Modeling Waterfront Scenes With EnviroTex

 By Nick Kalis

 The x th in an occasional series of articles providing obscure yet vital resources for modelers in our Potomac Division. Previous articles detailed sources for styrene, ballast, carpentry services, and lumber.  

            Sooner or later you will run across a reference to EnviroTex in a published article on modeling water. Since so much has already been written on this product, I will spare our readers another exposition of how to use it. Instead I will focus on —  How does one find it? While it is possible you will find it at your hobby shop, I would call first before making the trip out only to be disappointed. You will find more luck by trying an arts and crafts store. I found mine at Color Wheel in McLean , Virginia .  

            I learned a few things from the very thorough leaflet enclosed with the product. First, furniture polish will prolong the life of this surface. Second, if scratches occur that cannot be polished out, clean with acetone and then recoat with EnviroTex Lite®.  

This product is made by Environmental Technology, Inc. of Fields Landing, California 95537 at 707 443-9323. I used their EnviroTex Lite® which they call a pour-on High Gloss Finish. A kit for a small job is their 8 fluid ounce kit which retails at Color Wheel for $8.99. This kit includes a four ounce bottle of resin and a four ounce bottle of hardener. The box says that this kit covers two square feet. Should you wish to learn more about this product and its uses, the EnviroTex people even have a book on their product they sell for $4.50 which includes postage and handling.  

            Color Wheel can be contacted at Langley Shopping Center , 1374 Chain Bridge Road , McLean , Virginia 22101 703 356-8477. Call first to be sure they have EnviroTex Lite® in stock before traveling out there.