Tour Photo Credits: Richard Lalomia

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Seems like "All trains go through Jamaica" 
LIRR Complex Tour Ticket 03/28/2009

The surviving shop buildings and roundhouse will soon be torn down in favor of a new yard facility.  A wye will replace the turntable and separate maintenance "sheds" will replace the roundhouse.  Provisions have already been put in place for tearing down the crew facilities (Engine house, Foreman's office, Hostler's room, bathrooms and MofE crew rooms).  Two large trailers have been delivered recently and will replace the aforementioned quarters. The building directly behind the roundhouse is next to be demolished.  No dates as to when any of this will happen, but it will be in the distant future.

      Photo: Steven Lynch c.1985

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The hi-lighted buildings in BLUE are the only buildings still standing in Morris Park. Info: Mike DeFantis The Long Island Rail Road Fellowship: Association of Retired and Former Long Island Rail Road Employees  Map: Steve Rothaug
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1973 Building Guide
egend: Steve Rothaug

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View westbound of tunnel under 121st Street

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View eastbound towards Dunton Tower
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1890's Loco Yard Office, track visible westbound to turntable lead


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Safety Stencil on Brick Wall

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LIRR freight move of ballast cars on the Montauk Branch embankment view NE

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The Morris Park Shop turntable remains

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Turntable arch closeup
March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-126.jpg (58477 bytes)
Morris Park roundhouse remains
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LIRR #169, coach #2909, Jet snow blower

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LIRR FA2 #608 Renumbered #3100, 1991 provided HEP to the C-1 bilevels before the FL9AC's arrived on property. "A" end coupled to the end of train.


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LIRR FA2 #608 Renumbered #3100. "B" end coupled to the coaches.
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Inspection Pit, Sanding tower (old coaling tower view), Dunton Tower in background view east

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-99.jpg (46492 bytes)
Sanding tower remains

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-103.jpg (68083 bytes)
LIRR #397 GE 25 tonner
March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-102.jpg (51111 bytes)
LIRR #398 GE 25 tonner

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-127.jpg (64243 bytes)
LIRR Track Crew Truck