown over.  After being reinstalled a number of times, the railroad just removed the shelter altogether and it became quite a wind-swept station for the isolated rider or two who would take the train from that stop.  Visible in the background are the high-level REA platform and the express ramp leading up to track level.  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
16-Station-Medford - 7-2001.jpg (73374 bytes)
The new Medford station looking northeast in July, 2001.  This structure was constructed adjacent to the east side of the older structure’s location in 2000-2001, once the older structure was removed.  Part of the old express ramp was retained to be used as a handicapped access ramp to track level, with a switchback added mid-way up the old ramp, to allow people to come off the ramp at the shelter structure instead of halfway down the eastern end of the platform.  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
28-Station-Medford-Shelter-Shed-Track-Level-West-5-1988.jpg (121575 bytes)
The first shelter shed to be erected in about 20 years.  This shelter shed is in place at the old ticket office location.  View is looking west.  Double girder trestle is visible to the right, but the passing siding which shared the trestle has been pulled up. The edge of the platform is crumbling.  With the white paint long gone, the blocked-up express door is clearly visible on the lower structure as is also a part of the express ramp at the left  – 5/88  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
29-Station-Medford-Shelter-Shed-Exp-Ramp-Track-Level-West-5-1988.jpg (123013 bytes)
Another view of the 1988 shelter shed and station facilities, only taken from further east on the platform, showing a good view of the express/baggage ramp at the left.  The Medford Hotel, visible in the 1940s images is still visible to the far left. Compare the earlier view with the abutments under construction and see how many trees have grown up around the tracks in 48 years! (Dave Keller photo and archive)
30-Station-Medford-Shelter-Shed-Track-Level-East-5-1988.jpg (123176 bytes)
The shelter shed looking southeast.  At the left is the express/baggage ramp heading up/down and in the distance you can just make out the connection of the team track to the main. – 5/1988  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
Medford-viewW-Cab-C3-Summer2006_RobertAnderson.jpg (58631 bytes)
Medford view W from Cab C3 Summer 2006 
Photo/Archive: Robert Anderson
Medford-Station-sign_3-5-19_Morrison.jpg (211661 bytes)
Medford Station - Welcome Sign 3/05/2019 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
Medford-Station_viewN_3-5-19_Morrison.jpg (113810 bytes)
Medford Station - View N with TVM installed curbside 
3/05/2019 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

Medford General Orders: Grade Elimination Project
Archive: Art Huneke

LIGO1223.jpg (91394 bytes)
G.O. #1223   June 7, 1940 This general order places the original Medford passenger and freight stations, “MD” block station and siding out of service, and states that a temporary track has been placed in service, in preparation for the start of the grade elimination project.
LIGO1301K.jpg (49837 bytes)
G.O. #1301  June 7, 1940  This general order advises that the temporary main track, north of the original main track, is now in service.
LIGO1402.jpg (72209 bytes)
G.O. #1402  September 9, 1940 This general order places all the temporary tracks and facilities out of service and places all the new tracks and elevated facilities in service.
LIGO1406.jpg (95158 bytes)
G.O. #1406  November 2, 1940 This general order places the new, elevated passing siding in service
Medford Team Track

The original Medford team track, prior to the grade elimination completed in September, 1940, was north of the Main track.
8-Station-Medford-Team-Track-Pass-Siding-West-4-1940.jpg (82245 bytes)
The middle track was the passing siding, which was retained and also elevated with the grade elimination but removed some years back and the track along the platform was the Main.
Emery-Map-Medford - MP 54 - MP 55.jpg (221747 bytes)
The trestle installed over Rt. 112 was a two track girder trestle, carrying both the Main track and the passing siding. To keep the team track on the north side of the tracks was prohibitive as it would have been separated from the freight office by the embankment and thereby carloads spotted there along with people off-loading merchandise wouldn’t have been able to have been conveniently or adequately supervised so it was placed along the south side of the embankment, just a short distance from the “new” freight/express office. 
15-Station-Medford-Rt 112 and Trestle-NE-1969.jpg (22403 bytes)
Thus the new team track went along the south side of the Main, down the ramp and just a hop, skip and jump away from the freight office, which was housed in the downstairs portion of the 1940 elevated depot building. The freight/express office remained in use for some time AFTER the ticket office/waiting room at track level was removed from the structure due to heavy vandalism. When it was no longer manned, the windows and doors were cement blocked over and the structure remained in place as is until the new Medford station facilities were constructed on the site c. 2000. The old baggage ramp from the freight/express house was used as the handicapped access ramp to the track level platforms
16-Station-Medford - 7-2001.jpg (73374 bytes)                                                           

Ronkonkoma-Holtsville-Medford_1966.jpg (139137 bytes)
      LIRR 1966 map - Ronkonkoma-Holtsville-Medford 

ACL Medford_2-02-1985_JohnVolpi.jpg (103426 bytes)
ACL 50' Plug/Sliding Door boxcar Medford 2/02/1985
NLG Medford NY july 1985_JohnVolpi.jpg (35400 bytes)
NLG (North Louisiana & Gulf) Medford 7/1985
Medford-Team-Track_scrap-loading_11-3-87_EdwardHand.jpg (110988 bytes)
Medford Team Track - Scrap loading 11/03/87
Photo/Archive: Edward Hand 
Railbox Medford _8-01-1985_JohnVolpi.jpg (48426 bytes)
Railbox Medford 8/01/1985
BandM_Medford_9-1986_JohnVolpi.jpg (139712 bytes)
B&M Medford 9/1986
Medford_NS-gon_c.1989_JohnVolpi.jpg (29468 bytes)
Medford NS 50' scrap gondola  c.1989 
Photo/Archive: John Volpi
Medford_Team-Track_c.1989_JohnVolpi.jpg (109903 bytes)
Medford Team Track  c.1989 
Photo/Archive: John Volpi
Medford_CSX-gon_c.1989_JohnVolpi.jpg (118294 bytes)
Medford CSX gondola  c.1989 
Photo/Archive: John Volpi


MedfordTeamviewE-PaulStrubeck.jpg (141827 bytes)
Medford Team track view E 05/13/06 Photo: Paul Strubeck
MedfordTeamviewNW-PaulStrubeck.jpg (139755 bytes)
Medford Team track view NW 05/13/06 Photo: Paul Strubeck
27-Station-Medford-NP-Boxcar-Team-Track-Loading-Dock-1969.jpg (116038 bytes)
A Northern Pacific boxcar is spotted on the team track at the concrete freight ramp and loading/unloading platform.  View is looking NE. – 1969  (Dave Keller photo and archive)  
MedfordTeamviewE-PaulStrubeck51306.jpg (82217 bytes)
Medford Team track - View E 05/13/06 Photo: Paul Strubeck

Medford Team track leased freight ramp originally for Island Coal & Lumber Co., later General Building products which turned into Triangle Building Supply and still serviced by NYA (2017). Photo: Steve Rothaug 
Medford-siding_12-19-2018_SRothaug.jpg (123940 bytes)
Medford Team track - View NE 12/19/2018 Photo: Steve Rothaug 

Medford Team Track was installed in 1940 with the elevation of the station and Rt. 112 grade elimination. Info: Dave Keller

Tunnel Road, Medford

Tunnel Rd., Medford View N 1940  Photo: Albert Bayles Archive: Dave Keller

Tunnel Rd., Medford - LIRRer  3/1951 Archive: Dave Morrison