Speonk water tank 9/1969 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke


Speonk Station - View S 9/29/1987 Photo: Edward Hand

SPEONK STATION: Built: 2/1870, burned: 6/22/1901
2nd Depot opened: 12/1901, agency and depot closed: 1958. In use as Breakfast/Lunch Diner. Still standing: 2015. 
3rd Relocated depot with Hi-level platforms built: 2000-01 
LIRR-SpeonkStation-071808AlCAstelli.JPG (54128 bytes)
"Track  Side Cafe" closed 07/18/08  LIRR ex-Speonk Station 
closed c.1958  Photo: Al Castelli  
Track-Side-Cafe_ex-Speonk-station_viewNE_4-1-15_SteveRothaug.jpg (64353 bytes)
"Track  Side Cafe" view NE 4-1-15 has reopened c.2012?
Photo: Steve Rothaug
Track-Side-Cafe_ex-Speonk-station_viewNW_4-1-15_SteveRothaug.jpg (64624 bytes)
"Track  Side Cafe" view NW 4-1-15 
Photo: Steve Rothaug
Emery Map-Speonk-MP70-MP71.jpg (133237 bytes)
Emery Map Speonk MP70-MP71 6-58
Emery Map-Speonk-Yard-Limit-MP71-MP72.jpg (21942 bytes)
Emery Map Speonk Yard Limit MP71-MP72  6-58
speonk.gif (4974 bytes)
LIRR Speonk Track Capacities P-54 cars c. 1952

Water Tank and Pump house 1971 Archive: Dave Keller

Speonk_Watertank.jpg (124970 bytes)
Water Tank  view N 
Photo: Richard Glueck

Tower SK Block Limit Signal Speonk 1970
view W Photo: Dave Keller

Note: Telephone box identified with the letter "T" utilized for crew communications.

 SK_Speonk_RichardGlueck.jpg (80523 bytes)
SK Speonk view NE Photo: Richard Glueck

LIRR E51sa-4 Speonk 1915
Archive: Dave Keller

lirr223speonk09-1986tomcollins.jpg (50113 bytes)
LIRR #223 09/1986 Thomas Collins photo
Dave Keller archive  

  Speonk Water Tank demolition  7/16/1973  - Photos: Win Boerckel  Archive: Dave Morrison  

LIRR C420 #216 Photo: Steve Hoskins
lirr102and104speonk08-1993lesterzmudzinski.jpg (144347 bytes)
LIRR #102, #104 08/1993
Photo: Lester Zmudzinski


lirr153railtrain-speonk05-19-05williamskeats.jpg (92127 bytes)
LIRR #153 rail train  05/19/2005
Photo: William Skeats
Speonk-stevehoskins-1960's.jpg (113109 bytes)
Speonk view west Photo: Steve Hoskins c.1960's


speonkvieweast09-86tomcollins.jpg (49909 bytes)
View east 09/1986 Thomas Collins photo
  Dave Keller archive


lirr620speonk07-1989tomcollins.jpg (59318 bytes)
LIRR #620 07/1989 Photo: Tom Collins
lirr615Speonk12-1990.jpg (41665 bytes)
Alco FA1 #615 laying up at the old depot - Speonk, NY in December, 1990
Thomas Collins photo
Dave Keller archive



LIRR #5000 06/01/2006
Photo: Nick Kudreyko

 LIRR #5000 Speonk, NY 06/2007
Photo: Joe Gregory

speonkvieweast06-01-2006.jpg (68122 bytes)
View east 06/01/2006
Cab car #5001, GP38-2 #266, F7 #s 619, 620 in new yard with new yard/old yard conversion still underway Speonk , NY c. 1997-1998    Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive