Long Island Railroad Montauk Branch 
Model Photo Descriptions   Note: Locations in red correspond to track diagram below.

Location Photo 1: Dr. Rosenberg

My interpretation of St. Mary's Catholic Church on 10-08 49th Avenue (Vernon Blvd and 49th Avenue) and a second photo of the vicinity, both in HO scale.




Location Photo 2: Dr. Rosenberg

Vernon Boulevard2.jpg (40411 bytes)
Location 3

Vernon Boulevard vehicular overpass in Long Island City. 

Vernon Boulevard crossed the approach to the Long Island Railroad's Sixth Street Yard. 1954 this bridge overpass was torn down. 
I would like to dispel some of the confusion that has arisen about Vernon Avenue in Long Island City. As many have noted, I am modeling the Vernon Avenue overpass over the LIRR tracks that lead to the float bridge.
Here is what I have learned from Justin M. Spivey's article in East of the River South of the Sound, the published proceedings of the Roebling Chapter of the SIA 31st Annual Conference on Brooklyn:
Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint ends at the Newtown Creek. A twin stone abutment on the Vernon Avenue side of the shore once supported twin Scherze bascule leaves. A high level replacement built 1947-54 intended to reduce the number of bridge openings. "The 'New Vernon Avenue Bridge,' as it was then called had nothing to do with Vernon Avenue: it connected 11th Street in Long Island City to a widened Oakland Street in Greenpoint (later renamed McGuiness Boulvard..."
This explains why some wrote to me calling this the 11th Street Bridge. The bridge was later named Pulaski Bridge. In any case, I am not modeling that crossing of Newtown Creek.
Nicholas Kalis
Arch Street Freight House Model 001.jpg (917288 bytes) Arch Street Freight House scratchbuilt by Nick Kalis. Color scheme is according to the recollections of a Long Island Railroad employee.

Skyline painted by noted artist, Sarah Poly of Arlington, Virginia
Location 4
Camera Picture 3.jpg (34303 bytes) Model in HO scale of the East River where it meets the Long Island City Float Yard which was operated by the LIRR until October 1963.
Location 5
NewtownCreek2.jpg (47858 bytes)
Location 6
Newtown Creek borders Blissville Yard. Retaining walls by Mr. Plaster. Coal Barge assembled from Sylvan kit. HO scale. newtoncreek.jpg (51627 bytes)
Location 7
For Web site 1.JPG (1120962 bytes) Greenpoint Avenue at street level at the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge Approach in HO scale. 
Location 8
Camera Picture 5.JPG (103946 bytes) Mock-up of National Casket at 29-76 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City. This building is marked by a large water tank on its roof resting on vertical legs. According to Bill Myers, the prototype building is currently occupied by the Metropolitan Transit Authority. An aerial photo shows the prototype building to be U-shaped. Location 9
Float Bridge.JPG (824209 bytes) This a scratchbuilt float bridge whose prototype once operated in Long Island City on the East River.

The second bridge had the word "Island" painted on it. There was no room on my layout to include the second float bridge so use your imagination.

Scratchbuilt by Tony Fabrizi. Location 10

Van Iderstine.jpg (233428 bytes)
Location 11
Van Iderstine was served by the LIRR. This model was scratchbuilt using Plastruct sheeting and styrene. The prototype was a vast plant that was on both the north and south sides of the Montauk Branch in Blissville. Van Iderstine had a small fleet of tank cars. Anyone interested in decals for these black tank cars should contact Nick Kalis.
Location 12

American Steel Wool
Location 13

Space For Lease Location 14

Montauk Cutoff Location 15

aluminum.jpg (23618 bytes) Adam Metal Company faced the East River and was clearly visible from Manhattan. The model is 98% complete. Location 16

adam_metal.jpg (108581 bytes)

Roto Broil off Northern Blvd. just east of Honeywell St. facing Yard A to the south.
Photo Location 19:
Dr. Rosenberg