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PD Tower Gone 1912-2006

PD Signal History
PD Crew Messages 1929-42
Q&A on Patchogue Operations with J.J. Earl

Photo was shot PRIOR to May 29, 1912, when "PD" tower was placed in service.
The tower is not visible in the photo and the semaphore signals are still in place in front of the ticket office
bay window,  meaning that Patchogue was still the train order office at that time. Archive: Dave Morrison Info: Dave Keller


Patchogue_A-Brief-History_markRothenberg-CarrieLocke.jpg (51322 bytes)
Patchogue: "A Brief History" Patchogue-Medford Library 
Research: Mark Rothenberg & Carrie Locke

 Emery-Patchogue_map-1879_SUNY-Emery.jpg (117436 bytes)
Emery Patchogue map 1879 (SUNY-Emery)

1873 Beers map South Side Rail Road Note: D. Baker corner property of Ocean Ave and LIRR. Future site of the Old Brookhaven Town Hall

Patchogue-zoom_1858_creator-J.Chace_NormanB.Leventhal-Map-Collection_Boston Public Library.jpg (125149 bytes)
Patchogue zoom 1858 Creator: J. Chace Archive: Norman B. Leventhal Map Collection/Boston Public Library
patchEdLangartwork.jpg (258900 bytes)
South Side RR Train Shed 1876 Painting: Edward Lange 
Collection: Queensborough Public Library

Pre-1888 South Side Rail Road

Pre-1888 Schematic MP 53

SSRR turntable and enginehouse, Little Patchogue River 
(later Tuthill's Creek)   Collection: SUNY, Stony Brook Photo: George Brainerd
ssrrwestpatch.jpg (53317 bytes)
South Side RR crossing Patchogue River into 
Train Shed c. 1870 Photo: George Brainerd

Hyde Map 1888 - Patchogue

  Regarding the SSRR’s train shed pictured above by LIRR artist Edward Lange

I thought the artist may have taken “artist’s license”, however, everything else in the painting is realistic which leads me to believe that perhaps he’s correct.  The 3 roof vents are spaced farther apart because this is almost a broadside view.  The photo in Ziel’s book shows them closer together and that’s probably because that shot is almost head-on.  Also, the shed is cut off by the edge of the photo and some trees (?).

Went to Seyfried’s “Volume I:  The South Side Rail Road” and the description for Patchogue station in the back of the book said a “substantial shed” was constructed in July/August, 1869 and it was 220 feet long, definitely a “substantial” shed.

220 feet is the equivalent of four (4) P54 steam cars coupled with the left over 4 feet being taken up by the couplers.  You can’t go by the cars depicted in the painting because they’re not only, most probably, out of scale, but the cars back then weren’t 54 feet long, either!  A 220 feet long shed could have held a 5-car train of 40 feet long varnish coaches plus engine and tender! Info: Dave Keller

LIRR - EARLY PATCHOGUE BEGINNINGS - Patchogue Incorporated in 1893

Old Grist Mill 1908
Patchogue pen and ink.jpg (1514422 bytes)
Patchogue view SE Pen and Ink c. 1888
Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue Station view NW 1905
Photo: H. Noble Chapman Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue opened Summer, 1888 - razed 05//16/1963
Swezey-St-Bridge_viewN-from-boat_Swan-River-East-Patchogue_c.1900.jpg (69701 bytes)
Swezey St. Bridge across the
Swan River view N  from boat c.1900 East Patchogue

Patchogue Station view NW
Patchogue06-29-1905scheduleDaveMorrision.jpg (284184 bytes)
LIRR June 29-1905 Timetable
Collection: Dave Morrison
PatchogueBelcherHyde1917yardarea.jpg (120777 bytes)
1917 Hyde Map - Yard Area

PatchogueBelcherHyde1917.jpg (340749 bytes)
1917 Hyde Map - MP53-54  Baker Ave., later changed to Baker Street. Indicates Patchogue Coal & Feed Yard prior to Swezey Coal & Feed and Knickerbocker Ice located on west side of Rider Ave
pathydemapMill.jpg (73507 bytes)
Hyde Map - Patchogue Mfg. Co 
pat1918valuationmap.jpg (106501 bytes)
1918 Yard area valuation map
pathydemapyard.jpg (120763 bytes)
Hyde Map - Yard Area c.1900

1910 Schematic MP 53
1926SanbornPatchogue.jpg (182334 bytes)
1926 Composite Sanborn Map area West of  Ocean Ave. 
The small building east of PELCO reads, 1 Pump. Outside (perhaps) as follows: "Finished Floor Construction Except Exposed Steel BR(ICK)-W(AL)LS  Conc(rete) Fl(oor) & P(ainted) F(inish)"  


EmeryMap-Patchogue-Yard-1938-SUNY.jpg (119846 bytes)
Emery Map Patchogue Yard 1938 Archive: SUNY Stony Brook
Emery_Patchogue_MP52-53_5-58.jpg (388082 bytes)
Emery map 5/1958 MP 52-53 Reid Ice Cream, Atlantic Ave., Blue Point to Lace Mill siding, River  Ave. Patchogue  

Note: The Patchogue Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) was operated from 1904 to 1926. The company was a small operation, converting coal and/or petroleum products to a flammable gas for use in lighting and industry. The company was sold to Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO).

Emery_Patchogue_MP53-54_5-58.jpg (357539 bytes)
Emery map 5/1958 MP 53-54  Patchogue River to Evergreen Ave, Patchogue
Emery_Patchogue_MP54-55_5-58.jpg (113896 bytes)
Emery map 5/1958 MP 54-55  Grove Ave to Middle Island Rd. (now Hewlett Ave), Patchogue

1958 Schematic MP 53

1999 Schematic MP 53

Circa 1950 LIRR
P-54 Car Capacities
38-Patchogue.jpg (60412 bytes)
LIRR map 1966 - page 38
Note: Located just east of MP52 SW corner of Atlantic Ave (Bluepoint) part of "Y" cabin. Included for proximity to Patchogue as an industry of note. 

Reid Iced Cream Reefer - "Fantasy" model of c.1920's

reid_ice_cream_company_truck_poster.jpg (28762 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream Co.
truck poster c.1925

Emery-Reid-Ice-Cream_closeup_MP52_5-58.jpg (36722 bytes)

PatchogueAdvance-2-16-61_ReidIceCream-opening-02-19-26.jpg (42526 bytes)
Patchogue Advance 2/16/1961 - "35 Years Ago" - 
Opening of Reid Ice Cream Co., Blue Point  2/19/1926


The Reid Ice Cream Corp. factory (of Bayport), opened in 1926, and was sold to Borden Corp. at some point in the very early 1930s. The plant officially closed its doors on October 3, 1969. This is per an article by Jo Ann McGrath. "Reid Plant in Local History." [no source indicated, but could be the Bayport-Blue Point Historical Society Newsletter, n.d.]: pp. 3, 6. The article reports the property and factory on the market placed with McDee Realty, for $1.2 million, so it was written before the factory was demolished.

The article also said that Suffolk County's real ice cream baron, and the man who first cornered that commercial market, was Augustus Floyd Smith, of East Patchogue, starting in 1879. "Blocks of ice were cut from Robinson's Pond. Some of it was stored...and some of it was chopped and liberally salted. The salted ice was packed around a freezer container into which the ice cream mixture was poured. A horse was then harnessed to a large wheeland walked 'round and round' to agitate the paddles. In this manner Smith was able to provide ice cream to all the hotels and restaurants in Patchogue; to both Clarence and Charley Hawkins' Bellport confectionery store and, with some 'modernization' of his equipment, to the men stationed at Camp Upton during WW I." (p. 3.)  His son took over in 1919, and sold out to Reid Ice Cream Corp. in 1926.

Reid's Ice Cream Plant does show up on Atlantic Avenue Gene Horton's Blue Point, Long Island, New York, Then and Now.  East Patchogue, NY:  Searles Graphics, Inc., 1999:  p. 6.  At the time the "now" shot shows it still there.   Courtesy Research of: Mark Rothenberg, Senior Reference Specialist, Suffolk Cooperative Library System & Patchogue-Medford Library

Reid Ice Cream retail sidewalk sign

Patchogue-Atlantic-Ave_Reid-Ice-Cream_viewW_1940_Weber.jpg (95293 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream - Atlantic Ave  view W, (East below) 1940
Photo: Fred Weber Archive: SUNY Stony Brook

Patchogue-Atlantic-Ave_Reid-Ice-Cream_viewE_1940_Weber.jpg (77469 bytes)
Patchogue Yard Limit sign in background

ReidIceCream-BluePoint_viewW-c.1990.jpg (82312 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream view W 2001
Atlantic Ave, Blue Point  Photo: Steven Lynch

ReidIceCream-BluePoint_viewSE-c.1990.jpg (49636 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream view SE 2001

ReidIceCream-BluePoint_viewS-c.1990.jpg (57792 bytes)
Reid Ice Cream view S 2001


Patchogue_Hughes-Bailey-drawn-aerial_viewSE_1906.jpg (590960 bytes)
Patchogue Hughes-Bailey Aerial 3D drawn view SE 1906 - Created by a team that walked the streets and drew the buildings, houses, industries, rail, roads, etc. 
with  the appropriate notes. The material was then taken back and complied into the 3D aerial style as the finished product.

Patchogue_Birds-Eye_map_viewNW_1928.jpg (2355119 bytes)
Patchogue Hughes & Cinquin Aerial 3D drawn view NW 1928

Tuthill's Creek Bridge - View E 10/17/2019
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

Tuthill's Creek Bridge - View W  10/17/2019
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

Note: Previously named: Little Patchogue River 

Tuthill's Creek, Patchogue 7/10/2015 view N

Tuthill's Creek aerial  View E 1970's Photo/Archive: John Jett

A document in the "Records of the Town of Brookhaven" pertaining to Nathaniel Smith and Daniel Gillet's damming, written in 1832, refers to "little Patchogue Stream".  An early map of Patchogue, made sometime between 1869 and 1881, shows it as "Little Patchogue".  Moving forward to 1873, the 1873 F.W. Beers map of Patchogue also lists it as "Little Patchogue".

The Sanborn Map Company's atlas for Patchogue which was published in January, 1884 does not, alas, map the area to the west of Great Patchogue Lake.  West Lake is, however, depicted in the December, 1891 and May, 1897 Sanborn Map Company atlases for Patchogue, but the waterway leading into it does not have a name printed on it.  Then, crucially, the 1888 F.W. Beers map of Patchogue lists it as "Tuttle Creek" (Note the variant spelling, for which there are several possible reasons).

Finally, the February, 1910 Sanborn Map Company atlas for Patchogue explicitly names the waterway as "Tuthills Creek", and H. Wellington Gordon, Village Historian, in his history of Patchogue, written in 1924-1925, refers to it as "'Little Patchogue', now Tuthill's Creek".

Based on all of this, as far as we can figure at this time, the name change occurred sometime between 1873 and 1888.  Research: Gary Lutz, Librarian, Patchogue-Medford Library

30'bridgepatriver.jpg (82040 bytes)
The entrance to the yard from the west is over the 30' bridge spanning the Patchogue River. View N  west bank 2001 Photo: Steven Lynch 

Patchogue River bridge - View N 10/17/2019
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

Patchogue River - View N 2019 Google maps aerial

As you can see the overgrowth along the Patchogue River in the past several decades has “taken root”! 

