Details I Wish to Model...

1.        On the roof, add an air-conditioning service man climbing from the parapet onto his ladder.

2.        Rust stains around smoke stacks that exit a roof, or rust running down walls from metal hardware.

3.      Water tanks, chimneys, exhaust stacks, sanitary vents, roof access, hatch, and penthouse doors;  leftover roof material, tar paper, little piles of gravel, pieces of lumber.

4.      Fuel Oil trucks.

5.      Red or yellow fire trucks.

6.      sand a little off the bottom of the tires so vehicles don't look like they're tip-toeing.

7.      signs were not backlit plastic; they were either neon or lighted by floodlights.

8.      business have numbers.

9.      Street corner signs; everywhere.

10.  Garbage pails on the curb.

11.  Overflowed dumpsters behind businesses.

12.   Leaves piled up on around curbs, drains, etc.

13.  Every parking lot has a Brown glass bottles, beer bottles, soda cans left behind.

14.  Fire escape ladders.

15.  General junk and debris.

16.   Electrical & Telephone wires

17.  Street lights.

18.  Public trash containers

19.  Traffic lights.

20.  Storm drains,

21.  Parking meters.

22.   Painted crosswalks and/or signs.

23.   Public phones and phone booths.

24.  Litter blown against old buildings.

25.  Fences of all kinds.

26.  Oil drips in driveways and parking spaces

27.  Drivers/passengers in cars.

28.  Weeds in sidewalk cracks and along the edge of asphalt or cement roads.

29.  Stop signs (earlier era) were yellow, not red.

30.   Old, olive drab phone booths.

31.  telephone boxes placed in neighborhoods, on sides of buildings, etc with the truck parked nearby.

32.   Billboards.

33.  A manhole cover that has a street line painted on it, rotated.

34.  People reading the newspaper.

35.   Winos taking a nap or a drink

36.   Oil stains on the ballast and ties on uphill grades and at stations, etc., where locomotives would normally sit.

37.       Rail joiners and tie (fish) plates on track and rails.

38.  Loose or used crossties.

39.   Switch stands.

40.   Relay stations.

41.   Signals

42.   weeds.

43.   Pigeons, dogs, cats,  pigeon "exhaust."

44.   Quantity of details, not enough people; not enough cars.

Scott G. Perry, owner.