LIRR Milepost Photos

MP1HunterspointAveLICc1999.jpg (66570 bytes)
MP1 Hunterspoint Ave  LI City view east, north side of tracks, at east end of station platform  c. 1999 Archive:  Dave Keller 
FM-CPA20-5-2005-Trn-B-Bethpage-1952-2 Westbound Main Line train at Bethpage Jct MP 29.jpg (61545 bytes)
MP29 Bethpage Junction - FM CPA20-5 #2005 1952 westbound main line View NE
LIRR-GP38-253_east-B-Tower_viewW-MP29_EdwardHand.jpg (98374 bytes)
MP29 east of  "B" Tower LIRR GP38 #253 
View W Photo: Edward Hand

Train is a westbound push-pull with engineer operating train from a control cab (not visible in photo). Non-electrified Central branch is just visible veering off to the far left in the left background. Info: Dave Keller

05-15-00 Mainline MP33.jpg (75673 bytes)
MP33 05-15-00 Mainline 
MP47_LIRR-606_west-of-Ocean-Ave-Rononkoma_12-28-87_EdwardHand.jpg (136510 bytes)
MP47 West of Ocean Ave., Ronkonkoma  LIRR #606 12/28/1987 Photo: Edward Hand
M1-9877_MP47_Ronkonkoma_3-31-14_EdwardHand.jpg (111748 bytes)
MP47 Ronkonkoma M1 #9877 3/31/14 
Photo: Edward Hand
01-16-03 MP59.jpg (64525 bytes)
MP59 01/16/2003
east of Yaphank station MP59.jpg (112557 bytes)
MP59 east of Yaphank station 
6/01/06  Photo: Nick Kudreyko
Milepost 69 west of AH block limit signal in Calverton.jpg (142991 bytes)
MP69 west of AH block limit
 signal in Calverton 8/11/06 Photo: Nick Kudreyko
MP47westofSmithtownStationLenTorney.jpg (81865 bytes)
MP47 Port Jeff Branch west of  Smithtown Station  
c. 1979 Photo: Len Torney
05-21-01 MP31 Central Branch.jpg (99883 bytes)
MP31 05/21/2001 view W 
Central Branch Photo: Joe Tischner
LIRR_CentralBranch_milepost31_lookingwest_04032011.JPG (87441 bytes)
MP31 Central Branch view W 04/03/2011





MP26-Wantagh_ViewE_2-27-2018_JoeMcMahon.jpg (78121 bytes)
MP26 Wantagh View E 2/27/2018 
Photo/Archive: Joe McMahon
MP27-Seaford_3-04-2018_JoeMcmahon.jpg (112913 bytes)
MP27 Seaford 3/04/2018 
Photo/Archive: Joe McMahon
FM-CPA-20-5_2004_westbound-Deer-Park-Ave-Babylon-MP36_Huneke.jpg (107390 bytes)
FM CPA-20-5 #2004  Deer Park Ave., Babylon MP36
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
east of Babylon station MP36.jpg (56934 bytes)
MP36 East of Babylon station 
5/29/2006 Photo: Nick Kudreyko
lirrMP42Islip02-24-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (65518 bytes)
MP42 Islip 02/24/08
Photo: Mike McDermet
mp43 eastislip.jpg (71505 bytes)
MP43 Montauk Branch  East Islip Irish Lane Photo: Steve Lynch


LIRR-13_1969 Scoot at Montauk Hwy overpass east of Great River MP 45.jpg (111393 bytes)
 MP45 LIRR-13 1969 Scoot at Montauk Hwy 27A overpass east of Great River
lirr610_westbound_Great-River-Bayard-Cutting-Arboretum-Montuak-Hwy-27A_MP45_6-1975_Huneke.jpg (145061 bytes)
MP45 - LIRR #610 westbound  Bayard Cutting Arboretum Montauk Hwy 27A overpass, Great River 6/1975 Photo: Art Huneke
MP45_03-10-08eastMontHwyGrtRiverMikeMcDermet.jpg (77411 bytes)
MP45 03/10/2008 east of Montauk Hwy Overpass Great River Photo: Mike McDermet
westofsayvilleMP49.jpg (102736 bytes)
MP49 west of Sayville
7/13/06 Photo: Nick Kudreyko

MP54.jpg (62828 bytes)
MP54 east of the Patchogue station (Grove Ave) 8-14-06  Photo: Nick Kudreyko

MP60.jpg (48923 bytes)
MP60 east of Moriches Middle Island Road 07-25-06 Photo: Nick Kudreyko
MP63Mastic.jpg (108688 bytes)
MP63 Mastic
MP66 east of the abandoned Center Moriches station.jpg (92361 bytes)
MP66 east of the abandoned Center Moriches station 5-7-06 Photo: Nick Kudreyko
LIRR-DM500_westbound_MP76_EdwardHand.jpg (48512 bytes)
east of Old Depot Road, west of Quogue - LIRR-DM500 westbound 1/17/2017 Photo: Edward Hand
MP81HamptonBays(WestendofNDsiding)2-20-07.jpg (98402 bytes)
MP81 - West of Hampton Bays Station 02/20/07

Watermill MP92 east of Scuttle Hole Road - View W 4/21/1963  (Weber-Morrison)
 MP94Bridgehampton(BHsiding)4-22-07.jpg (86018 bytes)
MP94 Bridgehampton,  BH siding 04/22/07
MP103-original-style-milepost_west-of-Amagansett_relocated-Sag-Harbor-display_5-1977_BillMadden-DaveKeller.jpg (76175 bytes)
MP103 original style milepost from west of Amagansett relocated to former Sag Harbor Express House for display 5/1977 (Bill Madden-Dave Keller)
Note: The bldg is in use as a garden center.
MP104Amagansett_East end of AG Siding_6-10-07.jpg (117587 bytes)
MP104 Amagansett east end of AG Siding 06/10/07
LocustValleyStation-MP29viewE10-1963.jpg (128328 bytes)
Locust Valley MP29 view E 10/1963
MP96SagHarborBranch4-22-07.jpg (147313 bytes)
MP96 Sag Harbor Branch 04/22/07
MP97SagHarborBranch4-22-07.jpg (106439 bytes)
MP97 Sag Harbor Branch 04/22/07