Patchogue River bridge  east bank - Westbound Dwarf Signal - View N  10/17/2019  Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
1869 Edwin Bailey & Son 10 acres 275 men, branch yards Sayville/Islip

Bailey's Mill  Patchogue Sanborn map 5/1897

Bailey's Mill  Patchogue Sanborn map 8/1902

Bailey's Mill  Patchogue Sanborn map 10/1926
Patchogue-BaileyMill_EdLangeDrawing-PatchogueLibraryArchive.jpg (108313 bytes)
Bailey's Lumber Mill 1896 Edward Lange drawing 
Archive: Patchogue Library

BaileyAndSon-postcard.jpg (85270 bytes)
Bailey & Son business card or advertisement c.1884

Bailey & Smith, on Pine Street n
orth of Fishel's Store (pre-Swezey's Department store).  Ad is 1877+  as in 1893, John M. Conklin's pharmacy in the Mills Building on the southeast corner of Main Street and Ocean Avenue hosted the installation of the first small telephone switchboard.

For a short period, Edwin Bailey was in business with O.
S. Smith and Martinus Smith (father of the famous boat builder Gil Smith) but soon bought them out and, in 1888, took his two eldest sons into the partnership and established E. Bailey and Sons. Research: Gary Lutz-Patchogue-Medford Library

bailey-invoice_01-01-1884.jpg (45398 bytes)
Bailey & Son Invoice 01/01/1884

Bailey & Sons Lumber Dealers Ad c.1888+ Pine Street was changed to Ocean Ave. Telephone Call 2 Note: AT&T founded 1885 - At this time the telephone exchange was a single digit (2)
baileysmill-ad_1-22-1887.jpg (85051 bytes)
E. Bailey & Sons shipments by rail 
and water, Yards in Patchogue and
Islip 01/22/1887
BaileyPlaningMillOffice_c.1900.jpg (32433 bytes)
Bailey Planning Mill Office c.1900 view SW from West Ave.

The 3 story brick Lumber Mill building, to the right of the office, was added sometime later c.1910+

baileymillsw.jpg (149404 bytes)
View SW c.1906 postal card - 3 story Brick Mill not yet constructed

Bailey Planning Mill View SW c. 1921

BaileyPlaningMill.jpg (46773 bytes)

Bailey Planning Mill View S c. 1910+
colorized photo post card

patchogueyard-viewNE-c.1920.jpg (103558 bytes)
Patchogue yard - Aerial view NE c.1920
PatchogueYard-viewNE-fromBaileys.jpg (60325 bytes)
Patchogue yard view NE c.1920

LIRR #193 Rotary Snowplow across from Bailey's Lumber Mill, south yard 1921 Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue-River-aerial_viewN_1950s_JohnJett.jpg (158327 bytes)
Patchogue River aerial - Oil Terminals View N c.1950s Archive: John Jett
1. Patchogue Oil Co.  2. Rite Fuel Co.  3. Marran Oil Co. 

US Merchant tanker Philip Lemler (1947-1969) docked in the Patchogue River, by Marran Oil Co. c.1960.  Patchogue was the only ‘deep water port’ on the South Shore and able to receive this craft and many others for a century prior as Bailey’s Mill built ships for commerce, Menhaden fishing and whaling purposes.


The Bailey Lumber Mill (right) went out of business in 1939 and the site was taken over by the Bruns –Kimball Company in 1940. This company was building aircraft rescue boats for the Defense Department until their contract expired. 

THE SUFFOLK COUNTY NEWS, SAYVILLE/N.Y. FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1946 United States Prefab Corporation took over Bossert-Bailey Lumber Mills. The United States Prefab Corporation, a subsidiary of the Adirondack Log Cabin Company, was awarded a government contract under the Land – Lease Program, to build thirty thousand prefab homes for England, but this contract was cancelled after the construction of only 300 homes.

In the following years the mill complex was leased to several other firms and manufacturers. The LIRR siding was removed in 1950. Shortly thereafter, on November 22, 1951, a large fire, causing $500,000 damage, wiped out three firms leasing in the mill and damaged a fourth. The National Lock Corner Cabinet Corporation, Colonial Art, and the Castle Silver Company were the firms totally wiped out. The Castle Silver Company produced plated hollowware and was finishing surgical instruments for the Department of Defense, employing 35 people.

bailey_ USPre-Fab_c.1944.jpg (64526 bytes)
United States Prefab Corporation 1944
Patchogue Yard - Aerial View NE c.1920  LEGEND:

1. Four stall Roundhouse Razed: 1928
2. Oil House
3. Armstrong air turntable Razed: 1950
4. Henry Week's Coal and Wood Yard/Coal trestle Razed: 1952
5. Freight Station Razed: 5/15/1963
6. Section House/Carpenter's - Hand Car Shed/Yard Office
7. Water Tower, Railroad Ave. Razed: 1950
8. West Ave.
9. Bailey's 3 Story brick Planning Mill - Built after 1910
10. Bailey's Mill Complex
11. Bailey's Mill Brick Shed/Coal trestle
12. Patchogue River
13. Watchman Crossing Shanty
14. Division Street


Ticket No.2 Patchogue to Jamaica
9/1905 Archive: Brad Phillips

Ticket 1-B H Patchogue to Penn Sta. 8/30/1946  Note: ER Comer, whose signature is on this ticket, was appointed in October 1943 and succeeded by Homes Bannard in 1946.  Thus, the issue date was probably 1946

ticket_Form_1H-G _Patchogue-New-York_US-Govt_BradPhillips.jpg (52367 bytes)
Ticket Form 1H-G Patchogue
to Penn Sta. US Gov't 
Harold M Throop – appointed GPA mid-1960’s-1971
Archive: Brad Phillips

Note: The rubber stamp imprint (used on regular tickets) or printer's overprint (specially printed tickets with 1H-'G' suffix) indicate the ticket was paid for by a US Government transportation request.  The logo was affixed to prevent the user from returning the ticket for a cash refund (unused one-way tickets could be refunded in cash over the counter).  

 Patchogue-LH-262_ Die-No.1and2.jpg (69790 bytes)
Ticket LH-262 Patchogue to Blue Point 04/09/1962 Archive: Brad Phillips
 Patchogue-LH-262_ Die-No.1and2-reverse.jpg (50865 bytes)
Ticket Patchogue to Blue Point reverse 04/09/1962
Archive: Brad Phillips

1981 pat ticket.jpg (49051 bytes)
Ticket from NY Penn Station to Patchogue 
fare (Zone Eleven) 1981

1906 drawing station area

1906academystreet.jpg (124055 bytes)
View SE 1906 drawing Academy Street

PatchAcademyCivilWarMonument.jpeg (34487 bytes)
Patchogue Academy with Civil War Monument  (view looking east)  LIRR “Schoolhouse track” to the right, Academy Street on the left

Former Knights of Columbus Hall, built 1930, VFW Hall (partly the rear wing of the former Patchogue High School Building, of a much earlier date) located on south side of Academy Street

Patcheastc.1925.jpg (36987 bytes)
Patchogue post card view east c. 1925 Thanks to: Art Huneke

firsttrainPennNY_Patch09-8-1910.jpg (105897 bytes)
1st train from Penn Station out to Patchogue: 9/8/1910. Photo by Howard S. Conklin Collection: Dave Keller

LIRR Rules & Rates of Pay cover 1/01/1924

Rules & Rates of Pay - Nostrand Ave. thru Riverhead 1/01/1924  Archive: Dave Keller

Note: Patchogue had both a Station Master AND a Freight Agent, in addition to a Ticket Agent-Operator and Operator-Clerk.  As "PD" tower was in service at this time, the operator positions would have been telegraph operators, and not block operators.  

Remember, this book included "Employes in the Station, Tower and Telegraph Departments." Info: Dave Keller


Patchogue_Canning-Train-Exhibit car_viewNE_5-25-1917_Howard S. Conklin -Queens-Borough-Public-Library.jpg (91186 bytes)
Canning Train Exhibit car #708 View NE 5/25/1917 (Howard S. Conklin-LI collection, Queens Borough Public Library)

The "Canning Train" was photographed at Patchogue on May 25, 1917. Car no. 708, a baggage and Adams Express Company car, carried exhibits on promoting the "how to" preserve fruits and vegetables. The signs, "Can or Collapse" and "Preserve or Perish" reflected the strong home-front sentiments of the day. These particular slogans were authored by the irrepressible Harold B. Fullerton, who carried out many of the LIRR's wartime projects. 

The United States entered the war on April 6th , 1917 and a month later the LIRR ran this special car. The  military personnel present are probably from Camp Upton. Research: Dave Keller

Patchogue_Special_LIRR-217_Ocean-Ave.-viewW_ 10-15-1906.jpg (73732 bytes)
Patchogue Special LIRR #217 Ocean Ave. View W 10/15/1906
(Howard S. Conklin-LI collection, Queens Borough Public Library)

"Special"  train at Patchogue Station while Senator Charles Evans Hughes delivers a campaign speech for the US Presidency from the rear observation car. He lost and later became a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. LIRR #217 and the two car train view west from South Ocean Ave. crossing. 10/15/1906

Note: Howard S. Conklin A prominent citizen of Patchogue, Long Island, Howard S. Conklin (1863-1925) was active in many local civic organizations and business groups. As an amateur photographer, Mr. Conklin used his camera to document many of the activities of these organizations, as well as a wide range of daily life in Patchogue and its neighboring communities during the first two decades of the twentieth century.  Ref: Queens Library  

uried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery where many prominent Patchogue personages have been interred.  

Patchogue_Manomet-Point-NH_8-01-1969_Emery-Suny-Stony-Brook.jpg (95570 bytes)
Patchogue - Manomet Point ex-NH 8/01/1969 (Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)

Ex-New Haven MANOMET POINT, in service on LIRR at Patchogue. In the photo, we see the car is clearly the rear car on a westbound train. The open vestibule indicates the train is stopped in the station at Patchogue. This may be a Sunday evening or Monday morning train from Montauk back to Jamaica and Hunterspoint Avenue. There are ferries between Patchogue and Fire Island, so they may board westbound passengers, including parlor car passengers, at Patchogue. 

We can see the car ahead is a Kansas City Southern car, still in its original colors. From the details that are visible in the photo, it appears to be one of the three KCS 14 roomette 4 double bedroom lightweight sleepers acquired by LIRR in September 1968 for parlor car service. 

LIRR did have a lightweight car numbered 2052 and named PATCHOGUE in parlor car service.  This car was the former PRR six double bedroom lounge car 8135 JUNIPER FALLS, built by Pullman Standard in 1940, acquired by LIRR in September 1968, retired in 1975 and presumed scrapped.  Alas, we have no photo of PATCHOGUE operating in a train at the station in Patchogue.  Research: John Deasy

Patchogue-Express-House_viewNW-1905_HowardS Conklin-DaveKeller.jpg (57637 bytes)
Patchogue Express House view NW 1905
 (Howard S. Conklin-Dave Keller)
Patchogue_no.139_5-16-1913_SUNY-Emery.jpg (86787 bytes)
Patchogue- LIRR 4-6-0 Class G53  #139 5/16/1913 (Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)
Patchogue_no.139-crew_5-16-1913_SUNY-Emery.jpg (84117 bytes)
Patchogue- LIRR #139 Crew 5/16/1913 
(Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)
Patchogue_no.39_1945_viewE_SUNY-Emery.jpg (78554 bytes)
Patchogue -  LIRR #39 View E 1945
 (Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)

lirr13_Speonk-Frt-in-Patchogue-Team-Yard-1915.jpg (90989 bytes)
LIRR #13 bobber caboose - Speonk bound freight
at Patchogue Team Yard 1915 Archive: Ron Ziel

Raymond Robinson, Sr., LIRR freight conductor (with mustache) sitting on rear platform of hack. Info: Dave Keller

LIRR-leased_PRR-K4_4-6-2_east-OceanAve-1936_teamtrack1-atleft.jpg (45614 bytes)
Leased PRR-K4 4-6-2 east of Ocean Ave view NW 1936, team track no.1 at left

Patchogue_no.101_1948_SUNY-Emery.jpg (56900 bytes)
Patchogue - LIRR #101 1948 (Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)
Patchogue-wreck_6-12-1909_Patchogue-Library-Morrison.jpg (140939 bytes)
Patchogue - Wreck 6/12/1909 Archive: Patchogue Library

pd1947fredweber_morrison.jpg (35570 bytes)
PD and Baggage House 1947 
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller


FM2006-PatchExpHse-1956.jpg (39492 bytes)
FM 2006 Patchogue Express House 1956 
Collection: Dave Keller
northsiding1947Weber-Morrison.jpg (55908 bytes)
View west "North siding" 1947
Photo: F. Weber Archive: Dave Keller

Train Orders pickup c. 1955

Patchogue Station post card View NW 1905
Archive: Dave Morrison

Patchogue_Water-plug_Express-House_viewSE_c.1943_FredWeber-Keller.jpg (51594 bytes)
Express House, Water plug View SE c.1943 (Weber-Keller)

PD-Tower-Baggage-House_Art-Huneke.jpg (75464 bytes)
PD Tower Baggage House c.1960 
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

Patchogue-Express-House-trucks_viewNE_9-59_Keller.jpg (91381 bytes)
Patchogue Express House - REA trucks 
View NE 9/1959 Archive: Dave Keller
Last day for Railway Express Agency service on this branch: 2/3/1960 (?) Info: Robert  Emery  

RDCs at Baggage House 4/6/63
Photo: Dave Keller 

prrheavyweight-parlor-patchogue_ViewNW.jpg (21106 bytes)
PRR Heavyweight parlor at east
end of Baggage House view NW.  Note: parlor car.  If you look closely at the image, you will see the word Parlor lettered near the vestibule door.  In addition, the window arrangement is another clue. John Deasy

BUDD RDC1,2-Scoot-Baggage Hse-Patchogue-1-1962.jpg (112736 bytes)
BUDD RDC 1,2 Scoot at the Baggage house and mail-loading platform 01/1962 Archive: Dave Keller

Emery-Patchogue-Scoot-Data_5-1958_SUNY-Emery.jpg (119201 bytes)
Patchogue Scoot Data 5/1958 (Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)

US Mail Sign-BUDD RDCs-Patchogue-1-1962.jpg (101117 bytes)
Close-up of the "NO PARKING U.S. MAIL" sign at the platform 01/1962 Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR_RDC-1_3101_renumbered49_Patchogue.jpg (39850 bytes)
LIRR RDC-1 #3101 renumbered #49 view NW

1962pat-watertowergone-brickfreighthouse-expresshouse-supervisor'soffice.jpg (70207 bytes)
 Patchogue view west Supervisor's office water tower, gas tank, brick freight house, express house 1962 Photo: Art Huneke

Patchogue-Station_viewSW_1960_ArtHuneke.jpg (77196 bytes)
Patchogue Station view SW 6/1960 
Photo: Art Huneke Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue1960_ArtHuneke.jpg (59865 bytes)
Patchogue view east 1960
Photo: Art Huneke

Patchogue Station floor plan 1888-1963 Drawing/Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue_aerial-photo_1962_JimMooney-EagleEyeAirPhoto.jpg (70713 bytes)
Patchogue aerial photo 1962 
Jim Mooney "Eagle Eye Air Photo"

Patchogue Station area raze View E 5/1963
Photo/Archive: Art Single
 Patchogue_aerial-photo_9-28-1963_JimMooney-EagleEyeAirPhoto.jpg (81589 bytes)
Patchogue aerial photo 9/28/1963 
Jim Mooney "Eagle Eye Air Photo"

All the structures except PD tower (8/22/2006) came down in May, 1963 with the water tower and turntable having come down much earlier (1950) (All Emery data).

LIRailroader_V8N6_03141963_p1_Patchogue_Station_replacement.jpg (178709 bytes)
LI Railroader Vol. 8 No. 6 
03/14/1963 page 1
LIRailroader_V8N11_05231963_p4_Patchogue_Station_demolition.jpg (103914 bytes)
LI Railroader Vol. 8 No. 11 05/23/1963 page 4 Patchogue Station demolition 

"Take A Big Bite" - That's the instruction Mayor Robert T. Waldbauer of Patchogue is getting from President Goodfellow, as they prepare for the demolition of our 75-year-old Patchogue station. It will be replaced as part of the a give-and-take arrangement that will produce a quarter-million-dollar station and commuter parking complex. A 30-foot house trailer is serving as a temporary ticket office and waiting room.

Patchogue_Last-Steam-Special-no.60_Ocean-Ave_viewW_11-26-1967_Emery-SUNY.jpg (101515 bytes)
Patchogue - Last Steam Special #60 at PD Tower Ocean Ave View W 11/26/1967  (Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)

LIRailroader_V8N16_08011963_p1_Patchogue_Station_new_construction.jpg (155671 bytes)
LI Railroader Vol. 8 No. 16 
08/01/1963 page 1 Patchogue Station "Going Up"

Patchogue_demolition-crane_05-1963.jpg (20896 bytes)
Patchogue demolition crane 05//16/1963

MayorWaldbauer_demolition-crane_05-1963.jpg (22900 bytes)
Mayor Waldbauer at station 
demolition crane 05/23/1963

Patchogue_Division-Ave_ViewW_7-1963_JohnJett.jpg (118830 bytes)
Patchogue - Division Ave View W 
7/1963 Photo/Archive: John Jett

Patchogue_MayorWaldbauer-dedication_09-28-1963_JimMooney.jpg (56448 bytes)
New station dedication - Mayor Waldbauer, left of podium Senator Otis Pike on the right Suffolk County Executive Lee Dennison 9/28/1963 Photo: Jim Mooney
LIRR 56 Eng 1554 at Patchogue 1964.jpg (58598 bytes)
LIRR Train 56 Eng #1554
Photo: 1964

The older depot was razed as of 5/16/1963. This depot was torn down before the new depot was built as the newer depot was constructed on nearly the same spot as the old depot, unlike other LIRR locations where the old building remained in service while the new depot was built and opened on 7/30/1963.

In this photo: Ex-Patchogue Gas Co./LILCO "Gas Ball" in background to the right of the Water Tower based on Emery maps, etc. The Patchogue Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) was operated from 1904 to 1926. The company was a small operation, converting coal and/or petroleum products to a flammable gas for use in lighting and industry.  The company was sold to Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO)

Note: The new station platform lights are already in place as the PELCO pole-climbers are very busy.

lirr7734-RPO_RDC1-3101_Patchogue_6-1965.jpg (88269 bytes)
LIRR RPO #7734 RDC 1-2  #3101 lead unit Patchogue 6/1965
parlor1975PDtower.jpg (53902 bytes)
LIRR Parlor Eastbound at PD Tower. George Pins’ private car Pennsylvania 120, visiting the LIRR, on the rear of a Montauk train passing Patchogue on June 20, 1975.
FA617-Patchogue.jpg (85190 bytes)
Alco FA #617 c. late 1980's

Patchogue Station view N 2000
Photo: Steve Lynch
lirr202_Patchogue-Ocean-Ave_viewE_1975.jpg (202160 bytes)
LIRR #202 Ocean Ave. view E 1975
lirr612_Patchogue-Ocean-Ave_viewE-1975.jpg (201528 bytes)
LIRR #612 Ocean Ave. view E 1975
ticket_patchogue-1986.jpg (35097 bytes)
Ticket Patchogue - Penn Sta. 1986


Patchogue-LocoCoalingFacilities-5-43.jpg (61766 bytes)
Loco Coal Facilities and local dealer coal dock. Razed 1928. PELCO Plant in background view W 05/1943

Patchogue-LocoCoalingFacilities-5-1943-closeup.jpg (64322 bytes)
Note: "ENGINES STOP HERE" for spotting hoppers - Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller



View SE 1906 drawing Rail Yard

1955-billslade_pat-armstrongtable.jpg (100664 bytes)
Armstrong turntable view SE 1955 
Photo: Bill Slade

Patchogue-CoalingFacilities-3-46.jpg (40303 bytes)
Loco Coal Facilities and local dealer coal dock on West Ave. View W  03/1946 Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue-turntable_PRR-leased-E6s-(4-4-2)-1564_c.1946.jpg (85561 bytes)
Patchogue turntable - PRR leased E6s (4-4-2) #1564  c.1946

patch_viewenginehouse.jpg (61732 bytes)
View west of 4 stall engine house from the roof of the brick freight house  c. 1910 W. J. Rugen
Collection: SUNY, Stony Brook, NY Thanks to: Dave Morrison 

The freight platform on the west side of the building was open. The freight platform on the east side of the building was covered and extended all the way up to the Railroad Ave. crossing. The street in this view is the West Avenue crossing.

Ackerly's was the predecessor of Patchogue Music. They obviously sold a lot of pianos in the early years of the 20th century! Info: Dave Keller See PATCHOGUE VILLAGE section below.

Emery-Patchogue-Turntable_8-1958_SUNY-Emery.jpg (103818 bytes)
Patchogue turntable 8/1958 (Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)

Turntable yard view E from roundhouse roof c.1925

Patchogue-CoalingFacilities-FrtHse-east_ 9-44.jpg (81365 bytes)
Coaling Facilities - freight warehouse view E  09/1944 Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue-FrtHse-Side-9-44.jpg (76444 bytes)
Freight Warehouse Westside Platform view East  09/1944 Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue-CoalingRamp-WestAve-5-43.jpg (49031 bytes)
Loco Coal Facilities and local dealer 
coal dock on West Ave. View North  05/1943 
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue-MP53_viewE_5-1943_Weber-Keller.jpg (72958 bytes)
Patchogue MP53 view E 5/1943 

It's May, 1943 and we're looking east into the Patchogue yard and station area from the west side of the Patchogue River bridge at MP 53.  The track in the right foreground is the Ringhouse siding, which came off the Main just west of River Avenue.  At the right is the old brick office building of Bailey's Lumber Mill.  In the distance can be seen the section house and office with the water tower rising beyond.  At the left a locomotive is laying up in the engine service area, with coaling derricks visible and at the far left is a leased PRR locomotive on one of the turntable "garden" tracks, at the former location of the 4-stall engine house.  (F. Weber photo, Dave Keller archive)

Patchogue-FrtHse-3-46.jpg (78928 bytes)
Freight station view SW 03/1946
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue-FrtHse-3-46_v2.jpg (54401 bytes)
Freight station photo composite 
view SW 03/1946 Built c. <1900
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
 Composite: Steve Lynch

Patchogue-FrtPlatform-3-46.jpg (42755 bytes)
Freight station west side platform
view S 03/1946 Built c. <1900 Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller  Composite: Steve Lynch

patchogue-westave-viewsouth.jpg (140075 bytes)
West Ave view South  05/1943
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller

PRR-E3sd-917-c. 1935.JPG (115764 bytes)
Leased 4-4-2 PRR E3sd #917 c.1935 on the turntable lead Archive: Dave Keller

E7s Atlantic (4-4-2) 1940
on the turntable Photo: Fagerberg

LIRR #193 Rotary Snowplow across from Bailey's Lumber Mill, south yard 1921 Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue ash pit 2985 4-4-2 Class E3sd  9820 4-4-2 Class E7s H.Reschke.jpg (88495 bytes)
Patchogue ash pit #2985 4-4-2 Class E3sd, #9820 4-4-2 Class E7s c. mid-late 1930's Photo: H. Reschke

Patchogue-SectionHouse_WestSide_5-1943.jpg (66349 bytes)
Section house View E  5/1943
Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue Water Tank -Section House
Railroad Ave. view S 7/43 Fred Weber

Patchogue Section House view W - 1958
Photo: Art Huneke Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue_Railroad-Ave_Water-tank-Express-House_viewE_c.1943_FredWeber-Keller.jpg (50929 bytes)
Railroad Ave. Water tank, Express House View E c.1943 (Weber-Keller)

Patchogue - Railroad Ave. - West - 5-43.jpg (61898 bytes)
Railroad Ave view West  05/1943
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller

PRR Erie built FM #4973 Railroad Ave view N
Patchogue 6/1949 Archive: Art Huneke

The LIRR was in need of a 2000 HP locomotive to handle Montauk trains in order to return the K4-s back to the PRR. This photo shows a PRR cab unit on the Long Island RR. It is an Erie built FM 2000HP cab unit. in Summer of 1949. The PRR had previously sent an Alco PA-1 to LI for test back in December 1948. Both of these tests were short stints. What is known is that shortly after the Erie built was on LI, the PRR placed the LIRR in Bankruptcy. In the coming year, the Trustees placed orders with FM which brought the 2000HP and 2400 HP C liners to the LIRR in the Tichy colors. All the K-4s on the LIRR went back to the PRR once the C Liners were on the LIRR in 1951. They were no longer needed for the Montauk trains as C Liners now were handling these trains.

Patchogue-OpenFrtPlatform-5-43.jpg (69524 bytes)
Freight station west side open platform view North  03/1946
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue - Railroad Ave. - North - 5-43.jpg (154605 bytes)
Railroad Ave view North  05/1943
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
patch-RailroadAve-viewN.jpg (71456 bytes)
Railroad Ave view North 1960
BuddRDC-RS1-464-S2-455-G5s-28Patchogue-1955.jpg (93583 bytes)
Budd RDC RS1, S2 #464 & #455, G5s #28 Patchogue Yard 1955 Photo: Art Huneke, Archive: Dave Keller
Flatcar-ArmyTank-M4Sherman1960ArtHuneke.jpg (105346 bytes)
Army Sherman M4  View NE 1960
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
lirr110_patchoguebuilt1916.jpg (36429 bytes)
LIRR #110 Class H10s 2-8-0, ex-PRR #8610, freight engine at the Patchogue loco engine terminal . The view is NE with the Week's Coal Yard trestle in the rear background. The 'crew' of LIRR workers are undoubtedly viewing an issue with this specific engine as minor repairs were performed at this facility. As the engine still has classification lamps atop the smoke box, to be removed from LIRR locomotives in June, 1940, this places the photo c.mid-1930's, as the LIRR acquired these from the PRR 1928-1930. Research/Archive:  Dave Keller  

West Ave crossing view W 2001
Photo: Steven Lynch 

Current view c. 2001 LIRR MOW
 facility - LILCO (ex-PELCO) in background View NW 
Photo: Steven Lynch 

EmeryMap-Patchogue-Yard-1938-SUNY.jpg (119846 bytes)
Emery Map Patchogue Yard 1938 Archive: SUNY Stony Brook


Suffolk Traction Co. Battery  Car 1 on Flatcar-Patchogue-6-1911.jpg (61261 bytes)
Battery car #1 on flatcar on arrival at Patchogue yard – June, 1911.  Notice Week's coaling ramp in background.
Photo: Howard S. Conklin Archive: Queensboro Public Library

Suffolk Traction Co-Battery Car 1-Patchogue-7-1911.jpg (104858 bytes)
Close-up of Suffolk Traction Co. Battery car #1 with track close to curb Sayville, NY on opening day
 July, 1911. Info/Archive: Dave Keller

Suffolk Traction - Main St. view W c. 1915



Lace-Mill-Historical-Marker_Greater-Patchogue-Historical-Society.jpg (182361 bytes)HISTORY:
1798 Paper Mill erected near Lace Mill by Jonas Wicks. Destroyed by fire 1850.  (1)
1800 Cotton twine mill just west of the paper mill by Frederick Odell
1816 Sold to Justus Roe (11/10/1773-3/31/1847)
1832 Enlarged Justus Roe
1851 John E. Roe, Grandson, (c.1833-10/16/1875) Union Twine Mill built 1851; First building of the future lace mill. 
1873 Beers Atlas map of Patchogue shows Union Twine Mills on land that belongs to John E. Roe. 
1880 John S. Havens handled the Mill affairs and leased to Carslow, Henderson and Co. Scotland (began crinoline manufacture, later imported lace curtains, bleached and finished them)
1884 Sanborn map of Patchogue shows a backwards "L"-shaped building on the site with the note: "This Mill is Being Fitted up by Anderson & Churchill for Bleaching & Finishing Cotton Goods."
1887 End of water wheel use
1888 Beers Atlas (Section M) Carslow & Henderson Bleachery & Dye Works, owned by John S. Havens. 
1890 Sold to Patchogue Lace Manufacturing Co. The first looms were imported and installed.
1892 Owned by PELCO (operated by Charles E. Rose and Son)
10/21/1893 "American Lace Mills Shut Down" NY Times
12/04/1893 "Patchogue Lace Mills To Start" NY Times
10/14/1954 "Patchogue Mill To Quit: Lace Concern to Close Before Jan. 1, as "Sales Drop" NY Times
04/22/1963 LIRR General Order: GO No.932 April 22, 1963 Lace Mill turnout taken out of service

(1)  Thomas R. Bayles, in  "Early Mills in Patchogue," Se 7, 1950
Research: Mark Rothenberg - Patchogue Library and Steven Lynch

Lace Mill and Grist Mill Patchogue Sanborn map 1/1884

 Lace Mill -  Patchogue Sanborn map 5/1897

Lace Mill -  Patchogue Sanborn map 8/1902
Coal siding installed between 1897 and 1902

patchoguemil09postcard.jpg (102520 bytes)
View N 1909 Patchogue Manufacturing Co.

