CSX 4678
New Scheme
Mulberry, FL 5/02

CSX 4681
New Scheme
Mulberry, FL 5/02

CSX 8013
Mulberry, FL 5/02

CSX 9700 MOW
Mulberry, FL 5/02

CSX 8008

CSX 8001
Freight Cars
GN12506_ BigSkyBlue_DH-Yard-Oneonta,NY-1972.jpg (87890 bytes)
GN #12506 "Bi Sky Blue D&H Yard Oneonta, NY 4/1972 Photo: Steven Lynch
Bennett-Thrall- lumber-car_Sayville_3-19-1_1980_StevenLynch.jpg (94023 bytes)
Bennett Thrall lumber car Sayville 3/19/1980 
Photo: Steven Lynch
islip 84 lumber3-80.jpg (99753 bytes)
British Columbia Railway BCOL #18533
Islip, NY 3/80 Photo: Steven Lynch
CSX635100_hopper_Winston-Yard-Lakeland_12-25-10.jpg (103055 bytes)
CSX #635100 hopper Class: HKS specialty open top Winston Yard Lakeland 12/25/10
ADM-DMIX191028-syrup-tankcar-__Winston-Yard-Lakeland_12-25-10.jpg (94021 bytes)
ADM #191028 20,000 Gallon Tank car Lakeland 12/25/10
TBOX665265_60ftboxcar_lakeland_12-25-10.jpg (82625 bytes)
TBOX #665265 60' boxcar Lakeland 12/25/10


ECUX 259126  5/02 
Mulberry, FL
FBOX505015_50ft-boxcar-XGH52class_12-25-2010.jpg (115629 bytes)
FBOX #505015 50' boxcar XGH52 class Lakeland 12/25/10

PH&D 2026

Mulberry, FL

Mulberry, FL

Mulberry, FL

Middletown & New Jersey
MNJ 120800

St. Lawrence
NSL 100208

Providence & Worchester

TCPX 70031
Mulberry, FL
RBOX 11021


RFP 2370

Lehigh Valley

RBOX 14232

SAL 26671


PC 274006

PW 60455

CN  624492
Fresh Pond, NY 6/00
Tropicana-Juice-Train_Route60-Tampa_viewW_4-30-17_StevenLynch.jpg (50488 bytes)
Tropicana Juice Train - Route 60 Tampa view W 4/30/17 
Photo: Steven Lynch
Right Of Way

Georgia RR 1834
Augusta, GA

Erie RR c.1977
Hackensack, NJ 

D&H Oil Facility
Oneonta 4/73

D&H Roundhouse
Oneonta, NY 5/72

Fresh Pond, NY&A '99

dandhroundhouseoneontany.jpg (79684 bytes)
D&H Roundhouse external 
view Oneonta, NY c.1920  

roundhouse7lj.jpg (39718 bytes)
D&H Roundhouse turntable
Oneonta, NY c.1900



D&H Harpursville, NY
D&H Belden Hill Tunnel, NY.jpg (91732 bytes)
Belden Tunnel - Tunnel, NY  2/11/2013 
Photo/Archive: Philip M. Goldstein
D&H Harpursville trestle.jpg (127620 bytes)
Harpursville Trestle - Harpursville, NY
 3/06/2017 Photo/Archive: Philip M. Goldstein
Plant City, FL
gro-mor.jpg (85332 bytes) gro-mor2.jpg (88624 bytes)
Gro-Mor  Plant City, FL 6/2002 Photo: Steven Lynch
 SoutheastMilkInc-Turkey-Creek-Rd-Plant-City_6-4-17_SteveLynch.jpg (108078 bytes)
Southeast Milk Inc. (SMI) Turkey Creek Rd., Plant City, FL 6/04/2017 Photo: Steven Lynch

  Amtrak-CTriver05-10-08big.jpg (380232 bytes)
Old Saybrook, CT ex-NYNH&H Amtrak Connecticut River 05/10/08 View East: 5 truss west side, lift bridge, 2 truss east side Photo: Steven Lynch

Old Saybrook, CT
Conn ShoreLine NH-NEC Bridge 003.jpg (51455 bytes) Conn ShoreLine NH-NEC Bridge 004.jpg (97564 bytes)
Old Saybrook, CT ex-NYNH&H Amtrak Connecticut River 
View East: 5 truss west side, lift bridge, 2 truss east side Photos: Kevin Katta
Station Shots

SP Eugene, OR


Erie Hackensack, NJ

CNJ Fanwood, NJ
East-Oneonta-Station_Ulster-Delaware-Railroad_4-73_StevenLynch.jpg (62509 bytes)
Ulster & Delaware Railroad station (under NYC ownership) 
East Oneonta, NY 4/1973 Photo: Steven Lynch

PRSSL Pleasantville, NJ

LIRR St. James, NY

CNJ Raritan, NJ
Caboose Shots

CR Bay
N. Bergen, NJ

Clifton, NJ

paulstrubeck.jpg (50335 bytes)
Riverhead, NY

The F&C road is fictious,
they were originally MP
Location: Kroemer Avenue
Above Photo: Paul Strubeck  Fall/05

outeast.jpg (61707 bytes)


PRSL205CabooseClassND-Frt-Sta-MillvilleNJ02-21-48(Votava).jpg (105402 bytes)
PRSL Class ND wooden caboose #205 on freight at station Millville, NJ - 2/21/48 (George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive)