Installing Caboose Ground Throws


By Nick Kalis


I was recently installing Caboose ground throws on my Montauk Branch when my friend and trusty helper Ted Tubbesing pointed out a better way. I thought I would share the tip with our readers. When installing the N-scale 206S sprung stands, as they are called, use wood screws rather than nails. (My layout is HO scale, but I use N-scale ground throws for a more prototypical appearance.) Should your installed ground throw break, it can be removed easier if it has been secured with screws. Initially, I objected to Ted=s suggestion, thinking that wood screws would be too noticeable. I was wrong. The screws I used are almost indistinguishable from nails. Adding to their discrete appearance is that these Perfect brand screws are blackened. Moreover, screws tend to fit the mounting holes of the 206S ground throw better than the Atlas track nails I had been using. I used, because they were easy to find at the hobby shop, Catalog number P101 wood screws (0 x 3/8", 12 pieces) made by The Perfect Parts Company, One North Haven Street, Baltimore, MD 21224. I think these screws are available wherever model airplane parts are sold, so you need not travel to a store specializing in model railroads. I found mine for $1.25/packet at Arlington Hobby Crafters in Falls Church, Virginia.