Patchogue-Mill_1910.jpg (58842 bytes)
Lace Mill - Vi
ew NE 1910

Lace Mill -  Patchogue Sanborn map 2/1910
Boxcar siding installed between 1902 and 1910
lace-mill_Patchogue_viewNE_c.1905.jpg (92646 bytes)
Lace Mill - View N c.1905

Lace Mill LIRR rail sidings -  Patchogue Sanborn map 10/1916

Lace Mill -  Patchogue Sanborn map 10/1916

Lace Mill view SW

Lace Mill view S, George G. Ayling photo, Dave Keller archive
PatchogueManufacturingCompany_invoice_02-11-1911.jpg (74032 bytes)
Patchogue Manufacturing Co. Invoice 02/11/1911

Lace Mill view SE

Lace Mill view NW
PatchogueManufacturingWorks_c.1906.jpg (19946 bytes)
Patchogue Manufacturing Works c.1906

Lace-Mill_colorized-postcard_viewW_c.1900_Brian-Egan.jpg (51385 bytes)
Lace Mill colorized postcard View W c.1900 
Archive: Brian Egan

noonhourlacemill.jpg (59365 bytes)
Noon Hour at the Lace Mill - Main St. 

Brookhaven Daily Eagle November 9, 1907: Patchogue Manufacturing Company 1,000,000 pairs of curtains 0ver 600 people employed over $6,000 payroll week

lace-mill-viewSW_1950_HansHenke.jpg (49474 bytes)
Lace Mill view SW 1950 
Archive: Hans Henke

Patchogue-Mill_viewNE_c.1950_DRavenFoncell.jpg (60245 bytes)
Patchogue Plymouth Mill View NE c.1950
Archive: D. Raven Foncell

lacemill_JimMooney_c.1950_viewNE.jpg (86047 bytes)
Aerial Lace Mill  c.1950 view NE
Photo: Jim Mooney
lacemill_sidings-razed_viewNW.jpg (51602 bytes)
Aerial Lace Mill  view NW sidings razed Photo: Jim Mooney
lacemill_JimMooney_c.1963viewNE.jpg (53408 bytes)
Aerial Lace Mill view NE after area road work Photo: Jim Mooney

Lace Mill view E  c. 1985

milln.jpg (224939 bytes)
Lace Mill view N c. 1985

Lace Mill view NW c. 1985

Sanborn Patchogue maps indicate:

Jan. 1884, Dec. 1891 indicate today's N. Ocean listed as Pine St., and today's S. Ocean Ave. simply as "Ocean Ave."
May 1897, Aug. 1902, Feb.1910  N. Ocean Ave. has replaced Pine. St.,  South Ocean, is still listed as "Ocean Ave"
Oct. 1916 "South  Ocean Ave." first appearance.   

Mark Rothenberg, Senior Reference Specialist, Patchogue-Medford Library

South-Ocean-Ave-Patchogue_1880_DRavenFoncell.jpg (165938 bytes)
Patchogue - Ocean Ave - View S 1880 
Archive: D. Raven Foncell

Aerial drawing Four Corner's 
view SE 1906

Ocean Ave view N toward 4 Corners
 Main Street c. 1920's

patchogue1930MiltPrice.jpg (33563 bytes)

Patchogue-1914_Ocean-Ave_viewN_colorized-postcard_Morrison.jpg (118486 bytes)
Ocean Ave 1914 view N colorized postcard 
Archive: Dave Morrison

4 Corners view N at Main Street c.1923

Patchogue Four Corners: view is looking east.  McBride’s Drug Store at the far left, wooden framed building at right burned c. mid-late 1950s.  It was replaced with one-story storefronts.  Havil’s Jewelers was on that corner for years.  The church spire in the left background is the red/brown stone  Congregational Church that used to be across the street from the Patchogue Stationery store. Photo: Milt Price c. 1930 Info: Dave Keller

4 Corners view W c. 1923

4 Corners view W c. 1930

patch1950s.jpg (34483 bytes)
Patchogue view W c. 1950's

Patchogue_Main-St. -Swezeys-4-Corners_viewNW_c.1965_rough-sketch_Artist-Wilhelmina- Billie-Miskosky.jpg (99831 bytes)
Patchogue 4 Corners View NW   c.1965 Artist sketch: Wilhelmina "Billie" Miskosky
Patchogue_Main-St. -Swezeys-4-Corners_viewNW_c.1965_Artist-Wilhelmina- Billie-Miskosky.jpg (36876 bytes)
Patchogue 4 Corners View NW   c.1965 
Artist: Wilhelmina "Billie" Miskosky
Swezeys-Patchogue_ViewNW_c.1980_RobertGarcia.jpg (72038 bytes)
Patchogue 4 Corners View NW   c.1980 
Archive: Robert Garcia
Patchogue_Swezey_viewNW.jpg (96025 bytes)
Patchogue 4 Corners view NW c.2002. The store closed 2003 razed 2012.
patchogueshantymap.jpg (14084 bytes)
Patchogue Crossing Shanties map
Research/design: Steven Lynch

LIRR Crossing Shanties


BayAveShanty-Patchogue-1968-viewN-closeup.jpg (52060 bytes)
Bay Ave Shanty 1968 view N close-up
Patchogue - Railroad Ave. - North - 5-43.jpg (154604 bytes)
 Railroad Ave - Patchogue view N 05/1943
Patchogue-UnderwoodCoal-Coke-10-43_F.Weber-DaveKeller.jpg (232356 bytes)
Underwood Coal Co. 10/1943 view W of  River Ave.  Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue-S.Cntry Rd Xing-Mail Crane-West-4-24-46-Close-up.jpg (73779 bytes)
South Country Road view W Mail Crane for the East Patchogue Post Office and Crossing Shanty - 04/24/1946

Bay Ave crossing shanty 1/1970
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller